Turkey spending money/budget


Sep 30th, 2015, 02:51 PM
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Turkey spending money/budget

Trying to get a rough idea of what kind of funds to have available for a trip to Turkey. NOT counting hotels & transport I am trying to come up with a rough figure of US$ per day? An idea of how much a meal costs, drinks etc would be great. Thanks a lot. J
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Oct 1st, 2015, 06:10 AM
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The above response is reasonably accurate if you are backpacking,

and limit yourself to only one serving of an alcoholic drink. (there are a few places where $2 may get you a beer and many where you pay $20 for whisky or a mojito.


- most fast food meals/menus are $5 and up
- mediocre meat dishes at mediocre touristic restaurants are $6-9
- simple home cooking type hot plate dishes at what we call merchant restaurants range from $2-6. And you can get a decent 3 course meal including salad and water for about $7-8
- Kebap restaurants range from $6-12 per kebap dish.
- Decent meat restaurants charge upwards from $10 per main course, with lamb chops, filet steak around $15-25 and aged large rib or t-bone $20-25.
- Fish restaurants will charge anything from $25 and up depending on whether you go a la carte and which fish you order.Bonito in season or sea bass and sea bream are the most reasonable and horse mackerel or anchovies the cheapest. Beware of turbot. Lobster is definitely out of bounds.
- Two people eating a three course dinner at a very good restaurant (Ulus 29, Sunset, Changa, or similar) and sharing a decent but not expensive bottle of wine will pay $150-220.

Efes is the most popular and preferred beer.

Doluca wines are OK in general with the medium priced Antik, DLC and KAV quite decent. Kavaklidere and Sevilen are also good brands .
The Turkish Okuzgozu and Kalecik Karasi grapes make smooth dry wines. Kogazkere grapes are more tanini. Turkish Merlot is also fine.

the national alcoholic dring is "Raki", the most popular brand is Yeni Raki. Ala is sweeter, Tekirdag more refined and (Green) Yesil Efe is smoother.
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Oct 1st, 2015, 11:38 AM
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Thanks so much.
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