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irnsd Sep 5th, 2020 01:43 PM

Turkey next summer?
I'm aware there's so much uncertainty about next summer in terms of where things are with Covid/prospective vaccines, airlines' viability, border closures, and tourist destinations being open.

With that said, I'm looking at Turkish Airlines' website (out of boredom and eagerness to leave), and there are some really good deals for next summer (probably due to the uncertainty). I'm curious to hear what everyone else is thinking: Are you going ahead and booking travel for next summer? Are you waiting to see how this winter plays out? What are your expectations for what tourist areas (specifically Istanbul, Izmir, Cappadocia) will look like assuming a vaccine hasn't been widely distributed? I'm not sure what these places looked like this summer, but thought it wouldn't hurt to crowd source.

otherchelebi Sep 6th, 2020 01:28 PM

Just to give you some ideas :

Our younger daughter, three year old granddaughter and son in law arrived from Chicago on the 22nd of August by THY. They had empty seats between them and were very comfortable.
They stayed in our Summer home on Iznik lake which we had vacated for them for eight days, just in case. Then we drove together to a small all suite boutique hotel, at Gulluce, about 30 minutes from Bodrum airport. They had rented a Peugeot 5008 diesel which gave great luggage, head and leg room and was quite comfortable on all roads.

We had two of the ground floor suites which were very handy for direct access to pool, beach and restaurant/bar. Only three other suites were occupied. The hotel food was fine the mixed drinks great, the wine list adequate and we could also drive to Gulluce village and other places like Bogazici/Tuzla for good fresh red mullet, sea bass, sea bream and prawns, without getting close to any other person except the waiters who all wore masks.

The 45 minute drive to Iasos was special because of the antique city of that name, the museum and the lovely restaurant on the small bay. Again, we were not in contact with anyone.

So, if you can brave the flight then rent a car at IST airport most of the hidden and uncrowded gems of Western Turkey are within your reach via the new bridges and motorway all the way to Izmir and beyond.

If I manage to download the photos from my phone to this PC, I will soon post some of those of the hotel and Iasos.

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