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marc Aug 26th, 2000 05:50 AM

Turin Info Anyone? Thanks Ryanair!
Well, Ryanair did it to me again. I had simple plans to enjoy a week in London and they went and had a ridiculous fare sale (4.50 GBP each way to Glasgow, 10 GBP each way to Turin, etc) so I am off to Turin. <BR> <BR>Anyone posting here ever spent any time there. I have heard mixed reviews, but am certain this area is a gem. <BR> <BR>Any itinerary suggestions? <BR> <BR>Is it reasonable to think that visiting Switzerland or France is an option, and if so what is there to see in those regions? <BR> <BR>I know the Olympics are coming in 2006 so I assume that the mountains (Alps) are suitable impressive. <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. <BR> <BR>If anyone is looking for a recommendation on Ryanair, I wholeheartedly give one. I flew from Stansted to Hahn Frankfurt last month (no where near Frankfurt, but exactly where I needed to be...pick up the cheap fare and go to Trier and Luxembourg, you will be very happy).

Wendy Aug 26th, 2000 12:06 PM

Turin is, um, interesting. <BR> <BR>Obviously, while there, you will want to visit the Cappella della Santa Sindone, where the Shroud is kept. However, you can't see the Shroud. I was there on All Saint's Day and still only saw the photo. If you can understand Italian, someone stands in front of the Shroud and gives an interesting history. <BR> <BR>There are lots of nice piazzas in Turin, lots of wide-open spaces. The Palazzo Madama is rather interesting to look at, and the historic center of the city is there, it's called the Piazza Castello and I had a nice picnic in the gardens of the Palazzo Reale. There in nice after-lunch strolling in the city center. <BR> <BR>What I liked best about Turin were the bridges. They were absolutely gorgeous. <BR> <BR>I say Turin is interesting because there are quite a few prostitutes on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. While families take their evening stroll, they walk right by women of the night in bikini tops and mini-skirts.

kam Aug 26th, 2000 12:57 PM

I would immediately rent car and drive via A21 out of Torino to Moncalvo, Asti, Alessandrea, Alba, Barolo, La Morra, all in Piedmonte. A nice loop here could fill 2-3 days easily. Turin itself is pretty industrial/commercial (Fiat among others), similar to Milan but does have some interesting museums. Piedmont is the home of Barolo wine--yum.

Jonni Aug 27th, 2000 10:49 PM

Marc: I have attended classes for two summers in Torino. A great city with lots of Roman ruins and history. The Egyptian Museum is third to the one in Cairo and London. As for trips to France and Switzerland--great! From Turin by train you can reach Monte Bianco in about 2 hours by train. You actually travel up the Valle D'Aosta which is full of battlements on every hill top. The town of Aosta is where you change trains and it has a large area of Roman ruins. There you can actually go over the Alps by Gondola--switching several times of course. You can take the train to Switzerland through several very long tunnels and get to Bern in no time. Also trips to Milan are two hours by train and then another hour plus to Venice. Turin is about one and one-half million people with lots of cars. I would suggest using the bus/train systems because drivers in Italy are a "little" crazy. I will go back to Turin next summer and go back to the Lakes District--Lago Maggiore, Lago Como and Lago Guarda--fantastic! Remember you are at the base of the Italian Alps and it is gorgeous. Hope I have helped some!

PDV28 Aug 28th, 2000 07:42 AM

Ryanair is cool!!!!! Everyone should check out their September deal. I think it may be up to 13 pounds per way for inter euro flights from London Stansted (and a few other airports in UK) Very cheap!!!! <BR> <BR>Patricia

PDV28 Aug 28th, 2000 08:01 AM

I would just like to share this great deal with everyone. <BR> <BR>Ryanair is offering their September deal (from travel dates btwn Sept 01-30)from anywhere between 12 pounds, 22 pounds, and 32 pounds (RT)(depending on your destination). The price goes up a pound every day until the end of the promotion. I didn't check on availability. That is very cheap! <BR> <BR>Good luck! <BR>Patricia

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