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Will be arriving in Frankfurt on 8/22 and staying with relatives for 5 days. After that, we're on are own and would like some input from you world travelers. Not sure if we should rent a car or buy a Eurail pass. Any suggestion or ideas on where to go would be appreciated. I am interested in Hummel figurines and would like to go to factory (unknown at this time) where they are made, with the intent of getting GOOD DEALS.
Please reply soon.
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Betty: First off, I am unaware of the Hummel factory location. I would suggest picking up a book with prices and in your Germany travels, shop around. You could find many bargains that way.

It would seem that your relatives are your best hope of good suggestions regarding travel, but I will give an idea or two anyway.

I lived in Frankfurt and although I took the train sometimes, I prefer car rental as it is relatively cheap and very convenient. The only time you have a problem is parking in bigger cities and there are ways around that. Last summer we stayed in Frankfurt (among other places) for a few days. To avoid a 20 DM parking fee, we parked on a side street and when going to a particularly congested area, we just took a city bus to and from. Plus, with a car, you can come and go when and where you like.

For places to visit, some of my favorites are: Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen "pub district", Alte Opera, the Romer and St. Bartholomew's cathedral; Day trip to the Rhine River driving from Rudesheim to Koblenz and back down to Mainz on the other side; Day trip to Rothenburg on the Tauber; Day trip to Heidelburg. Munich-Day trip to Bertchesgaden and Salzberg; Day trip to Garmisch, Ettal, Linderhof castle and Oberammergau; Day trip to Fussen and Neuschwanstein castle. There are so many great places: Freiburg in the Black Forest (don't leave without a cuckoo clock!), Trier on the Mosel river/Luxembourg/France border, Cologne on the Rhine, etc., etc.

You will get details I'm sure from your relatives in Frankfurt. Have a good trip!
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Thank you so much for all your suggestions. I definitely will put them on my agenda. I glad you suggested car rental as my husband & I had a DEBATE on rail vs car. Hearing this from a previous resident might pursade him just a little. I found my Hummel factory in Rodental, Germany plus directions as well.
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Allison Williams
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Just got back from a week in Germany where we rented a car. We also debated car vs. railpass. On the advise of our travel agent we went with the car and are certainly glad we did. So many of the wonderful towns and villages were off the beaten path and could only be visited by car. The road signs are universal and the autobahns, no matter what you have heard were no worse than driving around any big US city.
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Just returned from our 2nd trip to Germany in 14 months. Driving is the only way to go, in my opinion. The autobahns are fabulous!! Far superior to our Los Angeles Freeways, much better condition, etc. Yes, there are some VERY fast drivers, but not that many, and the rules of the road are very simple. You drive in the right-hand lanes and leave the the left one open for the speed demons. We frequently drove in the left lane, avg'g 80 miles per hour. But, as soon as you see a car approaching you in the mirror, you pull over and let them pass. I never saw anyone not move over; it's expected of all. They were a dream to drive and nothing scary. Having the independence of a car allows you to wander so much and stay and go as you please. Also, normally, if you shop around, you'll normally find renting in Germany to be one the least expensive countries. Have fun!!
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If this is your first trip to Germany, I would rent a car and go south to Heidelberg and tour the castle there, then I would go south, hit the number 6 autobahn east and get off the road in the area around Schwabisch Hall. Go to a little town called Braunsbach, walk into the Lowen and tell them George sent you. They have rooms, great Schwabian cooking, and are located fairly centrally to a number of neat towns, ie. Schwabisch Hall is about 10 minutes away, just park in one of the 6 parkhaus's that are nearby the center and look at the old church, narrow streets, and the old wall. About 10 minutes the other way is Langenburg, which still has a duke living there and has neat gardens, or go to Weikersheim, which the duke used to own and go thru it. Rothenberg o.d. Tauber, a must see is only 35 minutes from Braunsbach and you can leave after you have had your fill of tourists and Kathy Wohlfarts many Christmas shops. You might go to Dinkelsbuhl which is about 40 minutes from Braunsbach, another old tourist town. Then you can pick upyour stuff and go either to Wurzburg or Nurnberg and stay a few days there (both are within 2 hours drive of Braunsbach). The car gives you a lot more independance than the train, and driving on the autobahn is not the horror many think, just stay out of the left lane. If you make a small town your home base for a few days you get a lot more of the "local feel" and aren't moving around like cattle every day. This area, known as Hohenlohe" has it's own foods, like spaetzle and schnitzel that is really good. I have been going here for 20 years and love the area and people.
Oh, yea, the Lowen has a sculpture of an old woman, a mill wheel and a pig out front so you can't miss it.
Give Robert and Doris my regards, in German please..

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