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Maria Angeles Apr 2nd, 1999 05:16 PM

Trip to Austria in September - Help
We have a timeshare in the outskirts of Salzburg in September. We would like any input you may have on day-trips. Of course, one day we plan to go to Salzburg, another to Innsbruck, etc. I even thought of going over to Northern Italy one day - I heard how beautiful the views are. My husband loves to drive, so that is not a problem. Any suggestions?

Anna Apr 2nd, 1999 08:23 PM

Definitely Hallstadt! I would also plan at least 2 days in Salzburg if you are at all interested in Mozart. There are many interesting things to see on both sides of the river and up to the castle. Other good daytrips are to Ludwig's castle of Herrenchiemsee, Berteschgaden to see Konigsee and Eagles' Nest (now Kelhstein Haus), and maybe Hallein to visit the salt mines. We also enjoyed the "battle castle" at Werfen, which is just south of Salzburg.

Al Apr 3rd, 1999 03:42 PM

May I put in a vote for hiking the waterfall at Krimml? Also, not far away, is the magnificent ice cave at Eisriesenwelt, not too far from Berchtesgaden. Dress warm -- you have never sooooooo much ice.

sandra engley Apr 3rd, 1999 07:18 PM

Also had a timeshare near Salzburg one year. Stayed in Zell Am Zee, one of the day trips we took was to Klangenfurt. They have a place called "Minimundus" wher the most famous landmarks from around the world have been built to scale. Spending an afternoon in this park was like taking a trip around the world. Other parks like this include "Madurodam" in the Neartherlands, "Spledid China" in China and now Orlando! <BR>Hallstatt was a beautiful village, don't miss it. The Sound of Music bus tour really was enjoyable. The Marionette theater was unbelivable, looked like real people on the stage. Have a great time.

Denny Apr 6th, 1999 11:19 AM

I would suggest exploring Salzkammergut (the Austrian lakes district), especially a day in St. Wolfgang. Beautiful small town on a lake, a lovely short drive from Salzburg. Rent a boat. Take a tour boat around and stop off at the other villages on the lake. Take the small cog train up the mountain for spectacular views. We enjoyed a fun hike down! Warm, friendly people. Also, try to get tickets for a Mozart concert in the Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg. We were there for a magical night under a full moon.

Paulo Apr 6th, 1999 03:00 PM

With fine weather I would certainly consider driving to Kitzbühel. It's the Austrian Tyrolean Alps in its best. A very beautiful and pleasant little city. <BR> If you indeed intend to drive to Italy (estimate 6+ hours round trip) I would suggest visiting Sterzing/Vipiteno a few miles after the border (Brenero). <BR> <BR> Paulo

Richard Apr 6th, 1999 03:25 PM

Maria, I'd second Al's suggestions, Krimml Falls and the Eisriesen Welt, just outside of Werfen. If you like castles, Burg Hohenwerfen is worth a trip, the falcon show is wonderful. Try to include a trip to Hallein and the salt mine.

Jeremy May 13th, 1999 08:00 AM

My wife and I spent our honeymoon in this region and had a wonderful time. I would second Hallstadt, in particular the drive down to the town from Bad Isle (sp?). The road hugs the lake, with mountains rising on your right. It's spectacular. They lace the lake with fish every year, so the restaurants in Hallstadt serve fresh catch. You can rent a boat and take it out on the lake -- it's very beautiful. When we visited, there was a garden cafe right on the lake which served wonderful Apfel Strüdel and excellent, strong coffee. Just perfect. <BR> <BR>Another suggestion would be to drive the Grossglockner pass. This is an old Roman pass which goes by the Grossglockner glacier. Check first to see if it's open in September. If you've never seen a glacier up close, this is an excellent opportunity -- especially if the weather cooperates. The drive consists of lots of switchbacks in the mountains, but the views are well worth the trip. <BR> <BR>Finally, a suggestion North. Right at the Austrian/German/Czech border is a small town called either Schärding or Schladming (I get the two names mixed up; one is a ski village farther South -- also a charming place to visit with good shopping). This is a quaint town with a medaeval center. Be sure to visit the river bank, where you'll find swans eager for bread crums and other treats. There's a small bridge crossing the river into the Czech Republic. It's a very romantic spot well off the beaten path. <BR> <BR>(By the way, if you're adventurous, you could drive up to Prague. It's a day's drive.) <BR> <BR>Finally, avoid that town that all the tour busses go to just outside of Salzburg -- the one with the church used in "The Sound of Music". I can't remember it's name, but someone on Fodor's probably will. It's a tourist trap if there ever was one. <BR> <BR>Best of luck. <BR> <BR>- Jeremy

Jochen Aderhold Aug 17th, 1999 02:45 AM

Hope it is not too late to add my 2 cents. I just came back from a three week vacation in the Salzburg region, and I had a very pleasant time. The other posters gave you excellent suggestions. I would like to add some tips for short trips in the vicinity of salzburg: <BR> <BR>On a clear day, a drive to the Gaisberg in the eastern outskirts of Salzburg is very rewarding. There is a good road to the top of the mountain. You'll find several restaurants on the way, and two more on the top. The views of the alps and of Salzburg are remarkable. <BR> <BR>Don't miss the Hellbrunn castle south of Salzburg. <BR> <BR>On rainy day, the beer museum of "Stiegls Brauwelt" in Salzburg is worth a visit. See heir web site for reference at ! <BR> <BR>Since the name of Salzburg comes from "Salz" = salt, you won't be surprosed to find a lot of salt mines around Salzburg. Many of them can be visited, including those of Berchtesgaden (Germany), Bad Duerrnberg, Hallstadt, and Bad Ischl. <BR> <BR>The "Almbachklamm" between Salzburg and Berchtesgaden is beautiful little gorge that can be visited for a small fee. At the entrance is a nice restaurant with a beer garden, the "Gasthof zur Kugelmuehle" ( "Kugel" = ball, "Muehle" = mill ). Here you can see how marble balls were produced in ancient times. <BR> <BR>The "tourist trap" with the church used in "The Sound of Music" is Mondsee, a small town at Lake Mondsee. I agree that it is not the most interesting place, but the drive around the lake is very beautiful, though. <BR> <BR>Hope that helps. <BR> <BR>Best regards, Jochen <BR>

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