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Lynn_Gibson Jan 2nd, 2005 07:02 PM

Trip Report - London
Spent December 17-21 in London. This was my 6th trip here - I love London in the Christmas season. I stayed in the Hotel Montague - right across from the British Musueum - booked through Orbitz for $172 per night (single). Loved the hotel and the location. Nicely decorated room, helpful staff and good food in the hotel. Close to restaurants, Starbucks and other coffee places and pubs. I've always stayed in the Kensington area, but it was fun being close to Covent Garden and taking the opportunity to explore new neighborhoods.

I didn't do anything spectacular - I probably walked at least five miles a day and lost 6 pounds while I was away (even though I did eat every day and enjoyed some wonderful pastries with tea every afternoon). I attended a performance of the Messiah at the Royal Albert Hall - it was wonderful. I purchased my ticket after I arrived. 31 pounds for a great seat with a wonderful view.

Stocked up on Neal's Yard Remedies - all were received with delight at Christmas from my Mom and daughters. We especially love the rose facial oil, the soaps and other creams. I have purchased some things over the internet, but can't get all the products that are in their stores (Covent Garden and Notting Hill).

The streets were crowded, of course, but very festive. The weather was better than I've seen it before at this time of the year - I actually saw the sun and wished a couple of times that I had brought my sunglasses. Yes, it did rain some, but not continuously and most of the time I didn't need an umbrella.

London is a wonderful place to go at Christmas - this was a quick getaway for me and it did get me in the Christmas spirit. Can't wait to go next year.

rhkkmk Jan 2nd, 2005 07:41 PM

i also love england at christmas....we were there in early december....i was shocked at how prices continue to climb....its not just the poor exchange rates for americans now, it is general inflation as well...

it took some of the fun out of london in particular, but the country is not much cheaper either....

i will of course go back

Bree Jan 2nd, 2005 07:42 PM

Sounds like a great trip. To hear the "Messiah" in the Royal Albert Hall must have been wonderful.

I stayed at the Montague last year, and agree with your comments about it. I booked my single room through, and don't think I got quite as good a deal as you did through Orbitz -- I'll have to check them out when I plan my next trip.

Lynn_Gibson Jan 3rd, 2005 07:46 PM

Yes, the prices are getting to be pretty shocking. I finally just decided to get over it and not think about how much I was spending. Paris is much cheaper! London prices did curb my shopping (somewhat - I did manage to pick up a few souvenirs).

Cabs seem to be much more expensive. I also noted that service is not included at many restaurants anymore, thus increasing the prices.

m_kingdom2 Jan 4th, 2005 03:55 AM

You note that service isn't included.. service is rarely included in London, furthermore, places that include service will add it on as an additional 12.5% on top of the menu prices making it more expensive.

On fast food places and takeaways include service in the price on the "menu".

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