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Lisa in California May 3rd, 1999 05:54 PM

Travelling with Children in Scotland
We are going to Scotland this summer (July/August), 2 adults and two kids (boys, ages 7 & 9). We will rent a car after spending a few days in Edinborough. I'm having trouble getting suggestions on the best places to go with kids. Best castles, small villages, interesting factories making traditional products...a good walking tour company that focuses on families...Any other suggestions? How about someone out there who lives in Scotland and travels about with their kids? Pls. e-mail me directly in addition to posting. Thanks!

Maira May 4th, 1999 01:53 AM

Lisa---- One of the many things that impressed me about Scotland is the variety of children attractions they have. The following are suggestions taken out of brochures I picked up while traveling in Scotland last May: <BR> <BR>Scotland's National Aquarium (near Edinburgh) (http:/ <BR> <BR>Auchingarrich Wildlife Center - In Perthshire (tel. 01764 679469) <BR> <BR>Blair Drummond Safari & Leisure Park - Near Stirling (tel. 01786 841456) <BR> <BR>Edinburgh Zoo - tel. 0131 334 9171 <BR> <BR>Perth Leisure Pool- tel. (01738 492410) <BR> <BR>As far as Castles, the Edinburgh Castle is very interesting; a little too windy, but very enjoyable. <BR> <BR>There are many others. I will be glad to fax you copies of the brochures if you e-mail me a fax number. You can e-mail me directly.

Tony Hughes May 4th, 1999 04:39 AM

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Tony Hughes May 4th, 1999 04:44 AM

Maira, what time do you get up to check this forum? <BR> <BR>Lisa, Maira has a few good ones, no doubt Sheila will wade in with a few more in time too. I have no bambinos but I am a resident of Edinburgh. <BR> <BR>I would go on to recommend the Sea Life centre in St Andrews - it's mostly indoor so no worries about the weather. Edinburgh Zoo is great - you can throw stones at the prairie dogs when the zookeeper isn't looking. Look I'm just kidding BUT the zoo is a lot of fun. <BR> <BR>Email me if you need any Edinburgh/Fife information

Maira May 4th, 1999 06:59 AM

Tony----I knew someday somebody was going to pick on that one! A pinched nerve on my left side is forcing me to stay home. It is so painful, I can only sleep 2 hours at a time. Believe me checking this site at 4 AM is keeping me sane. <BR> <BR>

Sheila May 4th, 1999 10:01 AM

There's a brochure the Tourist Board does called something like "Scotland with Kids" which might be of some use. <BR> <BR>Try their web site which is (I think) <BR> <BR>But other ideas would certainly include Deep Sea World which others have mentioned. The Discovery Centre in Dundee (which tells the story of Captain Scott's voyage to the South POle is very good too, and finishes with a tour of the boat. <BR> <BR>Other castles include Huntingtower at Perth, Blair Atholl at Blair athhol (strangely) Craigievar 9which is the one Disney is supposed to have used as his model)Drum, Crathes and Castle Fraser in Grampian. <BR> <BR>Try a distillery, preferably one with a malting floor.Factory tours which are suitable for kids are tough. There's Caithness Glass at Perth. <BR> <BR>Isn't there a steam train along the Forth at Musslebugh or somewhere, Tony? <BR> <BR>If not there is certainly the train at Boat of Garten on Speyside and the Crieff Hydro and Coylumbridge Hotels pride themselves on being child friendy. <BR> <BR>if you come up to Speyside, there is the Highland Wildlife Park at Carrbridge and the other one at Aviemore whose name has gone out of my head ( and someone is away with my Rough Guide) It'll come back to me. <BR> <BR>Archaeolink in Aberdeenshire would be ideal for them as would Satrosphere, and The Maritime Museum in Aberdeen. <BR> <BR>Narrow down their interests and I'll try to expand.

Sheila May 4th, 1999 10:16 AM

Try Shiehallion Walking holidays for the trek- Perth (01738) 629629 or Lomond Walking Holidays-

Sheila May 4th, 1999 10:17 AM

Sorry. that last address should be lomond not lommond

B.IRVING May 4th, 1999 05:27 PM

I know that my boys (ages 7 & 11) enjoy going through old ships, as I do. & we enjoyed touring those ships in Portsmouth England. I saw in a guide book that Dundee has the frigate Unicorn, Britains oldest warship still afloat, can be toured. The Unicorn is 1 of only 4 of the world's remaining frigates. Your boys might enjoy that. I know mine would. <BR>

Molly Donnelly May 5th, 1999 01:23 AM

Lisa: My kids, 6 & 8, love any castle, Whether it's in ruins or not. Edinburgh and Stirling castles are musts. The kids love running around Stirling Castle and there often are talks and reenactments that the kids would love. When you arrive in Edinburgh, get a castle map. There literally is one at almost every junction, they are filled with "ghosts" and the kids can run. <BR>

MollyDonnelly May 5th, 1999 01:32 AM

Oops! Something happened there! Lisa, if you email directly and tell me what your specific plans are, I may be able to tell you what is going on where. You can also do that on this thread and other (real) Scots can help you, too. <BR> I've been to the Crieff Hydro and it is very child friendly. There is a babysitting service and phones in the rooms that enable you to listen in and make sure the kids are alright (if they are of an age where they can fall asleep in the room by themselves.) The Hydro is a spa, basically. <BR> St. Andrews is also fun for the kids. The castle there has a tunnel they can go into. There is also the British Golf Museum that has questions that the kids can answer based on info taken from the displays. It kept my kids busy while we read up on the history of golf. St. Andrews is a beautiful place, by the way. So, please feel free to email me directly. I may be able to help you further. Good luck with your trip's half the fun!

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