Travelling alone in Germany


Mar 12th, 1997, 01:01 AM
Audrey Wiechman
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Travelling alone in Germany

I am planning a trip to Germany (Berlin and Munich) in September. How safe is it to travel alone there? Also any good tips about Germany and/or Europe in general would be appreciated (I've never been there before!). Thanks -- Audrey
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Mar 13th, 1997, 10:15 AM
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I am an american that lived and worked in Germany for nearly 3 years. My advice to you is simple: Don't act like a tourist, someone who looks out of place and don't flash a lot of cash. Crime isn't much of a problem as I had only one incident when a teenager threw something at me, presumably because I'm American (they don't hate us, but not everyone likes us). Try to use some German phrases as they will help you in english if you attempt in German. If you speak it, you'll have it made. Be polite as they are rather formal. If you rent a car and go Autobahn, stay right if going slower and don't leave your car running unless in a traffic jam, at a red light or stop sign.
Berlin is a little Paris. Visit the Europa Center, Zoo and much more. Ask at your hotel. Munich is lovely, but try to see King Ludwig's castles.
We are honeymooning in southern Bavaria this summer and are excited.
Gute Fahrt!
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Apr 12th, 1997, 09:05 PM
Jim O'Sullivan
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Hello, I have spent 3 summers in Germany and they were the best summer of my life. Germany is generally not dangerous at all. As with every city, it can get tricky. If you are looking for a cheap place to stay, go to a youth hostel, they are cheap and for the most part clean, and age is not a problem.
The Jugund Hotel is the one I stayed at for 5 days.

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