Traveling with Cash: Problem at Customs?

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For the record, I live in Canada close to the US border and have very often (almost routinely) been asked how much money I was carrying when crossing the border by car, so it does happen. I don't think I've been asked the question when entering the US or any other country at an airport, but I'm so used to the question I may not have noticed. Since I don't carry a lot of cash it's never been an issue. Once, years ago, our car was searched after my brother-in-law declared a rather large amount of cash, although it wasn't close to the $10,000 limit. But then my brother-in-law is kind of weird...

Just saying, just because it's never happened to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
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cathies: >>You can bring more than $10k in cash into Australia as long as you declare it.
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"So either you haven't traveled lately, you are very special, or you're not telling the truth." Well, I must be very special because I am telling the truth that I have never been asked how much money I am bringing into the US and I travel quite often and recently -- just returned from Mexico on Tuesday and so far have made three other international trips this year.
@ guyanantigua, You are conflating civil forfeiture done by law enforcement at the state or federal level with seizures done by US Customs. Yes, many law enforcement agencies seem to be using civil forfeiture as a profit center but that has nothing to do with what US Customs can or will seize from a person entering the country. If you have more than $10,000 in cash on you, declare it and fill out the required form. Don't declare it and they find it and all bets are off. Failure to declare monetary instruments in amounts of or over $10,000 can and most likely will result in its seizure. It's not illegal to walk around with lots of cash -- just illegal to falsely state that you do not have $10K or more in cash when you do. If you don't like the $10K threshold, then lobby Congress to change it.
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JAMH I'm aware of the law. I'm also aware it is abused. If you say it's not abused by customs or that you've never heard of it, I guess that's good.

The anger and hysteria over my simple question about carrying cash...there's something seriously wrong with you guys. You could have ignored my question if you don't know. Instead you want to post to accuse and to show off that you use a bank account (lol). Very submissive people, with brains full of what you're fed on the news, seeking feelings of status.
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Ever heard the story of the woman who said when watching a parade that the whole band was marching out of step, except for her son?

Nobody ignored your question. Nobody here doesn't know. Many of us live in Europe and travel often and have bank accounts that don't suck our money. And trust me, hardly anyone here is submissive or seeks feelings of status. Just really well-traveled, smart folks who apparently know a lot more than you do about traveling with money and are loads less paranoid.

Try to get some help.
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<They're usually very aggressive, asking you if you have any cash at all>

You must be doing something to call attention to yourself. No customs agent every has been "very aggressive" or even once asked about cash I had on my person.
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Sorry - but you are making all of your own problems. However, the info in your post on the US thread about all of us being sheep and tricked into using credit and banks trying to control our lives gives me a whole different picture of what is going on here.

If this is your hobbyhorse and you want to ride it into the sunset good for you. But the rest of us have other things to do with our time than worry about this since we're not hauling around gym bags full of cash.

Agree you should be consulting someone in the mental health department of your institution - if it is a university.
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I sense this excursion of hobby horses, sheep, and wolves in sheeps' skin through reams of $20 bills and creams of comments is winding down.

I just wish I were part black sheep ... instead of a bald head I'd have a full head of black curly hair like I used to have back when I was in college when I was used to sneaking all sorts of contraband around when, I guess, I really was a black sheep.
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