Traveling with baby -- bring car seat?

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Traveling with baby -- bring car seat?

We're bringing our 15 month old child with us to Paris. (1st time on a plane for her, and boy will it be a long trip!) I would be interested to know from other parents who have accomplished this feat as to whether we should bring the car seat. Did you install a car seat in every taxi cab? Or did you leave the seat behind and hold the child in your lap? I would think it would be difficult to lug it around. Does anyone know what French law is on car seats? Is it illegal to hold the child in your lap? I'm a little nervous to do that also because of the way they drive!
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What about bringing one of those strollers that double as a car-seat?

Sorry but I don't know the answer to your question. I thought this might be a reasonable alternative.

P.S. The Parisians, in my opinion, did not seem to drive any worse than people in my area. However, I am not saying that you don't need a car-seat.
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No! Unless you are renting a car and then............maybe, if the car rental place can't rent you a car seat. Forget the idea of a carseat in a cab.
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What you will need is a stroller, preferably a sturdy, yet light and foldable one, and one of those carriers, the backpack type, that you'll wear with the boy against your chest. So, if you're traveling by car, on the back seat, and using the belt, the child will be perfectly safe. Besides, these carriers don't take much room in the luggage. That's what we've done with my grandkids, and it worked perfectly well.

I hope it helps,

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I think I would use a carseat for a 15 month old on the plane if you think it would help her sleep on the way there. I don't recommend lugging it around Paris with you, though.

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