traveling from munich to salzburg

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traveling from munich to salzburg

In planning my trip to Germany/Austria I will be taking the train from Munich to Salzburg.
1. I have never ridden Rail Europe and would like any advice that you may have.
2. Do they have signs in English as well as the native German/Austrian?

I plan to visit Hellbrunn Palace and tour the Ice Caves. Now I could either do this alone or take 2 of Grayline tours.
1. How are their tours and are there any other companies that do the same?
2. If you have been on the Classic tour do they take you inside and around the grounds of Hellbrunn or do they just drive past it?
3. If I were to go it alone do the people (taxi & bus drivers) speak English there?
4.Will there be taxis around the palace to take me either directly to Ice Caves or the Grayline office?
5. Is it a good idea to do this all in one day or do you think that two days would be more adequate to cover all that I want to see and then some.

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I have never traveled this particular route, but keep in mind that "RailEurope" is an _American_ marketing consortium only. No such company in exists in Europe, and no single company operates all rail services in Europe. But all the countries' companies operate in such a smooth coordinated fashion it has a tendency to seem like one big company.

The signs might be sparingly in English.

I would allow two days (nights? three days?) for what you seek to see in the Salzburg area. You may find much more there that you would like to see and experience.

Best wishes,

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Oh, and one more thing - - no such language as Austrian. German. There are a few local slang expressions unique to Austria - - but in general, Austrians speak a pure and easily understood German. And many Austrians, especially thouse under age 30 speak some English.

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Some trains from Munich to Salzburg split off near the Austrian border with one part going to Salzburg and the other to somewhere else (My sister and I almost went to somewhere else!)

There will be a sign on the car that tells you if it is going to Salzburg. Be sure to stay in a car that is marked so (don't get on in one car and walk thru the train to a section that is not going to Salzburg)

Learn a few train travel words in German.

There will not be taxis around the Palace to take you to the ice caves.

I really like the ice caves and do it myself. It is an all day trip.

If you have any doubts about doing it on your own (as you seem to), then I would take the tour
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Besides Grayline/Panorama is there any other tour company that takes one to Hellbrunn Palace and actually lets you see the inside and the grounds? In Rick Steves book he says that bus 55 takes you there from the train station but I am not fluent in German at all so I am not sure if it would be a good idea for me to do that.
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Trains in Munich are the easiest..just go to the central rail station, seek out a window that indicates English is spoken and you are set to go. Trains leave on time, are clean and well-used. And inexpensive. I would return, just to ride the trains.
Have fun!!
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