Travel to Greek Isles - any suggestions?

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Travel to Greek Isles - any suggestions?

I am thinking about traveling to the Greek Isles next year for my vacation - I'm looking for any ideas about what the best islands are, hotels, cruises vs. non-cruises, etc. I really love nice beaches. Thanks to anyone who can give me some ideas.

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If I were going to Greece again I'd be inclined to cruise, mainly to get edible (for me) food and also to avoid some of the transportation hassles. I didn't find any good quality beaches in the Cyclades. Other areas would be better according to some postings on this forum but I can't remember the specific islands mentioned.

The negative side to taking a cruise would be that if you did find a good beach, you wouldn't get to spend much time there. Maybe I'd do both - a short cruise and travel independently.
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Hi there,

You did not mention how old you are and how long you intend to stay in the Cyclades, But I would recommend 3-4 days in Santorini (which is crowded and touristic but still a must), the same for Paros or Naxos and 2-3 days in Ios. I have also heard that Skiathos is very nice but have never been there.
I would avoid cruises and rather use ferries to hop from one island to the other, as you can never know which island you are going to like and might want to spend some more time at.
Have a nice trip
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Santorini IS a MUST! I was hesitant to go, as I had heard its reputation as a tourist trap. And although it was crowded during the peak tourist months, it still was an amazing place. I've been to many of the islands, and it is witout a doubt my favorite - I go back every chance I get. (And the beaches were terrific, too.)

You might also consider Hydra - a charming island that does not permit motor vehicles so there are donkeys everywhere.

I lived in Greece for a year, and never really considered a cruise until my parents came to visit. When they came, I arranged for a one day cruise for them and that seemed to be the best of both worlds. The cruise covered a bunch of the islands closest to Athens, and gave them a taste of them. We selected a few others - and spent a week doing them at our own pace, via the ferries. I, too, would avoid the extended cruises for fear that you will find islands that you like more than others and will want to spend extra time. As I recall, there are 2 and 3 day cruises that may be a viable option - they would give you an idea of what the islands are like, before you branch out on your own.

A final note - I have never been there, but friends who went told me that Corfu was great, and the beaches amazing.
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I would take the ferries. the islands that others have mnetioned are fine. It pays to do some homework to see which islands are linked by ferry connections. Two islands can be fairly close but are on different lines and you either have to go back to Athens or to yet a third island to make the connection. this is obviously to be avoided and a little advance work will cut down on needless travel time. Obviously local ferries are much less expensive than cruises and give you a much longer opportunity to really enjoy the islands.

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