Travel in Rome with a 4 yr old, any tips

Old Mar 1st, 2001, 07:08 PM
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Travel in Rome with a 4 yr old, any tips

I will be taking my child (4 years old) any tips on making it fun for my daughter?
I am also considering to visit Florence for a day trip, is it worth it?
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A four year old child will gain very little more than stress on a trip to Rome.Not to mention the negative impact it will have on your enjoyment. Unless it's impossible I'd leave her at grandma's.Eight or nine years old, yes. Four years old, no.
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beenthere, not all of us have 'grandma' or any other alternative to leave our kids with!

A Europe vacation with kids is definitely different from one without and expectations have to be different also. We did our first big sight-seeing trip (as opposed to carribean type beach resort) trip with our kids when they were a bit older than 4 (in our case 8 & 10) and even they have limited patience for museums, etc. I think with a 4 yr old you just have to bring lots of easy to carry toys and activity things along (like paper, markers, books, favorite dolls, etc) to keep her busy when she might otherwise be bored. Also plan down time and look for places she can run around a little bit and get some exercise (maybe running up and down the spanish steps, borghese gardens). If she likes train rides, she might enjoy taking a train to florence and walking around there will be no different for her than walking around rome. I'm sure she'd be more than happy to spend hours throwing coins in trevi fountain too. You just have to break up the activities that she may get restless with (like museums) with other kinds of things. good luck and have fun. it will be fine.
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I am also taking my child to Rome, he will be just 5 when we arrive next month
For me, leaving him with relatives isn't an option,not only does his grandma work full-time but I happen to enjoy his company.
In Rome I plan to stay at the best and quietest youth Hostel I can find so that we are not isolated in a hotel room,I know he will love pasta and gelato treats. I think the secret is not to suddenly expect more from them just because you are in the art capital of the western world.At home I wouldn't drag him to gallerys all day, so I want to visit a fun-fair, an ice-skating rink and a local soccer game.If I can trade this off against some time in a museum then that's great.
We are also spending 5 days in Paris, 2 in Venice and 2 weeks in Sicily.Have a great time.
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When are you going?
Will it be very warm, and you can spend alot of time outdoors?
The site has a section on traveling in Rome with children, and links to some other sites.Good info.
There are outdoor puppetshows in the afternoon in Rome,
there is an amusement park,like ones in the states, with rides and probably junky foods.
the Villa Borghese has a park, that I think has some things that would interest younger children, and little boats to take out in the lake.
The Isola Tiberina , which is a small island in the Trevere, has a summer long festival and fair going on with daily events.
And there is a Zoo, but I am not sure if this would be a sad place to go, zoos sometimes are sad places for animals.
And the advice you got is correct, take it slow, keeping close to the routine your child has at home.
You know what your daughter can tolerate, and what will make her impatient.
We are doing our 1st trip to Rome, 1 week (and then a beach week in Formia)
this summer with our 13 and 10 yr olds.
And the reason we are spending so much time in rome, is that even at their "advanced" ages, we will have to spend the siteseeing/museums out with events like I mentioned to you above.
You will have a great! trip with your daughter, as long as you keep it all in perspective, and your expectations in check.
Have a great trip all of you traveling with your young ones!!
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I'm not sure how much a 4 year old will enjoy the ageless city of Rome but I think she will like to see sights such as the Coloseum, St Peters and the Trevi Fountain.

I hope she likes pasta! or there is always pizza!

Check out my websight for some info and sight of Rome!
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We are also taking our son to Rome in May. He will not be quite 5 years old. For the last month we have been emersing him on stuff italian. We have rented travel videos. We showed him where we are going on the map of Italy. We have taught him some italian such as "My name is _______" and "I will be 5 in june" Please I would like chocolate gelato". There are books for small kids that you can buy at Amazaon.Com such as "Getting to Know Italy and Italian" "Lets Learn Italian Coloring Book" and "Faborite Fairly Tales told in Italy" that my son really likes. We also organized a private tour of Rome through Scala Reale in which we specifically stated that we wanted it to be geared to my son's enjoyment. They were very accomodating. After much research with travel books and various posting on the internet we found that the following are suggestions for kids:
1. Go to Piazza Novana for afternoon to see and be seen and get gelato

2. Hang out at Spanish Steps

3. Musei Capitalini (children’s museum

4. Borghese gardens(bike rides, play tag, scooter cars)

5. Trevi fountain

6. Catacombs (Priscilla catacombs)

7. Capitoline Hill Piazza del Campidiglo

Most hotels have babysitting services and you just need to e-mail them ahead of time. Angels Vicolo del Bambaino 7 06 3600/1724 0338-677-9718 is a babysitting service I found.

What I have researched I do not think that it is worth it for you to go up to Florence as it is very museum oriented. I would suggest Pompei.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to e-mail me.



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