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melinda garrison Mar 18th, 1999 02:01 PM

Travel guides for Spain?
Anyone found a REALLY good travel guide for Spain(southern)? I love to find those that are kinda offbeat and give a little history too. My husband and I are going in October for two or three weeks. Would you recommend a day trip to Tangiers? <BR> <BR>Thanks. I always feel more prepared to travel after I've read these postings!

kristi Mar 19th, 1999 05:28 AM

Can't help you with the travel guide-we took a copy of Fodor's when we went. I thought Tangier was a wasted day. It took a long time to get there from where we were staying and once you got there, it was dirty, people were hustling tourists to buy things the entire way and I really didn't find anything of interest there. I think that your time would be better spent seeing all of the fabulous places in Spain. We loved Seville, Ronda, Granada, Madrid, Toledo and there were still many other places that we didn't have time to visit.

wes fowler Mar 19th, 1999 06:37 AM

Melinda, <BR>Don't depend on only one travel guide to assist in your planning. Three or more should be referred to initially to help set your plans, then concentrate on the contents of those that seem to best suit your interests. For starters, I would suggest the Insight Guide to Spain for an informal written overview enhanced by excellent photographs, the Michelin Green Guide for extensive detail on sites and sights and Baedecker's Guide which in many ways parallels the Michelin guide but offers color photographs and an excellent foldout map of Spain to assist in planning itineraries.

wendy Mar 19th, 1999 06:46 AM

I really liked the "Eyewitness Travel Guides: Seville and Andalusia " <BR> <BR>We used it extensively while in thta region of Spain. Great recommendations on restaurants. <BR> <BR>Also check out

Maira Mar 19th, 1999 06:57 AM

I think the Fodor's Guide to Spain is really good. Another guide I highly recommend is the "Frommer's Spain Best-Loved Driving Tours". This book is a light, easy to carry map guide of driving tours depicting stops in main sights and also off-the beaten track towns. It includes the main highlights and history of the towns enroute. The pictures are beautiful with maps for every route. To me this is a must-have for driving in Spain.

michele Mar 19th, 1999 12:32 PM

I like Karen Brown's books. (I've mentioned it so many times I feel I should get a cut from her). <BR>They are not traditional guidebooks, rather her personal choices. She includes suggested driving routes, too. I used to like Temple Fielding when he wrote it as it was so opinionated that it made me laugh. Sometimes guidebooks gush about everything... <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

penny Mar 20th, 1999 09:24 PM

Melinda -- I would highy recommend Penelope Casas' book Discovering Spain. We lived in Spain in 1995-96 and found her book to be the most insightful about out of the way places, small towns, etc. There is a second edition from, I think, 1998. Though her hotel recommendations are usually on the high side, her descriptions of towns and places to visit are unbeatable. We took a three week trip throug southern Spain and found the Rough Guide to Andalucia to be very very helpful. without it, we never would have visited places like the olive oil factory in Baena. It was great. <BR>

Norm Mar 21st, 1999 05:44 AM

I am going to Spain next Fall and <BR>I have been able to track down a <BR>considerable number of good web <BR>pages on the net: I also have received <BR>excellent information from the Tourist <BR>Office of Spain in Toronto: you can <BR>call or write to them and they will <BR>send you excellent publications on some <BR>of the main cities of Spain with maps, <BR>etc: if you want my web page bookmarks <BR>let me know and I will email them to <BR>you: <BR>Good Luck-Norm

melinda Mar 23rd, 1999 02:49 PM

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. I'm on my way to Border's!! Can hardly wait 'til My plane leaves in October!

sheila Mar 23rd, 1999 05:46 PM

Penelope Casas! She gives history, great eating places (and a few recipes)plus she's a fine, fine writer. We were there three weeks in November and used her book all the time. IT was very helpful in deciding exactly where to go before we left, too. Discovering Spain. Someone else has mentioned it.

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