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mark Aug 28th, 2000 06:34 AM

travel companion
So many people like to travel. They just go and hang out in bars, clubs etc... trying to hook up with someone.Usually they will end up in being very frustrated. I am travelling to Amsterdam and I always think that "hey I know a nice girl who is waiting for me there, " .we are going to meet and hang out and have fun ". WHY??? because it is so difficult for any body to get to know the other in one night. Travelling is the most enjoyable hobby in life. I am always in search for a travel companion. I a male and the reason why I prefer to choose my companion to be female is simply because I enjoy the company of is safer, cheaper and more fun. Anybody is interested in joining me for a weekend in Amsterdam.let me know <BR> <BR> <BR>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <BR>

frank Aug 28th, 2000 06:46 AM

Mark - you really are going to have to do better than "cheaper" if you want to entice a companion.Also saying that you are "always looking" doesn't help. <BR>Any advice for Mark?

pimp Aug 28th, 2000 07:06 AM

Try an escort service.

hooty Aug 28th, 2000 07:08 AM

Are you going to pay for this travel companion? If not, what does 'cheaper' refer to? Also, if you're really serious, why not tell something about yourself? What are your plans for Amsterdam? Just trying to help...

ughIhate Aug 28th, 2000 07:10 AM


mark Aug 28th, 2000 07:24 AM

I guess you are right . Yes I am going to pay for the travel . I am only interested in people who are living in Amsterdam. They know the city, they know where to hang out and in return I will pay for all the expenses. I dont want an escort or prostitutes, I want girls who are willing to hangout with a cutie goodlooking very well educated independent man.

******* Aug 28th, 2000 07:28 AM

Mark: <BR>Who do you love??

move Aug 28th, 2000 07:42 AM

Well, Mark, if you're ALL THAT and then some like you think you are, you wouldn't have to pay gals to "hang out" with you, now would you? If you're only interested in girls living in Amsterdam, why did you post this thread on the U.S. Forum as well? You're probably some Third World pimp who wants to lure girls to Amsterdam so you can enslave them and put them to work in your Red Light District whorehouse. Go play in the canals, Pervert.

xya Aug 28th, 2000 08:38 AM

Educated? With grammar like yours, you ought to sue the school you attended.

Al Godon Aug 28th, 2000 09:40 AM

I find it hard to believe that this one is for real. It is either a "put up job", i.e. troll, or the expression of naive ignorance. <BR>About a year or so ago there was a long thread that got started when a guy named Ron said he "loved wimmen" and wanted to know how to attract one in Paris. <BR>I think Mr. Odor could benefit from the <BR>advice we gave Ron. In summation we collectively had Ron standing on a street corner in the Montmarte clad in a pair of tight wrangler jeans, a red neckerchief, barefooted, wide leather belt with a big buckle, and a big cowboy hat. He was to wave a fistfull of Yankee Green in one hand and a sixer of Bud in the other. Also, he was to enhance his image by dribbling a little masculine tobacco juice and belching every once in a while to attract attention. We were quite sure that he would attract a suitable companion by following our advice. <BR>I think there are any number of suitable street corners in Amsterdam where Mark could stand and attract any number of blond Dutch females of the twilight by employing the same tactics. <BR>Ron evidently was so successful that we never heard from him. Reckon he took up residence in Paris because he was so successful?

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