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geeper Sep 7th, 2007 11:21 AM

Trastevere Penthouse A
Couldn't find anything when searching, but anyone know this apartment or area?

travelingmad Sep 7th, 2007 11:27 AM

For a review, you may have to wait for our return in October has we have reserved it for our stay in Rome...

peppermintpatti Sep 7th, 2007 05:56 PM


geeper Sep 9th, 2007 09:37 AM


When in October are you going. Obviously no the same time as us, but we may be there right before you?

How did you pick this place? Any reviews anywhere or did you just like something about the website?

NJgirlinPhx Sep 9th, 2007 05:06 PM

I would love to see the reviews on this when you come back. DH and I were looking at this apartment for our trip in 2008.

pjoneslake Sep 9th, 2007 06:20 PM


travelingmad Sep 10th, 2007 04:36 AM

@ geeper

The owner did not tell you? We're sharing beds and the shower!


We are in fact going to Rome last week of September but we'll be back home in October - hence having to wait in October for our review.

How did I pick the place? We absotlutely wanted a terrace/patio with a view. There was one with Sleepinitaly on via San Pellegrino but had no view and the difficulties I had communicating with themmade me feel weary.

There was also one near the Vatican but we thought it was too far from everything else.

Conclusion? There was only Angelishouse left!

geeper Sep 10th, 2007 11:19 AM

So looks like we would be there right after you. We are looking to arrive 30 Sep for 4 nights. Interesting. We are also looking at a place in CDF but I like the terrace and view. Waiting confirmation if it is still available.

geeper Sep 10th, 2007 11:21 AM

BTW, it doesn't look like there is a shower.... only a bathtub in A (multiple terraces). Are you renting A or B?

travelingmad Sep 11th, 2007 05:09 AM

We have reserved Appt. B but the owner confirmed us that, provided both appartments were to be free, we could see both and decided which one we would take with, of course, a supplement if we were to chose Appt. A.

The only issue I have with appt. B is the small (to say the least!) dining table. But since we are not in Rome to cook....

Now, I realized yesterday evening that Appt. A is reserved for the same date as we are in town... We may not have the luxury of deciding in which appt. we will stay.

Kinda happy, though, with appt. B as I find the headboard of appt. A's bed a bit freaky!

geeper Sep 11th, 2007 08:07 AM

TM, What days are you actually going to be there? I wonder if we will overlap any.

geeper Sep 11th, 2007 09:28 AM


How did you end up paying the deposit for the rental? I have a contract and checked WU (logical choice?) and it was prohibitively expensive, so I am looking for options.

travelingmad Sep 12th, 2007 04:54 AM

Arriving Sept. 22, leaving Sept. 28.

I made a bank transfer of 200 Euros (cost me around 25$ Canadian) and will pay the balance cash on arrival.

geeper Sep 12th, 2007 05:41 AM

So much for sharing a glass of vino on the terrace..... We'll be there Sep 30 to October 4. Thanks for the info on the bank transfer. I need to go by my bank. WU wants $25 plus a terrible exchange rate.

geeper Sep 24th, 2007 10:14 AM


On the off chance you are checking the boards, how is the apartment? We leave Thursday and arrive there Sunday night


Amy40 Sep 24th, 2007 10:33 AM


geeper Oct 3rd, 2007 06:38 AM

Upon arrival at Rome, we collect our luggage (had to check on Easyjet), call Elena at Angeli’s to meet us at the apartment, then we find our driver from RomeShuttleLimousines with a hand written sign. Of course, he speaks no English, I speak no Italian, but off we go. One word of caution to those flying into Ciampino. I saw absolutely NO ATMs in the terminal. Since we needed cash to pay for the apartment, that was going to be a problem. We do the hand gesture thing, I show him my ATM card and we figure out “Bancomat” as what I am looking for. Find one inside Rome, get 250 Euro, get another 250 Euro, go for the third and no joy. Not sure if it is the bank in Italy or my bank, so we head to the apartment wondering how this will all play out since I owe them 540 Euro. Our driver considers traffic lights and stop signs suggestions and gets up to the apartment in about 20 minutes including the bancomat stop. We find the Via della Luce in Trastevere…. Oops, wrong part. Drive around some more, find it again, nope. Third time a charm? Yes……… But where is Elena? No where to be seen. So I call her again, phone just rings, then she appears having been inside the apartment. This nice young lady with a 1yr old son at home meets us and after some pleasantries (luckily she speaks English), she asks, “Do you have a check for me?” Check? For what…… oh, no forgot the safety deposit for the apartment…….. So now I owe her 840 Euro. Mario Andretti, for lack of a name, has a bank card machine so I give him the credit card I have been using in London. No luck. Using Elena as a translator, he says the card is no good. I say try this other one. Same result, then just for grins, I give him my debit card as he thinks it is an issue with Mastercard (two CCs) vs Visa (Debit). Still no joy, so now I have to pay him cash for the ride. I have a spare 50 Euro note from a previous trip to Europe, so I have 550 Euro total. I owe Mario 35 (although he tries to say 38, but takes the 35. Not sure if I was mistaken or him, but he was very nice about it.) and Elena 840, I have 550……. Not good. Are we sleeping outside tonight? Elena accompanies me to another local bancomat and we find out that my bank – Compass Bank – has not increased my daily limit for cash withdrawals and I cannot get any more cash until tomorrow…… What will we do….. Luckily, Elena was very understanding and agreed to have her partner come over in the morning and collect the rest of what we owed them even letting me keep 40 Euro so we could eat (At this point it is 10:30PM and DW is hungry)

So Elena shows us around. The apartment is good. Downstairs has a single room with dining table and couch a small TV and a very small kitchen nook with fridge, gas cooktop and sink. Upstairs has a bedroom and full bath with a door and stairs up to the rooftop terrace. The listing shows two terraces, which there are, but doesn’t tell you the other terrace is for the other apartment (B). No worries…….

As we head back downstairs, I see the washer at the foot of the stairs from the terrace and ask if there is a dryer or how things work. “Oh that is broken”. So much for doing laundry in the apartment. Guess we’ll have to find a Laundromat or wait until Paris where I know of one near our hotel there.

There is a grocery store called Oviessa down the street some that ahs good prices for most thing (incudign a liter of table wine for 0.95 Euro !!!

The apartment is located at Via Della Luce #4, Apartment 7. Angeli’s Apartments is the owner and agent for this apartment. They have another apartment #10 in the same building that shares the terrace (there is a gate between the two) with this apartment. We never saw our neighbors on the terrace, but there were clothes drying, so we know someone was there. . As mentioned previously, Angeli’s had just acquired these two properties recently, so they are in the process of making things right. Very accommodating people. I was a little worried about renting an apartment with no apparent reviews anywhere to reference, but took a chance due to the location, price and the terrace. Via Della Luce is just off Viale Trastevere to the southeast. The cross stree Via de Lungustere (sp?) is one street off the street bordering the river, so the apartment is barely in Trastevere. There is a little restaurant right at the door to the apartment, a small shop across the street on the corner, an old church directly across the street, and another trattoria where Via della Luce meet Via de Lungostere. Left on Lungostere take you to Viale Trstevere. Right on Trastevere takes you over the river and connets with Via Arenula very close to Campo dei Fiori and the Jewish Ghetto. Take a right on Lugostere ins tead and you end up at Piazza in Piscinula with its restaurants. Continue on and you get to the Ponte Palatino bridge which takes you to Ancient Rome. Very convenient location.

Little side note. There is no internet in the apartment, but if you position yourself correctly (on the couch, or terrace) and they haven’t fixed things by the time you get there, I found two unsecured internet connections that I used to post this to the board and check/send emails. No guarantees, so YMMV.

I would recommend this apartment and would recommend Angeli’s in general. They have about 8 apartments spread around Rome, I think most are near the Colosseum. With Rome being very easy to get around by foot, any of them should be OK, but Trastevere, while not in the “traditional” areas is a great location. At least these apartments. Angeli’s was very accommodating allowing us to stay even though we didn’t have the security deposit, allowing us to check out a full day before we leave but still stay in the apartment, etc.

Go for it.

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