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StCirq Nov 11th, 2012 02:49 PM

No, if you read the link just given above, you'll see that the Air France bus costs 9 euros if you're under 25, which is cheaper than the RER/métro.

On my first trip to Paris, when I was 20, I was lost in Châtelet-les-Halles for several hours.

paris15 Nov 11th, 2012 02:49 PM

CAt least, have a look at the link!!! It's 13 euros for you.

janisj Nov 11th, 2012 02:50 PM

"<i>The airfrance shuttle is 19 euros or so, I think.</i>"

No it isn't - Did you look at the link??

passionfruitdrink37 Nov 11th, 2012 02:50 PM

Well look at that. It is cheaper than i thought! Guess i wont have to worry about the rer anymore

FrenchMystiqueTours Nov 11th, 2012 02:54 PM

I looked at the link and bus #1 goes to Orly and is 9€. Bus #2 goes to CDG is 13€.

paris15 Nov 11th, 2012 02:55 PM

You should always check the price for young people or students. Then you'll find out that many things, like the Paris Pass, are not really the best option for you.
And that is the same issue when you can buy tickets online (you can for example get a discount for the Seine Cruises)

StCirq Nov 11th, 2012 03:25 PM

Right, it's 13 euros. I was looking at the wrong bus.

passionfruitdrink37 Nov 11th, 2012 03:39 PM

By the way, if I buy a carnet, can I use those tickets on any mode of transportation, like RER or bus?

FrenchMystiqueTours Nov 11th, 2012 03:45 PM

If you buy a carnet of métro tickets they can be used on any métro line or any bus. They can also be used on any RER line that is within Paris city limits (zone 1).

passionfruitdrink37 Nov 11th, 2012 04:04 PM

Okay, great!

passionfruitdrink37 Nov 12th, 2012 07:13 AM

I get more and more excited everyday. My mom wants me to bring her back macarons. Is that legal? Can I bring baked goods back to Canada?

gardendiva Nov 12th, 2012 11:25 AM

We brought back macarons. Just make sure that they are well protected in your luggage. The few around the edges of the box were pretty much crumbs by the time we got home.

passionfruitdrink37 Nov 12th, 2012 10:23 PM

Okay! I'll do that then!
Can I buy a carnet at CDG?
Also, am I missing anything in my planning? Thanks to everyone's help, I was able to plan transportation, museum pass, best places to socialize, where to go out, and where to eat. Where to shop, and how to keep my personal items safe. Is there anything I'm missing? What else should I plan for?

FrenchMystiqueTours Nov 13th, 2012 12:19 AM

Plan on being spontaneous from time to time and forgetting about the list of things you had planned. ;)

StCirq Nov 13th, 2012 12:30 AM

Sure, you can buy a carnet at CDG if you end up at the RER/métro station there, which you don't need to if you take the Air France bus into town. You can also buy one at any métro station in Paris. Relax. Plan not to plan.

passionfruitdrink37 Nov 13th, 2012 03:56 AM

is there anything important I'm forgetting about? Just, I'm worried about forgetting something really important. I know I shouldn't plan too much, and this is why I've left some of my days open to whatever. This is why the only days I've planned are the days where I need to plan because of the museum pass.

annhig Nov 13th, 2012 06:09 AM

yes you can buy a carnet at CDG, but it's probably easier just to get it when you use the metro for the first time - then you haven't got multiple tickets to worry about when you exit the metro en route to your hotel, just your RER ticket.

remember you must retain your tickets til you finish the journey, and if you are exiting at an RER station, you'll need the ticket to get past the barrier.

Leely2 Nov 13th, 2012 08:14 AM

<i>is there anything important I'm forgetting about? Just, I'm worried about forgetting something really important. </i>

If you have your passport, your passport number written down somewhere (or a photocopy), credit card, 4-number debit card, numbers to call in case you lose those, any prescription meds you take, air itinerary/tickets, and the adddress of your hotel, I'd say you're good to go.

Short version that I tell myself when leaving for a trip: Passport, money, meds.

Have fun!

passionfruitdrink37 Nov 13th, 2012 09:22 AM

awesome! Thanks so much! I'm so excited, I cannot stop thinking about this trip. I know I'll have a good time, but I really hope I can meet some nice people and bring some stuff back for my family.

annhig Nov 13th, 2012 09:38 AM

don't forget a present for your friend's uncle!

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