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Colleen Mar 29th, 1999 05:11 AM

Transportation from Rome to Positano?
What is the best way to get to Positano from Rome? Is there a train? Where can I check the railways & schedules? Thanks in advance for your assistance. <BR> <BR>Colleen

hyacinth Mar 29th, 1999 05:58 AM

Robin Mar 29th, 1999 06:57 AM

Colleen: <BR> <BR>Went to Positano from Rome in Oct. '97. You can take the train down to Sorrento (took the "speedy" train & I can't remember which one that is, but it was a very nice ride - think it took about 2 1/2 or maybe 3 hrs. to get to Naples). <BR>Then in Naples, we changed to a local train, more like a subway into Sorrento & finally, a bus from Sorrento to Positano. I do believe that there is a bus directly from Sorrento into Positano which I would strongly suggest - that extra 'subway' leg of the trip made the travel a lot more tiring. <BR>Alternatively, there may be a bus that goes directly from Rome down to Positano, but I'd still suggest opting for the train portion as you can get up & walk around on the train & don't have to worry about any traffic tie-ups. <BR>

Robin Mar 29th, 1999 07:38 AM

<BR>Colleen: <BR> <BR>As I re-read my message, realized that I'd said I took the speedy train ('pendolino'?) down to Sorrento - should've said took that train down to Naples & then continued w/remainder of my journey. <BR> <BR>Also, another suggestion as to a website that has some good links for transportation info and other European info is "Traveling with Ed & Julie". <BR> <BR>European Travel URL’s <BR> <BR>

Eva May 12th, 1999 07:42 AM

the above post for the Official Site of Italian Rail should read

Robin May 12th, 1999 08:26 AM

Details of Train Rome-Pompeii <BR> <BR>Author: cheryl ([email protected]) <BR>Date: 5/07/1999, 10:48 am ET <BR>Message: If you run a search for Pompeii, you will find a post entitled "Day trip to Pompeii". I think this is the one you are looking for. Good luck. <BR> <BR> <BR>Author: Robin ([email protected]) <BR>Date: 5/07/1999, 12:13 pm ET <BR>Message: <BR>All of the specifics can be found under the following topic <BR>"How difficult is a day trip from Rome to Pompeii? <BR>12 responses; most recent on 05/07/1999, 11:30 am ET" <BR> <BR>I didn't make a pitstop in Pompeii, but it is on the way to Amalfi (Positano, etc., etc.). Make sure you take the fastest train from Rome down to Naples - I think it's the EuroCity. One way trip costs 37,500 lire (approx. $21 US dollars). Then when you get off train in Naples, you go downstairs to the Circumvesuviana, which is more like a subway train. It only costs 4,700 lire (only about $2 USD). Think the Pompeii stop is about a 20 minutes ride. If you stay on this train until its' final stop you'll be in Sorrento. (And fyi, for the Amalfi/Positano crowd, once you arrive in Sorrento, you then take the SITA bus from this train station on to Positano and Amalfi - bus only costs 2200 lire). <BR> <BR>ALSO, I've been told there's a major museum in Naples that display many of the items taken from Pompeii. Since I've never been, can't advise as to its' name, but think that you'd get your best experience by going to the museum in Naples first, and then visiting the actual site in Pompeii. <BR> <BR>FYI - Colleen, if you haven't reserved your hotel for Positano yet, I'd suggest staying at the Villa Rosa. It's a bed & breakfast listed in Karen Brown's B&B's in Italy. Stayed there last month for two nights and loved. It's only been open for 3 or 4 years, and is very centrally located on Via Colombo - a short walk to the SITA bus stop and directly across the street from one of Positano's poshest hotels, Le Sirenuse. Of course, if Le Sirenuse fits in your budget, then it's a great place to stay, however I believe prices there begin at about $275.00 per night. <BR>I paid 150,000 lire per night at the Villa Rosa (approx $85 / $90 in U.S. dollars). Obviously the Villa Rosa doesn't come with all the bells & whistles of the 5 star spot across from them, but their rooms were clean, nicely furnished & you had breakfast brought to your room each morning. I believe that all 13 rooms each have a small terrace on which you can sit & enjoy your caffe latte & croissant while gazing out at the Mediterranean & town a few levels below. <BR> <BR>

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