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julieleigh May 23rd, 2004 04:37 PM

transport from San Marco Airport to Venice
Does anyone know of a water taxi service that can meet us at the airport and take us by water taxi to Venice?

rex May 23rd, 2004 04:42 PM

Sure; they're waiting there.

See also;tid=34501176

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rex May 24th, 2004 03:33 AM

In response to your e-mail follow-up question:

"Do you take a shuttle bus to the port from the airport?"

No. No more than you take a shuttle bus to "the curb" at a land-based airport. It (the Marco Polo airport) - - and essentially everything in Venice - - is right at the water's edge. You walk no more than 50-100 yards out the door to be at a water taxi stop.

Nikki May 24th, 2004 04:05 AM

There is a free shuttle bus from the terminal to the water taxi and alilaguna stand. You could also walk, which takes five or ten minutes.

I believe the terminal is relatively new and that it is now a farther distance from the water than the old terminal was, or so I have gathered from reading postings here.

romanita May 24th, 2004 04:38 AM

Nikki's answer is more correct. There is a free white shuttle-bus from the new terminal to the water's edge, where you can get the Alilaguna water bus, has routes, fares (up to €10 one-way) and timetables, the water taxi rank is approx 22 yards from Alilaguna. I used the free bus last month, and would not recommend walking that distance w/luggage to anyone

Nikki May 24th, 2004 05:51 PM

When I arrived in Venice in March, I didn't know about the shuttle bus because I had read here that you just walk out the door to the alilaguna dock, as Rex said. So my daughter and I walked to the dock with our luggage and got there well before the shuttle bus did. I think we got on an earlier alilaguna boat than a lot of the people who waited for the bus. A long line formed behind us at the dock when the shuttle arrived.

The walk wasn't really that bad.

rex May 25th, 2004 04:51 AM

A good reminder that all travel info is inherently "perishable". I appreciate the gentle way this mis-information from me has been corrected.

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