Trains to London


Feb 18th, 1999, 07:51 AM
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Trains to London

Does anyone know the driving time from Edinburgh to London, and the train schedules and fares from Edinburgh to London. I'm trying to decide whether to drop a car in Edinburgh and save that drive by taking the train, or going ahead and drive. Any advice?
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Feb 22nd, 1999, 01:46 PM
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These websites might be helpful: and
In the second website click on "timetables on the net." Some work was being done recently on the timetables link but maybe it's finished by now. Both web sites have schedules and fares for rail travel but I prefer the second site because it's strictly for train travel in Britain. Good luck!
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Feb 28th, 1999, 12:34 PM
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The drive from Edinburgh to London is fairly long: 7-8 hours. The train takes just 4 hours 30 minutes and is a very good service. The company which operates the service is GNER and I am sure they must have a website. Also, try, which is the company that owns and operates all the track, stations and signals in the UK - they definitely have a schedule online. Fares are hard to be precise about because, just like the airlines, there are so many discounts available.
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