Train travel in France on Christmas eve?


Aug 17th, 2006, 06:44 PM
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Train travel in France on Christmas eve?

Does anyone know how to find out about trains/bus/taxi services on Christmas eve? My plan is to fly from Paris to Toulon the afternoon of the 24th December, and need to figure out how to make my way to Bandol area on Christmas Eve. I visited but it seems I can't get a schedule for December yet, anyone have any idea if I'll be able to get a train from the Toulon airport that day? Am I not looking at the right train website?

Since it will be Christmas eve, I'm a bit concerned about finding any taxi/bus/driver etc... Once I get to Bandol I will also need a driver. I'm thinking car rental and driving myself might be the best plan? (In case you're wondering, I'm going to try to visit my daughter who will be working as an English teaching assistant in Toulon/living near Bandol) I've never driven a car outside the U.S., and the thought of driving after flying for over 24 hrs and then reading signs etc. in a foreign language and probably in the dark, is a wee bit intimidating.
Of course, my fallback position will be to tell my daughter she has to meet me at the Toulon airport!!! But if possible, I'd like to find my own way.
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Aug 17th, 2006, 09:18 PM
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Just checked the regional SNCF site (, which gives the precision "timetable valid until 9 December 2006" but since it shows that there is a train from Toulon to Bandol every 15 minutes all day long, that it clearly not going to change.
As for finding a taxi upon arrival in Bandol, your only problem will be competition with other travelers, not a lack of taxi drivers. Taxi drivers absolutely love to work on such days, because the other days of the week in the provinces, they often sit around for hours waiting for a customer.
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Aug 17th, 2006, 11:49 PM
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The reference library of a city near you may have the Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable. The airport for Toulon is at Hyeres. Table 360 shows that unlike services in England these French rail services run daily, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but they do not run often:
Hyeres 1250 to Bandol 1329
Hyeres 1545 to Toulon 1600, TGV high speed train, with buffet car and about 10 euros supplement, daily to 27 August, then Sundays only, change, leave 1615, Bandol 1630
Hyeres 1745 to Bandol 1823
Hyeres 2005 to Bandol 2034, not Saturdays.

The German Rail web site covers France. Their page shows trains about hourly on he 16 kilometers between Toulon city and Bandol town, but no service every 15 minutes.

I expect you need a bus. The City of Toulouse site for Hyeres aeroport is in French, at It says minibuses of line 102 of the Departmernt of Var Transport Service run from the airport to the Departmental bus station in Toulon, and I expect other buses carry on to Bandol, but the transport service site is not linking me to the schedules page.

Ben Haines, London
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Aug 17th, 2006, 11:52 PM
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I forgot to say that you can book your train seats through
Budget Europe Travel Service, phone 800-441-9413 or 800-441-2387, site
Euraide of Florida, E-mail [email protected], phone
at the Florida office 941/480-1555, site

Ben Haines
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