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rmgood Mar 12th, 2015 08:59 AM

Train Tickets
For my travels (from U.S.) this May, I made train tickets from 3 different companies. I am not sure what I will need to do to board/ride these trains.

One trip (Villach, Aut to Venice, Italy) was made with RailEurope and I have a Hard copy ticket; does this need to be validated at the station?

Another ticket (Venice to Florence) was made on the Trenitalia website, and I have a PNR Number. I believe I just board the train and then show the conductor the PNR number when asked?

Yet another trip (Florence to Naples) was made on the Italo website and I have a “Ticket code”; what do I do with this?

Thanks for any/all help.

PalenQ Mar 12th, 2015 09:18 AM

Ones thru Rail Europe I am pretty sure do not need to be validated or it would say so on the cover - why not just call RE and ask to be sure and you can always date-cancel a ticket anywhere even if not required I think.

Usually discounted tickets that are not changeable nor refundable do not have to be cancelled as they cannot be used on other trains - full fare tickets often do have to be cancelled as not all trains have conductors on all portions of the route so the honor system with spot checks is used.

Check for possible clarification or call Byron at - I use him for railpasses a lot and he's a RE agent who IME will answer questions even if you are not buying. may also have some info.

jscarbary Mar 12th, 2015 10:19 AM

We took a Trenitalia train from Venice to Rome last year. I'm pretty sure that I had the PNR on my phone and just showed it to the conductor and he moved on to the next passengers.

kybourbon Mar 12th, 2015 11:51 AM

>>>One trip (Villach, Aut to Venice, Italy) was made with RailEurope and I have a Hard copy ticket; does this need to be validated at the station?<<<

Usually tickets for a specific train and seat (train number, carriage number, seat number will be on the ticket) don't need to be validated. The ticket is checked on board. I'm assuming RE sent you an actual ticket. Quite a few countries still require an actual ticket for cross-border trains instead of just a PNR. Is there a seat number on this ticket? If not, have you checked whether seats reservations are mandatory for this train?

I would print both the Trenitalia and Italo emails to take with you.

The Trenitalia electronic ticket:

Ticketless is the purchasing solution that lets you board your train without having to pick up a printed train ticket. It operates for all trains both in 1st and 2nd class as well as for the Couchette, Wagon Lits and Excelsior services.
For on-line purchases you will be sent an e-mail of purchase confirmation with all the information on your journey


It’s important to know that the Italo ticket is electronic, in that it is based on a computerised record of your travel data which is stored in NTV’s booking systems. All you need to travel is:

- your Ticket Code (also referred to as PNR code), which you must keep carefully for the entire duration of the trip and provide to on-board staff checking tickets.
- A valid identity document, which you must exhibit to on-board staff to demonstrate that you are the actual owner of your ticket if requested to do so. If you choose to print your ticket record and take it with you, do not lose it, or you might be a victim of fraud.

PalenQ Mar 12th, 2015 01:58 PM

full-fare RailEurope tickets traditionally could be used on any of similar trains - do not have to come with a reservation, which is optional if it is optional - if not it will be included.

RE sells tickets are a premium price I understand so that they can always be used without formality - full fare tickets that is - RE is now also selling Italo tickets for example at discounted prices often about the same as on the Italo site (no surprise since the SNCF, large majority stakeholders in RailEurope owns part of Italo I understand.

But if never hurts to ask!

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