Train from Nurnberg to Salzburg

Dec 8th, 2006, 11:57 AM
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Train from Nurnberg to Salzburg

As a senior traveling alone on a weekday train from Nurnberg to Salzburg, what kind of ticket should I request and how do I say it in in German? Thanks for the help- JKR
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Dec 8th, 2006, 12:42 PM
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You can travel first or second class whichever you perfer. You want the fastest train possible with no changes. Saying it in German is not required. Ask which track you will be leaving from and then you can be sure it will leave on time, so be there in time to find your car and seat. Have a good trip.

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Dec 8th, 2006, 12:51 PM
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Go to the German Rail web site, and print out the train you want and take it up to the ticket window and simply ask for a ticket for that train - seat reservation may be a few euros extra. On the German rail site you'll be asked to put in your age and then the appropriate fare will be displayed - if there is a senior fare you'll get it. However i think for many senior fares in Germany you must buy a card good for a year whose cost would be prohibitive for one journey like this. A good way to reach the English schedule page of the site is to go to: and on their home page click on the link "All European Railway Timetables" or some such wording and up pops the English-language schedule page where in the two boxes you just put in Nuernberg (Nurnberg won't work) and Salzburg and you'll get all the connections and fares. Print out the info and take with you to station for language-proof ticketing. the home page i've referenced also gives several nice tips on how to use the bahn site. LarryinColorado has written much here on the Bavarian ticket, which would be by far much cheaper than using the fastest trains if you have time - restricted to regional trains but can save a bundle. Search for LarryinColorado and you get all the right info on that. Both Nuernberg, Munich and Salzburg are in Bavaria for this purpose and ticket. You may not find many direct trains and may have to change in Munich - again the site will also tell you which platform in each station if you click on "details for the above" below the first schedules that pop up.
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Dec 8th, 2006, 01:14 PM
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Wonderful! Printing it out was a great suggestion, which I did. There is a train on the hour for 58E and the platform # is right there. Sure appreciate your help and I'll have a gluhwein at the Christmas market in your honor....JKR
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Dec 8th, 2006, 01:27 PM
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Be aware that those platform numbers are sometimes subject to change. When you get to the station double check your train number on the departures board to be certain.
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Dec 8th, 2006, 07:31 PM
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You can indeed ride all the way from Nürnberg to Salzburg on one Bayern Ticket, or Bavarian Ticket. If you buy one at the automat, you can get it for €25, or for €27 if you buy from the ticket window.

I am not sure what the colloquial German phrase would be, but the automat does not need anything but money. If you go to the window, you might try English first. An amazing number of Germans understand quite a bit of English.

If not, I have used a similar phrase to this to get the desired ticket: Ich möchte ein Bayern Ticket kaufen.

kaufen = purchase
Ich = I

The main restrictions on the Bayern Ticket are two:

1. During the week you cannot leave before 9:00.
2. You are limited to 2nd class in local trains, those with IRE,RE,RB und S-Bahn in the designation of the train.

The RE is the most likely designation for your trip.

Assuming you have the time for a slightly slower trip, you could follow this schedule using only regional trains that qualify for use of the Bayern Ticket:

Leave Nürnberg at 9:10 from track 13 (current schedule!!)
Arrive Munich main station at 10:54.

Leave Munich at 11:42
Arrive Salzburg at 13:46

If cost is no factor and you want the fastest available trains, then you can leave 8:02 and be in Salzburg 10:54.

After 8:02 there are departures every hour after 8:02 -- at 9:02, 10:02 .... until at least 16:02.
The earliest one with good travel time is at 6:01.

You will have one change, in Munich.
The cost for a second class ticket is €58.

For this fare you can ride on any type of train and leave at any time a train is available.
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Dec 16th, 2006, 07:09 PM
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>the automat does not need anything but money.

love it.

Actually, the Bayern Ticket for up to five people will go up to €27 (€29 from a ticket counter) on Jan 1. However, there is also a Bayern Single, €19 for one person, unlimited travel all day (after 9 AM weekdays) in 2nd class on regional trains.

Try to buy the ticket from the automat if you can (€2 less). Probably the easiest one is the regional DB automat (blue and white, see It has a button with a flag that is supposed to change the language, but the one I tried it on only spoke German. There are two columns of buttons on the right hand side. Near the bottom, probably LH column, should be a button for "Bayern Ticket Single". When you push the button, the display might ask you which day (today, tomorrow, ?). Then it will show you the amount. Put in the money and it will print your ticket. If you want to use a credit card (one that has a PIN), wait to put in your card until the amount is shown. The machine will print your receipt, then the ticket. Be sure to wait for the ticket.

The red, white, and blue automats have a touch screen and definitely can be made to display in English; touch the British flag. The opening screen should have a touch pad for "Länder Tickets". Just follow the instructions.

Bob Brown is right about the train schedule. During the week the first train after 9 leaves at 9:10. This is a regional express (RE) that leaves Nürnberg at 9:10. It uses the new tracks put down for the high speed ICEs and make the trip to Munich in about 1:45. Unfortunately the train for Salzburg doesn't leave until 11:42. You will have plenty of time to locate your departure track, and get a sandwich before your train leaves.

Check the schedules on the DB website ( The next connection using that high speed line leaves Nürnberg at 11:10 and has a similar wait time in Munich. There are several RE connections in between. These use a slower route to Munich and have less time in Munich to make the connection.
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