Tower/Bankside Day Plan


May 31st, 2004, 11:11 PM
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Tower/Bankside Day Plan

On a Sunday (I know Tower opens at 10 rather than 9) or Monday I would like to do the following. Comments and helpful hints welcome, esp. regarding walking times. I like to walk and think nothing of walking 7 or 8 miles in a day.
7:30 or 8 a.m.: Start from Strand Palace Hotel (opp. Savoy Hotel). Either walk, T or bus to Tower of London

Budget (I know I could spend a day or two here) 3 to 4 hrs. Recs in books/online say get there for opening, go immediately to Jewel House, then take Beefeaters Tour. Can someone prioritize agenda after that, keeping in mind time budget?

Cross Tower Bridge, Walk Thames Path to Globe Theater (estimates on length & time?) Also, I am looking at Fodor's See It London (just out), and it looks as if the Thames Path disappears shortly after London Bridge Hospital. On Fodor's map it reappears at Bankside Gallery. What happens in between? Is the path continuous all the way to Lambeth Bridge? (Not that I plan to go as far as Lambeth)

I have an estimate from this board that distance from Shakespeare's Globe to London Eye is about 1.5 miles. Looking at map, I would estimate distance between Tower Bridge and Shakespeare's Globe to be about equidistant.

Globe Theater: take tour (maybe play...); maybe take trip across and back Millenium Bridge

Quick look at Tate Modern, maybe eat, at least see view from restaurant

Continue along path, visit Oxo Tower, for view at least

Take trip on London Eye

Backtrack to Hungerford Bridge, back to hotel.

Can I do all this and make a 7:30 show?

As always, thank you in advance.

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Jun 1st, 2004, 03:46 AM
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One a nice day, I think it is hard to beat the walk you describe.

Personally, I would take the bus (No. 15) to the Tower to save you feet for later in the day. I use this route regularly and it is pretty reliable.

Others will advise on timings for the Tower as I haven't been since a school trip when I was 12

Depending on how much time you have to spare, I think a quick walk round St Katherine Dock, either before or after the Tower is well worth it. I really like it here - so quiet and peaceful.

Re Walk from Tower to Globe - there is a short bit just after London Bridge, where you have to go a block away from the Thames. It is fairly obvious how to rejoin the walkway though, so I wouldn't worry about it. Distance wise, your estimate of 1.5 miles from the Tower to the Glove is about right, so it shouldn't take you that long.

If you don't see a play at the Globe, I think you will be able to fit in a trip across the Millenium Bridge to see St Pauls as long as you stick to the Quick Look at the Tate Modern plan.

Just walking past the Oxo Tower, if you have already seen the view from the Tate Modern will be enough IMHO. The terrace is nice, but you do pay for the view.

The whole Thames Pathway can get very busy - so if you are a fast walker, you will find it difficult to stick to your preferred pace. I've only walked it as far as County Hall, but I belive it does go as far as Lambeth Bridge.

Re the Londoneye - are you planning to buy tickets (timed) in advance or just chance it? Either way, on a nice day, this will involve queuing. 5 - 5:30pm would be the latest slot I personally would book, if I needed to go to a show that evening and that won't allow you much time to freshen up at the Hotel.

You probably know this, but just in case, whilst the Globe has performances on Sundays, most other theatres don't.
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Jun 1st, 2004, 08:10 AM
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As you walk along the riverside towards London Bridge, the path takes you in front of the office blocks and up to a tall flight of steps up to the Bridge - you can cut through to Tooley St and walk up a slope if you prefer. At the Bridge, you will need to cross the road at the traffic lights and down another set of steps beside the railway line, which will take you down to Southwark Cathedral.

Technically the Thames Path goes all the way through to the source, and is signposted, but you won't want to try that in a day!

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Jun 2nd, 2004, 12:17 AM
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Thank you for the tips. I would like to be able to fit St. Paul's in on this day, although I am booked for the theater Monday night, so may have to schedule that for another day.

I plan to book the London Eye ahead and will take your advice re the timing.

It is nice to know that the view from the Tate Modern is not all that different from the view from the Oxo Tower.

I am hoping for favorable weather, but I come from New England, where it is always a case of "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." So I am prepared. Maybe slightly inclement weather will cut down on the crowds on the path.

I am a bit disappointed that the Globe is doing an all female presentation of "Much Ado," but it does help me make a decision to do the tour and not stay for a play. I am sure the production is great, but had hoped to see an all-male cast in the original manner.
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