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Lisa May 15th, 2002 03:36 AM

Tours in Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallin
Will be in Tallin, Stockholm and Helsinki this summer while on a cruise. They offer various tours in each of these cities and would like information on what you found interesting in each of these cities.

MHS May 15th, 2002 04:41 AM

We did the Princess cruise of this area last August. We are in our mid-60s & decided to use the ship's tours for each port as a convenient, efficient "intro" to each port. However, I also did extensive research to know what there was of prime interest to us & we selected each tour based on our preferences (some free time) and that research.<BR><BR>Tallin -- the walking tour -- this was the worst tour of the entire cruise; and our impresssion was not alone, even those with other guides had major complaints. Depending on where your ship docks, you will need to use shuttle or taxi to the "old town" -- strongly suggest you do it on your own, stopping at whatever shop, cafe appeals; leave time for the "sweater alley" just off the main street. The Russian Church was the only building we went into and that's free/open to all. Do you really want to know that "that building" is now used for their government offices, etc? Or that their government consists of ..... Personally we go to see & enjoy the medevial as medevial structures, and care less about modern conditions. Others with other guides complained they were allowed no shopping time at all -- and that sweater alley is an excellent "view" into today's life in Tallin, even if you don't buy.<BR><BR>Stockholm -- we docked about 1hr drive out & took the Vasa Ship with Old Town on our own. You can enjoy the Vasa without a guide, excellent signs in English & Rick Steve's walking tour of the Old Town is excellent. Have some pastry here -- ummm.<BR><BR>Helsinki -- Temppelainkio Church and outdoor market, then if you wish the <BR>Sibelius Monument. The Temp. Church and market would be do-able without a tour, but the Sibelius seemed to be a bit out of town. <BR><BR>As you can see, we focus in any first visit to an area on the major sites, even if some would might sneeringly call them "touristy". <BR>The Rock Church

katja May 15th, 2002 04:43 AM

Tallin: the old city area inside the old walls, shopping: handicraft)<BR>Stockholm: Gamla Stan (the old city area), Vasa ship<BR>Helsinki: Senate square area, "the Rock church" (=Temppeliaukion kirkko), the sea fortress of Suomenlinna (shopping: Finnish design: Arabia, Marimekko, Iittala etc.) <BR>

MHS May 15th, 2002 04:45 AM

The Rock Church -- is the Temppelainkio & it's being the last line was a typo. Sorry.

Kris May 15th, 2002 05:20 AM

Lisa, I did up some notes when we returned from our cruise last year to those places. If you'd like a copy, please email me.

Ahti Arak Jun 30th, 2002 02:54 AM

MHS writing : Tallin -- the walking tour -- this was the worst tour of the entire cruise; and our impresssion was not alone, even those with other guides had major complaints. <BR><BR>Some additional sentnce on this comment.<BR>If you take ship classical tour with 3 hrs or so, of course you have very limited time for shopping.<BR>If you want to shop you can take a shuttle, or taxi (they ask USD 10-20 for short drive, some minutes or less then 2 miles from the port to the Old Town) or you can walk. Most of the cruise ships stop in the Old Town port, this very close by the Old Town.<BR>About some sights and modern Estonia. I have met people who fans of history, some other are not so much. One part of people they just want enjoy the atmosphera of the old town.<BR>If to compare Tallinn with some other neighbouring ports then I would like to say that Tallinn is one of the best.<BR>You can not so see Medieval city in Helsinki (the heart of the city is dated from the 18-19 th century), there are something in Gamla Stan , the Old Town of Stockholm but the Medieval structure is more destroyed), you can find only fwe Medieval buildings in Riga and of course ST Pete is new town.<BR>Maybe I m too big patriot of Tallinn, but it s true- Tallinn is one of the best survived Medievak towns in the Northern Europe.<BR>These people with whom I have toured have asked usualyy a lot about life in modern Estonia- taxes, economy, export and import, relationships with Russians. And perhaps it s intersting know something about modern society as well, not only about past.<BR>But I understand - people are differnt and their intersts are differnt. And if you are doing so many countries during one or two weeks, who can remember all these facts , numbers, names of buildings and churches. Cruise is not work, it s holidays !<BR><BR>Ahti Arak, tour guide from Tallinn<BR>[email protected]<BR>Website:Private Tours in Estonia and the Baltics<BR><BR>

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