Tough decision: Provence or Rivieria?

Old Jul 2nd, 2002, 11:52 AM
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Tough decision: Provence or Rivieria?

I'll be in France with my mother in November 2002. We are definitely going to Paris but since our time is limited, we have to decide between the Provence or Riviera regions. Please let me know what is best about each regions and which you would choose and what you would see there. I appreciate your help.
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Provence absolutely. Riviera-hot, crowded, expensive, tourists, rip-off.<BR>Provence-gorgeous scenery, peaceful, food to die for, scenic villages, good wine.
Old Jul 2nd, 2002, 12:15 PM
J T Kirk
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<BR><BR>I agree with the above poster, BUT -<BR>the Riveria is also gorgeous, the drive along the coast is splendid, and there are some fine eats there as well. And in November, the traffic won't as much as an issue along the coast.<BR>To me, the deciding factor would be how much do you love the sea?
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Provence --- I was not terribly impressed by the Riviera, but then, of course, it depends what you're interested in. Also, I'm not sure about the weather in November but guess that it could be quite rainy and cool.
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Hi<BR><BR>This should read ........ Tough decision : Provence, Languedoc or Rivieria? <BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Peter<BR>The Languedoc Page<BR>
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Provence ... But if you like the beach/coast, the Riviera region is a must.<BR><BR>There are so many places to see in Provence - Arles (Roman ruines), Avignon (Pope Palace), St.Remy-de-Provence (Van Gogh), Gordes, St.Paul-de-Vence, Aix-en-Provnce, and more.<BR><BR>
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Hi Lucretia. I don't know how you're getting to and from the south of France but if your time is *very* limited, another, and admittedly small, factor to consider is that Provence is closer than the Riviera.
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I really am not sure on this one as I haven't been to either in November, and I think that's the key problem. I'm not crazy about beaches and resort areas in general, although of course I appreciate a beautiful view, so I would tend to pick Provence -- except in November, the Riviera won't be so crowded and I wonder what Provence would be like in November, maybe kind of dull? So I guess I'd go to the Riviera in November if you mean end of month (which I am guessing you do). If the beginning of November, I'd pick Provence as I've read the wine harvest can continue into early November in some areas and there may be wine festivals around Avignon and Aix in November (vin nouveau). So, I'd like that. Last summer I spent time in the Vaucluse area and around Gigondas wine region, which I liked a lot (above Avignon) and I know they tend to harvest late there, so I might go there. Cotes du Rhone are some of my favorite wines, however. I think they may have some olive harvests in Nov, also,and maybe festivals -- not sure on that.
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November - Riviera is a whole different animal. I love the Cote d'Azur in the off season. How many days do you have? You can get to Provence in 3 hours on the TGV, and another 3 will get you down south.<BR><BR>as much as I love the area off season though, I would still vote for Provence if you must choose.
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My vote goes to Provence! I just returned from spending time in both areas and I would not go back to the French Riviera. <BR>Spend a day or two in the Luberon region of Provence (Gordes, Bonnieux) Other highlights were Les Baux and Sunday market day at Isle se lur Sourge (spelling??)<BR><BR>
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Seems like Provence is winning the vote so far...<BR><BR>I can't comment on Provence since I've never been and badly want to go, BUT, I wanted to present an alternative point of view on the Riviera--I thought it was great and would highly recommend it as a place to visit. There is a lot to see, especially if you have a car. Avoid July and August when it is very crowded. I went in September and it was great--no "crowds", not hot, weather nice. There is such a diversity of sites...from tiny ancient towns in hills to small villages on the coast to larger're sure to find something that appeals. Scenery, food, museums, are all in abundance.<BR><BR>So if you go to Provence this year, definitely consider the Riviera another time
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What is the best not too expensive city to use as a base in Provence?
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Dianne,I'd use a village or small town such as St. Remy, Isle sur la Sorgue, Gordes, Menerbes, Vaison la Romaine, Bonnieux, etc.; there are just so many wonderful places. The larger towns such as Avignon, Aix would not be my choice as a base b/c of traffic.
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John B.
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Provence wins again. Check out:<BR>http//
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mimi taylor
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I agree with peter, but let's say you like Miami, go to the cote d'azur'<BR>but if you like sonoma go to provence' and if you want something else go to Langedoc, all so different.
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Go for the Riviera- don't let the crowds bother you. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit. It attracts visitors from all around the world. You can see much of the Riviera in only a few days. <BR>Sid
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