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cynthia Jan 9th, 2002 05:02 PM

Tornabuoni Beacci, Plaza Hotel Lucchesi, or Hermitage Hotel????
Can't decide between the 3 in Florence...any opinions?

JohnG Jan 9th, 2002 05:58 PM

The Plaza Lucchesi is a beautiful hotel right on the banks of the Arno. It is right around the corner from Santa Croce. The only bad thing about Lucchesi are some of the tiny rooms without a view you may get. If you decide to stay here, make sure up front, that you get a room with a double bed and a view. I stayed here and was upset that I had a tiny bed and no view and my room was almost $300 a night. I had stayed previously at the Savoy, which is about $600 a night, but my company paid for it. <BR><BR>I personally think you should try to stay at a cheaper hotel that affords you a view. I would rather stay at some small hotel that had no elevator or all the amenities as long as I got my view. What is the point of staying in a luxury hotel with a view of wall?????<BR><BR>E.M Forster certainly knew what he was talking about regarding Florence.

Cynthia Jan 9th, 2002 06:06 PM

We can get the Lucchesi w/ double bed and a balcony (which I hope would mean a view) for $199 Euro/$177 USD. <BR><BR>I take it to mean it's o.k. as long as you get a view, right?<BR><BR>

John G Jan 9th, 2002 07:21 PM

Cynthia, that is a good price. You must be going off-season. I think the rooms with balconies are in the back with a view of Santa Croce. I know there are no balconies at the front of the hotel. I would prefer a view of the Arno, but a view of Santa Croce is no hardship at all. Call and make sure, though.

Susan Jan 10th, 2002 05:14 PM

We just returned from Italy and 3 nights of our trip were spent at the Hotel Tornabuoni Beacci. I've never been to the other two hotels you're considering, but we really loved the Hotel TB. In fact, I don't think we'll ever stay anywhere else when we visit in the future. The whole atmosphere of the place is so unbelievable charming, with very unique decor. There's a great reading/meeting room to relax in after your feet have had it for the day. <BR><BR>Our room was very clean, had the same type of decor as the common areas, bed was very comfortable. Bathroom had a tub and shower with curtain, which in my book, is a major plus for Italian hotel. Breakfast was wonderful with croissants, yogurt, cereals, fruit salad (yum), fruit. Only one drawback, which some might see as a plus. Church bells woke us up every day at 7am, and then again at 7:15. We used it as an alarm clock, no choice there. Might have just been the room we were in. Also, we heard a little noise from the halls, but not a big deal. No street noise that I recall.

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