Toledo or Segovia -Madrid day trip

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Toledo or Segovia -Madrid day trip

We're going to be in Madrid for only 3 nights. So I think we only have time for one day trip. Which of these two would you recommend and why? If we go to Toledo we'd probably take the train, Segovia rent a car. Comments?

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I can't comment on Segovia, but we did the Toledo day trip by trip a number of years back and really enjoyed it. Train was fairly easy to catch and Toledo was very impressive - an old town with a massive stone bridge and wall around it. Lots of little streets going up and down in all sorts of directions. Loved the place, the people and the atmosphere.

One thing we really enjoyed about Spain was going into the little cafes and ordering lots of tapas - you can look at their selection in the refridgerated case - and wash it all down with some locval wine (but beware - spend a little more and drink something reasonable - we were students at the time so we bought the cheapest thing going, which was sometimes battery acid that just smelled like wine! Still - had a great time).
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i've been to segovia, and liked it ... my parents went to both toledo and segovia and preferred segovia - i think it's more a question of what you prefer ... toledo has that great cathedral, but if you're more into fairy tale castles, segovia has that. if you get a car or get up reallly early and train it, you can try to do both - segovia in the morning, toledo for the evening.
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I love both cities. The whole city of Toledo is a museum. It has so much art. Depends on what you prefer to see I guess. It has the home and museum of El Greco's and El Greco's masterpiece, The Burial of Count Orgaz is in the church of Saint Tome in Toledo. It has more Moorish influence there than Segovia with an old mosque you can visit. Both cities are wonderful though. I love seeing the aquaduct in Segovia and the castle from far off.
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Have been to both and really liked both. If I had to choose one, it would probably be Toledo, because of the El Greco paintings and the souvenirs - got swords and the inlaid gold/silver on steel.

Took the third class train that even Europe on $5 a day said to avoid, but it is such a short trip that it was no problem
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I just returned from Madrid, having spent three nights there. We did the Toledo trip. Take the RENFE express (about 1.25 hour ride) and then a local bus up the hill into the walled city. Don't miss the Catehedral or the Alcazar. Lots of shopping and many places to have some tapas.
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of the great day trips from Madrid - Toledo, Segovia, Avila, El Escorial monastery, Salamanca and Aranjuez palace, Toledo takes the cake no doubt about it. If i had three nights in Madrid i'd spend two days on day trips and one in Madrid, a huge hectic crime-ridden city with few sights - so I sugest you go to both Toledo and Segovia. Warning- A friend was just mugged in Madrid in broad daylight, was violently wrestled to the ground and back pack wrestled off her. i've talked to many many others with same experience. Madrid and Barcelona are probably the worst cities in Europe so be warned - don't carry a day pack or anything to attract thieves attention - the problem is out of hand and local authorities seem either incapable or unwilling to stop it. in toledo or segovia i've heard to no problems though there may be some.
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I have been both places and they are wonderful but I would choose Toledo if I only had time to do one.

About Madrid and Barcelona you do need to use caution but it did not stop us from touring the cities on foot.
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David Abdullah
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I have been to both and if your time is limited take the tour bus from Madrid near the Palace to both Toledo and El Escorial. Where do you think the term Holy Toledo comes from? The cathedral is unbelievable filled with old masters. Also, you don't want to miss the room in El Escorial where all the kings and queens are at rest.

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