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Erni Hirsch
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Scheduled to travel to Prague next week, spend a few days on our own and them join a Cosmo's tour to Budapest, Vienna and Munich.
Our concerns are as follows:
1. Travelling abroad
2. Joining a mostly American tour
3. Getting back if circumstances escalate

Though I think we should go and continue to
live as normally as possibe, my husband is having second thoughts.
I would like to hear the views of anyone in the same circumstance.
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Things certianly WILL escalate. NBC has said in stories for days that if the US attacks Afghanistan there is 100% certainty there will be more big terrorists attacks in the Western nations. I wouldn't count on coming back from your trip on the scheduled flight you now have as flights may be cancelled or major delays in the weeks ahead.
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I don't think there's much certainty, but things never have been certain, even before 9-11.

I'm still going to France. Erni,I may get cancer next year. Or be hit by a car. Ergo, I'm going. I'm not totally fearless, no, but then I never have been.

Good luck with your decision.
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Dallas, Texas
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No one can help you with that decision -- no one would want that responsibility. You must make your own decision, and live with the consequences. Good luck.
Old Oct 8th, 2001, 05:29 PM
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Erni: my son & daughter-in-law are going to Italy this Thursday. I just got back from Europe last week.
This is exactly what Bin Laden wants Americans to be: afraid of doing anything! GO and have a great time!
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I wish I could go on your tour, we are going to Myanmar in 10 days, and cannot cancel it. We are not happy about it at all.
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I do not understand the argument that you have some sort of patriotic duty to travel or Bin Laden wins. You have no patriotic duty to travel. You will travel if you feel safe and reasonably assured that you will not get stuck overseas. If I could get my money back--or credit--personally I think I would reschedule, but that is just me. Those who cannot get their money refunded are faced with even more difficult decisions.

Even our own government is telling us to expect more terrorist attacks. Anyone with travel plans intending to leave in the near future just has to evaluate what they personally feel comfortable with and then decide.

The pressure on the worldwide tourism industry is terrific. The less discretionary travel there is right now, by the way, the more pressure there is likely to be on Governments to go after Bin Laden in concert with the US. It is not just the US economy that is suffering. Any country with substantial tourism is seeing the effect. It will not be back to where it was pre September 11th for a long time--probably measured in years.
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Erni, I do know a couple of the regulars on this board are planning a trips to London, Paris, etc, at the last half of this month. Although they haven't spoken lately, It would be nice to hear if they are still going. Elvira,Book Chick, Sandy C, Lori, any comments?
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Book Chick
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I cancelled our trip to Paris, but it didn't have anything to do on my part with fear of safety, etc.

I had our hotel reservations made, but had not yet booked the plane. Twenty-two days prior to departure, I had our tickets on a 24-hour hold & when I called to make the purchase later on the same day, the airline informed me that it had cancelled all its non-stops (from my town) to Paris indefinitely from its schedule. We were then "invited" by the airline to purchase tickets which would EVENTUALLY get us to Paris, changing planes once here in the States prior to heading to Europe & once in Europe, prior to arriving in Paris. And for this privilege, we were "invited" to pay an additional $300 per person. I don't think I'd mind being held hostage by a foreign terrorist as much as I mind being held hostage by a domestic airline, which I will NEVER use again!

Elvira has already departed for London, I think. She & Sandy C & I were to have met for drinks on the 20th of the month. Sandy C is also going to London & Paris with 4 friends--not certain if she's departed yet, but the last I heard they were still going.

If there's "only" a warning for travelers from our State Department, I'm going to try to go to Rome (solo, or should I say "da sola") in January, when the icy temps in my neck of the woods should really be getting on my nerves.

Erni, good luck with your decision, but really, you're the only one who can make it.
Old Oct 9th, 2001, 02:17 AM
Erni Hirsch
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
For me, living in the Boca Raton area,
things seem to have changed somewhat.
It may be safer to travel.
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Personally, I would go. I just returned from Spain yesterday. And enjoyed the trip, never fearing for our safety, but of course always being aware of surroundings, etc which is something you should always do.

While to some degree it's hard to be so far from home when all these things are happening, I also don't think it's healthy to put your life on hold and live in fear. (for me the hardest thing is to have a good time when it doesn't seem like the time to be having a good time, if you can understand that comment)

With that said, it's certainly a personal decision for you. And I also have to sometimes to gauge how apprenhensive my husband may be about something. You certainly don't want to force him into anything either if he's going to have CNN tuned in the whole time. (which again is understandable with all that is going on--but it's hardly a vacation if you can't pull yourself away from it)

Just thought I'd add my $.02
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dan woodlief
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I am going to Italy. My wife and I have a two-year old at home, so it wasn't an easy decision, but I fully expect to return in three weeks and say what a great time I had. You want to know the craziest thing about it? American offered a full refund (because my connecting flight changed to a later time), but we decided to go anyway.
Old Oct 10th, 2001, 08:19 AM
Erni Hirsch
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Due to an injury to my back and the stress that we seemed to be causing our adult children, we probably will not go.
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My husband and I are supposed to be travelling to Italy for two weeks 03 Nov - 17 Nov. We're rather unsure if we should go now or postpone it. I can understand the dilemma that is being faced by all.

On one hand, we should not have to lock ourselves up in a dark room but we should live our lives. Obviously, keeping in mind one's surroundings, etc.

On the other hand, this is a dangerous time, especially for Americans to be travelling abroad. The warnings put out by the State Department are warnings, but they are enough to cause more than just passing concerns.

Please continue to post your thoughts on this. It helps those of us in the middle of the decision process to hear viewpoints and sort through things.

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I don't think Eastern Europe will be a target. Playing "devil's advocate" I'd say London. Mr. Blair is to the point both verbally and in aid. And I'm heading to London. M.
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My opinion: we should continue to live our lives. I have stopped watching the Bin Laden and Afghanistan related news. I read the headlines of my daily newspaper to keep up to date with important events, but I am not going to let these terrorists ruin my life. Most of the world is a safe place to travel to, including almost all of Europe.
To the person who said: "Any country with substantial tourism is seeing the
effect. It will not be back to where it was pre September 11th for a long time--probably measured in years": I read a story in my newspaper that bookings to all destinations (except the Middle East and New York City) are already back at pre Sept 11 levels. I have taken 9 flights since Sept 11: all were 80 - 100% full.
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... and sjoerd, why don't you get your head out of the sand?
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Hey, that remark was uncalled for and nasty.
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As an american living in europe, I still feel safer here than I ever have living in the states. As for the tour bus thing...they are hard to miss anywhere (just don't wear polyester!). The circumstances have already escalated but if you do go please do not become the ugly american who demands that everyone speak english, want a hotdog, or basically disrespect the culture.
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My husband is scheduled to go to Paris & Germany in 10 days and I am going along with him. Altho many of our friends think we are "CRAZY" to go (or atleast I am, since he has business and must go,) I think it is probably safer to travel now to Europe than before 9/11. With the increased security at airports and heighten awareness, people are more alert and less complacent. We never know what the future hold for each of us..and after having lost 2 dear friends to cancer this year(both just 60) and our closest friend just diagnosed with a fatal malignant brain tumor in May...we have decided to enjoy each day together for we don't know what lies ahead. Our adult children are of course concerned but have seen the sorrow we have experienced this year, and accept that it is our decision to enjoy our time together...

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