To camcord or not to camcord...!

Oct 28th, 1997, 08:59 PM
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To camcord or not to camcord...!

Debating whether to take my palm-corder to Italy or not. In past trips, I think I may have overdone it by taking too many "movies" and not enjoying the moment. Although I plan to take a somewhat decent 35 mm camera (which would be more convenient), I'm
still undecided about the camcorder. Has anyone else faced this dilemna?
Oct 28th, 1997, 09:48 PM
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The thing to ask yourself, is when you get home do you like watching the tapes? If not, then leave it home instead of lugging it everywhere. We took ours and never even used it. What a waste of space and lugging around! I was too busy having fun!
Oct 29th, 1997, 03:47 AM
Mike Miller
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And I, on the other hand took 5 hours of video in the UK and thoroughly enjoy watching my trip over and over again. So you see, it is a matter of personal choice. One point though, alot of sites in England will not let you take flash pictures of building interiors but you may video and some will not permit either so you have to buy the book to see the pictures.
Oct 29th, 1997, 02:12 PM
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I recently spent 3 weeks in U.K. adn faced your dilema. I decided to take the 35 mm and forgo the camcorder. I agree with others in that many places will not allow flash pictures, but found that they also didn't allow video. Take the lightest, smallest camera that will still give you decent pictures and forget the camcorder.
Oct 29th, 1997, 03:23 PM
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Agree with taking a good, but compact, 35mm camera. It's so much easier to carry around in your pocket. We were glad not to have all the equipment along we've taken on previous trips.
Oct 29th, 1997, 03:45 PM
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I have taken both! the last 4 trips to Austria and wouldn't replace either my photos or videos for anything. I'll even try to capture some of the locals on tape, especially if it's a guided tour. If you do bring a camcorder, get a palm-sized camera and as small a bag as possible.
Oct 30th, 1997, 03:39 AM
Mike Miller
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We took our 35 mm camera, camcorder and extra lens in a camera backpack which you can purchase from most camera shops.

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