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Stella Aug 2nd, 2002 09:36 AM

Think I have our three week Italy trip organized but would love to hear if you think the itinerary sounds good!
Hi Everyone - I am trying to plan out three weeks of our trip to Italy next year and after many painful hours in books, on line and on this forum, I think I may have finally got it. Please have a quick glance and tell me what you think - feel free to rearrange or comment on any area. Really value your input! Thanx Stella<BR><BR>Here it is: 4 days Lake District<BR> 2 days Verona<BR> 3 days Venice<BR> 4 days Tuscany<BR> 2 days Cinque Terre<BR> 2days Finale Ligure<BR> 4 days Ville Franche (Flying out of Nice)<BR><BR>Again Many thanks - I really appreciate this.

Mr. Go Aug 2nd, 2002 10:24 AM

Mostly, I'm just topping here. But I will say that 7 hotels in 3 weeks is about 2 or 3 too many for me.<BR><BR>Consolidate. For example, stay in Portovenere or Santa Marguerita and daytrip to Cinque Terra and Liguria. What you've got here looks like fun, but also a lot of packing & unpacking.

Grasshopper Aug 2nd, 2002 10:26 AM

Sounds great to me. Three weeks is a good long time so 7 hotels isn't that bad. Travel light is my only piece of advice.

Cathy Aug 2nd, 2002 10:35 AM

We just did a very similar trip, but with even more stops in 3 1/2 weeks! We first went to Paris, then,took the train to Nice, stayed in Cap d' Ail, then went to Genoa, Florence, Castillina in Chianti, Venice, Stresa, and Milan. We loved every minute of it, and saw so much. We were on the go, definitely, but we never felt rushed. My husband called it "A Sampler Trip", so that we could see what we would like to go back to in the future. We met so many wonderful people all along the way, and had a ball. You will, too! Ciao!

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Aug 2nd, 2002 10:45 AM

Hello Stella, Overall, very good. I would add one day to Tuscany. I would steal that day by combining your 2 Liguria destinations into one 3 day stop. I am not sure why you want Finale Ligure. As Mr.Go said, you can do it all from one location. Whatever, you will have a fabulous time at any of these places. Buon viaggio !

Bob Aug 2nd, 2002 10:58 AM

I second Bob the Navigator's suggestion. We stayed in Santa Margherita and took the train to Cinque Terre and did a portion of the walk between towns. The villages in Cinque Terre are pretty small but maybe you are looking for some quiet time. Three nights was just right for us. We only had three nights in San G. and a fourth would have given us more time to explore that area which we really enjoyed.

Barbara L. Aug 2nd, 2002 03:42 PM

You know the rule that you should pack the first time and then take half of it out and leave it at home? Well, I think the same applies to the number of UNPACKINGS! Four places would seem to me to be the maximum number of comfortable unpackings for three weeks. Venice is not comprehensible in two days--maybe not even in two weeks, but five days at least would be good. One for San Marco, the Doge's Palace, and a gondolier ride. One for the Arsenale and the Accademia and the Frati and getting lost. One for Murano. One for Burano and Torcello. One for just wandering about, eating lunch at Sempione and listening to the dueling orchestras in San Marco. THEN you would be ready to go the lake district for four days, and Toscana (ALL of Toscana? no, just Firenze and a hill town) for seven days, and then some place on the west coast for the rest of the time...

Stella Aug 2nd, 2002 04:32 PM

Thanks everyone for your replies and I so realize that we will be doing a lot of unpacking and packing, howver, my husband and I are the types that love to rise in the morning and get going - like kids at Xmas - can't wait to see more! Also, part of our holiday is the excitement of seeing the hotels we picked off the net - we are hotel addicts! Anyway, I am prepared. In response to Bob, and thanks Bob for your input, I know you give lots of great advice on this forum, re staying in Finale Ligure. My plan is this, after leaving San Gim. we are going to head to Lucca and Pisa and do the sights and hopefully have an amazing lunch. I am reserching Bon Appetit magazine right now for great restaurants. After that, we will pull into Monterosso and I am planning on booking accommodations at the Porto Roca. The next day, do the CT and then head out the next day towards Porotofino and again hope to eat a great lunch, shop and sightsee. Maybe stop in Genoa. I thought this would be a full day so I found the most amazing place in Finale Ligure - Hotel Punta Est. I fell in love with their sight and felt that would be a nice place to stop after a day of travelling, eating and drinking vino rosso. Maybe we should just have the one night there - do you think? I am not sure if there is a lot to see in the area b/c I have not got that far as yet in my research. Let me know what you think and if you think one night is fine and there is nothing to see in the area, I will tag this extra day where you think is best. Again many thanks - I do so appreciate your help. I am off for the summer (I have a great job) and devote two months daily of planning and researching! Ciao Stella

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Aug 2nd, 2002 06:22 PM

Stella, Follow your heart. The places you have picked are all super venues.<BR>My best advice is to find a nice alfesco dining place with a band and have then play--sorry about this---<BR>Stella by Starlight.

Stella Aug 2nd, 2002 06:36 PM

Thanks Bob - YOu can rest assured dining afresco is in my plans. Again thanks for replying. Stella

Peggy Aug 3rd, 2002 10:03 AM

I love Italy! I don't know when you<BR>will be in Verona, but the opera season<BR>is going on there in the outdoor Arena.<BR>It is a must see, even if you don't like<BR>Opera it is an experience you will never<BR>forget. I lived in Verona as a teenager<BR>and that is what we use to do for fun.<BR>

dean Aug 3rd, 2002 08:48 PM

Hi<BR><BR>I am the king of the lingerers (or delvers as it was put on one post). I would recommend staying in 3 places for a week each. Rent an apartment and live as close to like a local as is possible in such a short visit. <BR><BR>If you want to do 4 spots in 3 week, split one of the weeks. Given you itinerary, I would recomend a week in Venezia, a week in Toscana, 3-4 days in Cinqueterre on your way to Nice and the flight home. you will hear a lot from folk on this board that a week in Venzia is too much but I couldn't disagree more. We ahve spent a week in Venezia on two different occasions and our list of things we ahve not dine is so long (not to mention our desire to visit some places again!).<BR><BR>

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