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Skurzzy Oct 24th, 2015 10:16 PM

Things to do in Rome?
Staying in Rome for 9 Nights. What are some must see things and what are some things to stay away from?

welltraveledbrit Oct 24th, 2015 11:34 PM

Hard to say without knowing what you're interested in and there are quite a few other posts on Rome right now. Is this your first visit, where are you visiting from?
We've visited Rome quite a bit and were there for three plus weeks on our last trip. I blogged about it and some of the sites beyond the Vatican/Forum/Colosseum/Pantheon. You can find some ideas here including Villa Gulia, Ostia Antica, EUR, walks etc.

I went to Rome a number of times before we went to the Vatican Museums so that isn't something I'd feel was necessary to do, though for others the Sistine Chapel would be a must do. Personally the smaller or less busy places were more memorable. Some of the smaller churches,and walking through Trastevere and Monti were highlights for us. I loved the Protestant cemetery and a walk through Testaccio too.

traveller1959 Oct 25th, 2015 01:36 AM

8 days are a lot - you can see just everything. I would really recommend a guidebook that lists all attractions. The main attractions are:

- the Forum Romanum
- the Pantheon
- the Colloseum
- the Vatican including St. Peter and the Museums
- the baroque churches, some of them with outstanding paintings and sculptures
- the Capital Hill

Besides, you have time enough to see some other attractions which are highly recommendable:

- the catacombs (a taxi ride from the city center)
- the marble pyramid and a piece of the city wall
- Ostia Antica, the old harbour (a train ride from the city)

And, as said, endless walks through different neighbourhoods. Practically everywhere you stumble upon historical buildings, Roman remnants or baroque masterpieces.

There is also a special way to experience Roman archeology: You can eat within the walls that are left from an ancient theatre. Costanza Hostaria is a typical Roman restaurant whose rooms are made of ancient Roman brickwork.

"Some things to stay away from?" - I perfectly understand your question, because in many cities you find tourist traps, but in Rome, I cannot think of anyone.

tonfromleiden Oct 25th, 2015 03:53 AM

Do I understand your question? You've chosen Rome as a destination without any clue where you are going to? And you have asked the same question in a post of Oct. 6, and you still haven't done some research by reading a guide book or even googling on »rome tourism«?

nytraveler Oct 25th, 2015 05:39 AM

If you get a copy of the Michelin green guide for Rome it will provide a comprehensive list of all major sights with background info (without which quite a few of the sights will have little meaning) as well as how long you need to really see them.

Anyone can give you a list of the major sights - but without your work in learning about them you really will be wasting a lot of your time?

Are yuo most intereted in:

Ancient Rome?
Vatican City?
Renaissance Rome?
Baroque fountains and churches?
Modern Rome - focused on shopping and dining (bring a LOT of cash for shopping)
Exploring a whole range of neighborhoods?

bvlenci Oct 25th, 2015 10:17 AM

There are five catacombs in Rome with regular visiting hours, and all can be reached with public transportation. Two are north of the center of town, and three are to the south.

denisea Oct 25th, 2015 10:35 AM

Borghese Gallery, Doria Pamphili (right in the middle of Rome but uncrowded) and my favorite just outside Rome in Tivoli, Villa d'Este....fountain heaven! A day trip to Orvieto would be nice. The Scavi tour underneath the Vatican is also directly with The Vatican by email.

Nothing I can think of to stay away from per se. Don't take any of the gladiators around the Colisseum up on offers to pose for photos. Avoid restaurants right at tourist sites (especially if they have pictures of the food or multiple country's flags on the menu....usually bad, overpriced food).

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