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dave Jul 28th, 1998 10:29 AM

things to do in frankfurt
what's there to do in frankfurt? <BR>where to stay also?

renee Jul 29th, 1998 07:25 PM

<BR>If you go to frankfurt, make sure you go downtown (accesable by U-bahn, a.k.a "metro".). My memory fails me at the moment but it's the second to last stop and it begins with a "K." There are a lot of shops (expensive) where you could buy anything from austrian crystal to $1000 wool coats. If you go 20 minutes further on foot, you'll reach the roman ruins, the renown town square, the gothic looking church, and the Main River. Hope this helps.

Lee Jul 30th, 1998 07:04 AM

Dave: many consider Frankfurt to be a city with not very much to offer, but having lived there, I disagree. Near to the "Hauptbahnhof" or main train station is the "hauptwache" or main shopping district with many stores and street vendors. Just a few blocks south is the Romer that Renee mentioned. This is a pretty neat place with old style buildings, churches, cafes, etc. There is also the St. Bartholomew cathedral where you can pay DM 3.00 and walk up into the steeple for a fantastic view of the city and the Main River. Don't miss the inside of the church, either! Right across the river is the famous Sachsenhausen section with it's countless pubs and restaurants connected by pedestrian-only cobblestone streets. Check out the beautiful Alte Opera and if interested, the Frankfurt Zoo which are all on the eastside of the city. It's a great place. Have fun!

Ronanne Jul 31st, 1998 12:52 PM

My husband & I have a 5 hour layover in Frankfurt on <BR>our way back from Istanbul (from 8:30 am - 1:20). Is there enough time to take the train downtown and <BR>walk around? If so, what stop should we get off to see the main part of town? Also, do we have to go through customs?

Allison Williams Aug 18th, 1998 05:58 AM

Visit the Goethehaus and museum. It's within walking distance of the shopping area and Romerberg Square. Original home rebuilt with period furniture. Nice little gift shop. Unlike other museums, it is open Mondays. <BR>

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