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kenderina Jun 26th, 2006 07:32 AM

Now I have my dates !! We will be in Lisbon September 21-24 :)
I love octopus and pig ears so no problem and everything different you want me to taste will be welcomed !!

dwsnyder Jun 26th, 2006 07:54 AM


Glad to hear it ! I'm also glad that (it sounds like) you're an adventurous eater !

Susan and I are really looking forward to meeting everyone.

As we tell friends about our planned trip, it's almost as exciting to tell them about the 'friends' we already have in Portugal !

Hmmmm... now who to root for ... England or Portugal !


lobo_mau Jun 26th, 2006 08:23 AM

It's official now: LDC diner on 21st September.
Let's go to have "petiscos". What a wild LDC it will be! :-) On top on octopus and pig ears, I plan to have moelas and caracois :-) and a lot of beer. The car will stay home, unless wolfy is picking us.
I thought moelas was also a Spanish word (at least it sounds like), but I googled it and didn't find the word in any Spanish site. It means chicken stomachs. Caracois are snails, of course.
BYoung, my wife is addicted when Portugal or Benfica are playing, by this order of preference. My order of preference is reciprocal.

dwsnyder Jun 26th, 2006 09:50 AM


... Chicken stomachs - now that may be more challenging than The Heart and [Colhões] of the Bull' 3:-o !

Hope they put something tasty in them !

To be honest I tend not to prefer 'organ food' - the aforementioned Bull dish however was wonderful.

I've tried tripe several times & ways and for some reason I've just never enjoyed it. Other than duck or goose I'm not generally fond of liver either - but I'm always eager find new things to enjoy !

Having said that, I'm up for almost anything any 'normal' Portugese person (or almost normal :-d ) would consider !

Certainly don't allow anything I've said to negatively influence the choice of eating estblishments !

Bom Appetite !

lobo_mau Jun 26th, 2006 10:08 AM

I was awarded a new task!!! Finding a person who qualify as a normal Portuguese :-)

kenderina Jun 26th, 2006 10:24 AM

Ohhh, I forgot to say my friend Emilio hates "organ food" , hahahaha. He will kill me if he don't find any other thing to eat, though he's delighted to think we will meet friends in Lisbon :)
Moelas are "mollejas" in Spanish. But I will love the "petiscos" idea, it's probably my favourite way of eating, I don't eat too much and I always feel guilty when I can't finish big dishes :)
A normal Portuguese ? ummm, difficult to Spain, it's just impossible to find a normal Spaniard, we don't know what's that :))

kenderina Jun 26th, 2006 10:27 AM

And David..just leave them keep the illusion...Spain is going to win :))

Matt_from_England Jun 26th, 2006 10:31 AM

Lobo I must say that Petiscos does nothing to persuade Lizzy and I from leaving the house: bearing in mind as you well know she only eats fish not meat - I'll leave you to slurp up all those disgusting things that night and I'll stay home eating something that I know we'll both like...


kenderina Jun 26th, 2006 10:36 AM

Matt !!! There are no fish "petiscos" ?? we have a lot here in Spain... I mean, I don't mind the food but I want to see Lizzy and you there !!

Matt_from_England Jun 26th, 2006 10:46 AM

My arm is quite weak, it won't have to be twisted too far... but Lizzy? I'll really have to do some smooth talking - or perhaps Gertrude can persuade her. Now, suffering from the flu - so haven't had time to edit down the photos or do the report from Friday, it will be up in a day or two.

Now back to bed...


lobo_mau Jun 26th, 2006 10:51 AM

Matt, without you and Lizzy it's no fun.
I hope you to recover soon. We have an appointment scheduled for 2nd July...

dwsnyder Jun 26th, 2006 10:59 AM

Matt, Lobo, Kenderina:

I'm very willing to give up chicken stomachs to be sure we get to visit with everyone (incl Lizzy, Gertrude, Emilio etc., etc.) Matter of fact, I'm willing to give up any and/or all organ food !

On a different note - can anyone tell me anything about Sao Pedro de Moel ? I know what I've learned from google searches but I'm more interested in personal experience/knowledge.

I think I me be in the process of deciding that Obidos/Peniche may be just a bit more tourist oriented than I'm looking for - not sure on that yet, but Sao Pedro de Moel at least sounds promising.


bailey6325 Jun 26th, 2006 12:36 PM

Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well, Matt. Hope you get better soon.

lmernal Jun 26th, 2006 10:21 PM

Thanks to you all. I have been re-reading Part I, and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. There seem to be so many wonderful places to see, but I don't want to run around like a chicken without a head for the 10 days we will be in Portugal ( October 8-18). I did read Bailey's and Barb's trip reports (thanks!)
A few more questions: Sher mentioned the VIP Eden hotel in Lisbon, which had looked interesting to me. Does anyone know if the location is OK? It is in the Baixa, nr the Placa do Rossio.
Also, is it worth spending 2 days in and around Evora, then 2 days in and around Marvao? I'd rather get to know an area a bit than hit one town after another. We will be driving, so could explore. Matt suggested way back somewhere , the pousada in Marvao; is that right? Any nice, not too outrageous places in Evora? They don't have to be dirt cheap.
Sorry for the length of this post. I add my get well wish to Matt.

lobo_mau Jun 27th, 2006 02:25 AM

1. Location is very ok. As alternatives in the mid range check Chiado Regency Hotel and Borges Hotel. Borges is an old style hotel. The top end is Avenida Palace (expensive and difficult to book).
2. I'd prefer 3 days in Evora and surroundings and 1 day in Marvao.
3. Do you have my "to do" list near Evora? If you can't locate it, tell me and I'll email it to you.
4. Don't worry to do several towns is a day. Please understand that we are talking about very small places with a point of interest clearly identified (castle in Monsaraz, Braganza palace in Vila Viçosa, tapistry in Arraiolos, pottery in S. Pedro do Corval and so on). These places are not very far away from each other. If you do your home work and identify in advance what to see, it's possible to visit 2 or 3 of these places in one day.
5. Do you think that 11 October is a good day for a get together? I've been trying to coordinate your available dates with Cher, but I don't think it's possible.
6. We may have a diner, a coffee or then go to Matt's Catacombs to have a beer. It depends on your preferences and Matt's availability. We have almost 4 months to think about it. Meanwhile keep reading the thread, and try to figure out what kind of activity would you prefer the most. As said previously, we are always ready for good talk, food and drink.

lobo_mau Jun 27th, 2006 02:32 AM

- 2 July - LDC with Sarasara, DH and children - Adega das Gravatas
- 7 July - drink with Mitzyli - we wait her contact
- 18 July - LDC with Nikki +3 and Isabel + DH - Páteo da Memória
- 25 August - LDC with Bob (BYoung4u2) + Ruth
- 21 September - LDC with David (dwdnyder) + Susan + Kenderina + Emilio - Páteo da Memória (?)
- 11 October - LDC with Leslie (Imernal) + (?)

lmernal Jun 27th, 2006 05:34 AM

Lobo - I found the to-do list for Evora, and it looks wonderful. October 11 sounds fine so far; any plan would be fine. When is Sher in Lisbon?

lobo_mau Jun 27th, 2006 07:40 AM

Leslie, I quote this information from a Sher's previous post:
"We will be in Portugal Oct-15- Oct 28 but only in Lisbon from Oct.24-28"
I believe that your stay in Alentejo region almost overlap and it's a shame if they dont, because instead of a LDC (Lisbon Dinig Club) we could have a EDC (Estremoz Dining Club) or a ADC (Alandroal Dining Club).

A note on small hotels. Are you sure you want to stay in Evora? For your consideration, I add some links to small rural properties, outside Evora.

I can't give personal references on these places, but I know that other Fodorites can.

Sher Jun 27th, 2006 04:25 PM

Hi Leslie.
We really like apartments, and when looking for accomodations in the Alentejo, we concentrated on those types.
I have to tell you the S. Gregorio looked really interesting.
The nice thing about staying directly in a town like Evora is that you can walk directly to a restaurant.
The con is that to tour the surrounding area, you must drive in and out of a town. So it is a trade off.

The Vip Eden got fairly good reviews. I like being near the center of Lisbon because of the activity and proximity of all of the restaurants.

I am thinking that we could entertain everyone at the apartment for an evening, or maybe after dinner one night. It certainly seems large enough.

Also, we would be up for an Alentejo Dining Club too.

lmernal Jun 27th, 2006 08:55 PM

My preliminary guess is that we will be in the Alentejo from ~ Oct 14-17, then back in Lisbon on the 17th, to fly to Paris on the 18th. If you are in the Alentejo during some of those days, Sher, then an Alentejo Dining Club sounds interesting, though I suppose we could be in widely separated towns. I think we will spend maybe one night in Evora, with maybe a splurge on the Pousada, then 2 nights somewhere else. Casa de Terena got a great write-up in another thread here.
I also prefer apartments, but I think you've already taken the best one in Lisbon! So I'm still looking. Let me know if you found any good ones that you didn't take. The VIP Eden got roasted on TripAdvisor; they made it sound rather rank and repulsive. Anyone know the Solar do Castelo in the Alfama?
Am looking forward to the pigs' ears. Not big on chicken stomachs though. Like wine, and will be happy to buy a round!

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