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Regarding the Fado Club, I can give you my impressions. I started to go the traditional Fado Clubs (Adega Machado, Senhor Vinho, etc) and I hated all of them. These are the places recommended in the Lisbon Guides are very expensive traps.

Afterwards, I went to Parreirinha de Alfama, in Alfama of course and I thought it was ok.

After that I went to “Caldo Verde” in Bairro Alto, and we loved it, and become addicted. From the 1st time we found it by pure chance, we returned there twice ourselves and 3 more times with Fodorites. It’s the kind of unpretentious place, where we go for relax. There are usually amateurs (patrons) asking to sing, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. A full meal there costs around 20 euros (it opens at 8pm). Or you may go there just for some drinks (after 11pm) and they expect from you consumption around 10 euros/person.

The last time we went there, we had "febras grelhadas" (pork), a jar of sangria, "chouriço assado", "arroz doce" (rice pudding), "baba de camelo" (camel spit), serradura (saw dust). The bill for 4 was kept bellow 80 euros.

There are descriptions of Caldo Verde in Fodors (newcomer’s report, I think).

The coordinates of Caldo Verde are:
address: Travessa Poço da Cidade, 40
tel: 213422091, 966125358, 962631498
district: Bairro Alto
metro station: Baixa-Chiado

PS: If you want to reply or ask more queries, please do that in "Things do do..." part III
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Lisbon is a great city we live about an hour away and regularly go for a look around.
if you have time you should visit sintra as its a lovely place, or one hour north of Lisbon is the Tomar area where we live, great things to see.
some pics of the towns and villages on my link below, give you an idea of what the area is like
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Your Lisbon post was wxactly what I needed.
Depart US begining of April. At the moment, planning 7 days in Lisbon. We kind of hate moving from place to place it's Easter week. SO from YOUR point of view is 7 days too long to cover the area.
Thanks for the informative post.
Bruce aka elmoldo
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Hi Matt, Lobo and all you Lisbon experts,

We're planning a trip to Lisbon over Thanksgiving (third week of Nov) and I was wondering whether you guys think that's a good time or not. We're two couples and two toddlers (1.5 and 2.5 yrs old). We've all travelled extensively, but have no idea about Portugal. We are big time foodies so eating out is a big part of our trip, but apart from that, we're interested in hanging out where the locals do, seeing some Moorish ruins, and maybe taking a day trip (to sintra?). Any suggestions for that time of year and/or with the kids welcome.

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considering 3-5 nites in lisbon mid october...enjoyed your posts and would like update from anyone re. things to do, and places to see etc. is 4 nites enough or too much? would like to hear from matt if hi is around or others. we have traveled the world and coming from barcelona. have a place we will stay so main interest are non touristy for food and meeting locals. appreciate any comments....stewart.
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Lobo_mau and all;

My visit to Lisbon quickly approaches; (we arrive Friday Sept 7th) and I am mapping out the few days my husband and I will have to travel together...we plan to visit the Fonseca vineyards but are somewhat stumped on the best mode of transit; the recommend hiring a boat as an option vs driving on their website; has anyone opted for this mode?

We are looking forward to the visit; thank you for helping us shape our stay (such descriptive posts)...we will be dining at Adega das they require advance reservations for only two?

Thank you for your time..
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Wow - this thread is fantastic. I'm hoping to visit Lisbon sometime in the next few years, and this info will be invaluable.
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Hi Life

Click on the original posters name and you will see the two other rather extensive posts devoted to this same subject.
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That information regarding trains to Belém is not so right.

Most trains do stop in Belém and Belém is not a minor stop.

Belém is Lisbon. So it follows the schedule of the city.

Everyday the schedule of the Cascais line (From Cais do Sodré to Cascais) is divided as such (From Monday to Friday, except holidays):

* Dawning period, from 5:30-6:50: There's a train departing every half hour and stops in every single exit of the full line. The last one departs after only 20 minutes.

* Morning rush hours period, from 7am to 10am: There are two types of trips running almost simultaneously:

1)From Cais do Sodré to Cascais, full line: Starts at 7:00 and runs always after 12 minutes (7:12, 7:24 and so on until 10:00) this one stops only ONCE MORE in Lisbon train stations after departing (in Alcântara train station) and then stops only in Algés and Oeiras train stations. After Oeiras, it stops in every single exit until Cascais.

2)From Cais do Sodré to Oeiras, half line: Starts two minutes after 1), at 7:02, and runs always after 12 minutes (7:14, 7:26 and so on until 9:50) this one stops in all south west Lisbon train stations, INCLUDING BELÉM, obviously. Until Oeiras, this trip also stops in all exits.

* Day period, from 10:00 to 17:00. Both trips 1) and 2) continues to circulate, but this time each train departs every 20 minutes.

* Afternoon rush hours period, from 17:00 to 20:48. Both trips 1) and 2) continues to circulate, but returns to the 12 minutes departing schedule.

* Night period, after 21:00: Like in the Dawning period, there's only one train circulating the entire line and stopping in all exits every 20 minutes. After 22:00, there's one every half hour, last one departs at 1:30.

In conclusion: Trains stops 70 times in the Belém train station every working day of the week.

Note: Weekends and holidays, there's only one train stopping in all exits of the line, from 5:30am to 1:30am, every half hour (5:30-8:00) and then every 20 minutes (8:00-19:00) when the schedule returns to every half hour again.
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Trains stop 70 times in Belém train station departing from Cais do Sodré, of course.

If we add those trains stopping in Belém departing from Cascais or Oeiras, the figures will duplicate.
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lots of good info here..thanks!
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Seeing this thread topped made me smile.
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By the way, i forgot:

You only need to pay one zone of adult tickets (1,25€).

The trip all day long usually takes about 7 minutes.
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