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Sheila Apr 22nd, 2001 06:39 AM

The Weakest Link?
Any of our American contributors any comment on Ann Robinson? <BR> <BR>You might like to have alook at this article in today's Observer <BR> <BR>,00.html

Duane Apr 22nd, 2001 07:34 AM

She hit the nail on the head describing millions of Americans. Unfortunately for the accuracy of her position, this country is so large that you cannot be that completely stereotypical and be completely correct. Sounds like she needs to take her own advice a little bit. Blaming American school shootings on the fact that we take ourselves too seriously is a reckless statement. Just my two cents.

sylvia Apr 22nd, 2001 08:15 AM

It's just the usual stereotypes isn't it? The British have rotten food and rotten teeth, Americans are all obese and have no sense of irony. Big yawn.

John Apr 22nd, 2001 08:46 AM

Look, NBC wants something for Monday nights that does better than a 5 share, and its corporate radar operators are already in the dog house for the XFL. Why not try a British Dr. Laura? I don't think irony is lacking, only originality.

XXX Apr 22nd, 2001 09:30 AM

Europeans are the classical case of inferiority complex masked with a superiority complex. They love to talk of their loathing of Americans, yet can't wait to land on our coasts to start behaving exactly the same way. You gotta luv'em.

Al Apr 22nd, 2001 12:15 PM

Sheila, we watched that program once, and that was once too often. It casts a kind of creepy cruelty masked as "entertainment." Ann Robinson reminds me of my 4th grade teacher, a witch who was suckled on lemons. I give the program three months.

Patrick Apr 22nd, 2001 12:42 PM

While I realize it's all for entertainment, I found her manner dull and too "put on" to be effective. It's one thing to play strict and official, but quite another to be just plain vicious and mean. When she asks a contestant what his ranking in his school class is and he tells her that he is the top student, why does she enjoy two minutes later saying that he "tells us he's a top student" as if she knows he's lieing? I found myself bored after the first 10 minutes. I'm not a fan of Regis, but at least he seems natural. Everything this woman says seems totally scripted and carefully chosen to have the most insult value, as if we are to be entertained by that.

Cindy Apr 22nd, 2001 12:42 PM

I'm with you, Al. I couldn't think of a reason why any of these strangers with passable knowledge of Hollywood trivia should elicit any response from me or anyone else. What a dull bore of a show.

Barbara Apr 22nd, 2001 12:46 PM

When I first saw this program while in Scotland I was appalled! My sons loved it. Here, I find Ann Robinson's comments quite funny, as most of the audience does. I think the "team" here is much more competitive. In Britain, they seemed to just vote off "the weakest link" each round, rather than getting rid of strong competition as they are doing here. I'm not sure if the show will last, for two reasons:1. Americans don't like women to be direct and assertive and 2. The winner really doesn't win very much money when you consider the humiliating comments he or she has to put up with.

[email protected] Apr 22nd, 2001 03:59 PM

<BR>Ann Robinson would be the perfect matron in a 1960s *women in prison* genre movie--except Ann wouldnt interrupt the catfight just when it was getting good.

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