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The Snow Is Melting Fast In The Alps - Trip Report

The Snow Is Melting Fast In The Alps - Trip Report

Apr 13th, 2002, 01:02 PM
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The Snow Is Melting Fast In The Alps - Trip Report

Oly here. Yust vanted to post a trip report and tell you dat if you want to get any skiing in this year, you better go soon because the snow is melting fast.

Sorry I'm so slow in postin dhis but just wanted to let you know dat everyting is allllright. Vhat! Lena didn't tell you? Vell, you know ve vent skiing last week and Lena FELL face first (BIG SPLAT) as she
vas gettin on da lift. I know, I know, I fall lots of times getting OFF da lift
but I haven't done dhat in a long long long time.

Vell, she should have kept her face in da snow because as she lifted up her head da chair lift banged her head! She stuck her leg up and dhen she got her ski caught in
the next chair coming around. Vell, dhere she vas swinging by one leg way up there vhen da lift stopped.

HANG ON LENA -- I'LL SAVE YOU. I shimmied out dhere to that chair but Lena
vas so heavy I couldn't pull her up. Dhat vas vhen I got da great idea to
eject her boot from da ski. UFF DA. She hit her head again as she landed
SPLAT in the snow.

Dhere vern't any ski patrol guys around so I borrowed one of dhose dog sled things from a guy dhere and drove her myself to the hospital. It vas quite a vild ride down the mountain.

Apr 13th, 2002, 01:02 PM
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Part II:

You ever hear of a snowboard terrain park? Me neither but dhey got one dhat has all kinds of bumps and a BIG tube. Boy oh boy you should have seen us fly through the air off dhose bumps. I nefer nefer NEFER seen dogs do dat before. Good thing Lena vas passed out. Then you should have heard the people clap vhen we went through that tube! Said we almost looked like dat olympic boy doing a what ya call it - a dinner plate?

Boy were dhey surprised to see a dog sled pull up at the ER. I think dhey
might give me a hero award since the policeman gif me a little slip of
yellow paper dat says "Summons to Appear". Dhey probably vant to surprise me. Dat sure vould be nice. I'm sure as soon as Lena is feeling better she vill drop you a note.

I'm sure Lena vill try to tell you dhat I pushed her down gettin on da lift to save face but don't you believe it. I fell lots of times gettin OFF da lift but I nefer nefer nefer fell gettin on da lift. It was a little tricky vith dat bar in the center of the seat - I nefer saw one like dat before - and I did try to sit in the center vut dhat got NOTHIN to do with it I tell you. Dat Lena is yust a clutz.
Apr 13th, 2002, 05:52 PM
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YAY!! Oly!! very good, you saved the day!
Very funny also~
When will we hear from Lina?
Great trip report~Scarlett
Apr 14th, 2002, 04:44 PM
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Oly, is this a belated April Fools Joke?
Apr 14th, 2002, 07:04 PM
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Nope, I think Oly is the fool.But remember the kings in the old days who always had a fool to amuse them? Oly can be our fool,he is at least amusing~
Apr 15th, 2002, 08:17 AM
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Vell, let me book you it vas no April Fool letter. Dat Oly really takes the pie. Can't look vhere he is standing down. Knocked me right off my feet. I almost bite da dog.

First, he wants to gif me first aid so he makes a snowball to put on my head. Vell, dat snowball is hard as a wrench and isn't the same shape as my head so he SMASHED it on da bump so it would fit. Boy oh boy, did dat hurt. I really gif him a piece of my hair. I never quit talking da WHOLE way to the hospital. He told me to quit giving him so much gum. He WISHED I vas knocked up.

Oly told the ER doctor dat he should also x-ray my jaw cause I landed
on my face. Dhen he drew a crack on the x-ray vhen da doctor vasn't lookin and dat doctor said by gosh by jolly her jaw is broken so ve better wire it shut. Dhen Oly told dhem my arms vere broken. Vell, the doctor said Oly was right about the jaw so WITHOUT AN X-RAY, he put my arms in casts. So, dat slowed down my postin.

My brain is A-ok dough. Nottin wrong vit it. Dat's for quick. Doctor said I might have some problems wit vord confusion but I haven't.

Let me tell you, Oly gonna be paying for dhis for a long long long



PS I usually use an alias of Lina vhen I post on this board but Papa (Oly) let da dog out of da box so now I'll yust use my real name.
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