the obsession is worse than I thought

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Beth Anderson
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the obsession is worse than I thought

I just bought tickets to take a quick jaunt over to London in a few weeks. 5 days, long weekend... look for a trip report AFTER I finish my darn Italy one.

anyone have anything specific I should look up while I am there? New shows, etc?

I'm beyond help, really I am.

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My heart bleeds.
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Beth Anderson
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for anyone who is interested:

BA and Virgin are evidently duking it out in the skies. I got wind of a 119 one way fare to LHR on BA but you have to travel on a Wednesday.

I called my trusty cheap airfare place (1-888-999-8757) and they got me on a Virgin flight for 361, all taxes and the fed ex fee included - leaving on a Friday. The actual fare was 268, or 134 each way - not half bad, eh?

oh, yeah, no connections. Dulles to London Heathrow. Yeah, baby, yeah!

what made this irresistible is that a friend of mine is going on a business trip & I'm tagging along. I may be sleeping in the bathtub of the Radisson Grafton, but I won't be paying for the hotel... yay!

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Beth, forgetaboutit, you are not obssessed, just enthusiastic - and the envy of those who are obligated to sling dinners in front of their broods and/or are down on their annual leave. Have a great time!
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Go Beth! Great fares!!!!!! Your priorities ARE in order IMHO, Judy ;-)
ps, I think it really pays to wait for good fares, if you can! I can not!
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God Beth I am sooooo jealous. Good for you!!!!!

I'm going in May and came across something I'm really looking forward to called The Dali Universe. It's an exhibition of over 500 works of Salvador Dali. Don't know if you like him or not but since I know this isn't your first time maybe something a little different you'd be interested in. Website

Have a great time!!!
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Beth -- You're right, these are great fares. Also, FYI for anyone else thinking about it, if you book online at you get an additional $25 off the sale fares!

Personally, I would try to see "Mamma Mia" -- everyone says it's great.
Old Feb 5th, 2001, 12:28 PM
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YOU'RE GOING AGAIN!!! This is unfair! I know you just went in September around the time I went to London too. And I didn't even know about Italy.

But see, now you post this and have got me thinking about London again....

Well, have a great trip, even though life is unfair, and post here when you get back!
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Beth Anderson
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shows? shows? I meant to say shoes.

ha ha not really.

sure Lisa, tell me NOW about the sale.

that is a really good fare for nonstop, direct. This time last year I paid 330 including all, but on Iceland Air and had to change planes in Iceland. So I will be slightly more refreshed at 7 AM than I was last year at 10-ish.

can't wait! pinch me! eeeeeek!
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Beth, since you are Lunnon bound and are 30 something, and single, I strongly suggest reading Isabel Wolff's books about young women and and the London dating scene,,,,they are "the "Trials of Tiffany Trott" and "Making Minty Malone"....absolutely hilarious! You will love them!!! IMO,,, very "Bridget Jone's Diary" like. Judy ps. I read them to psych myself for Lunnon (not that I would really need to)!
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Beth Anderson
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oh Lord. adding to the book list.

I am juggling:

1. World of Venice (almost done, GREAT read. you will not be able to get Venice out of your mind. to read before and after)

2. Under the Tuscan Sun. picked up for the plane ride back. not done yet, due to number 1. why did I get this for the plane ride HOME?

3. Iberia. started in December when I THOUGHT I was going to Spain. It turned into Italy, so I put it down to start number 1, which became number 2.

4. Out of this century : confessions of an art addict by Peggy Guggenheim. picked up in Venice, not started yet. she sounds like SUCH a character... I feel guilty about the first 3 - must finish first...

5. a travel stories compendium by Paul Theroux. "The Collected Stories" or something. it gets better...

6. "Why buildings stand up". why did I buy this? It looked really cool in the bookstore. Still does, just the first 5 will keep me going for a while. (all sorts of cool info about great architecture the world over) Gina was there, it was her fault! She led me to Kramerbooks, she should know better! we expect a Rome/Tunisia trip report from Gina ANY DAY NOW...

that’s only a partial list.

and the saddest thing of all… you know, when you get older, you are supposed to be able to look back at yourself as you were when you were ‘young & foolish’ and laugh and say, oh but I’m so much better now…

A friend dropped by to visit me y’day… surveys the mess of my office, filled with my photos in various states of “blow up”, framed art, not yet hung, travel books all over hell, and I just happened to show her a pic of me when I was 20, doing some sort of project in my room at my ‘rents house… she exclaims, “Beth you haven’t changed. You were surrounded by your pictures and books back then, you still are. I guess it must make you happy!”

A good sum up, if I ever heard it. The more things change the more they stay the same. (I'm not a slob, really I am not)

Thanks for the tips, Judy, I am dashing out to the bookstore tonight.

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Hi, Beth:
I've already put in a reservation - in my next life I want to come back as Beth Anderson. I have a feeling you "may get older" but will never grow up. What a way to be - I wish you well, and envy you also. Keep on keeping on (or as some would say You GO girl!).
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Beth - do it, you know it makes sense!!! Yeeee-HA!

Both This is London & the relaunched Time Out site totally rock for listings info:

Just be sure to let us know your exploits, yeah?
Have fun!
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Beth, if you're interested in Mama Mia, here's what we did. We went to the theatre at 4:45 Friday (quite by accident) and the crowds were just going in for the 5:00 late matinee. We asked for returns for the 8:00 show, and the guy told us to wait till everyone got in. So we did, and got the producer's returns--best seats in the house!
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Beth, you rock! As for show recommendations, don't miss "Beautiful Game." I think I have comments on it here in another thread, but anyway, it's ALW's latest, and finally it looks like he's getting his act together after some really painfully bad years (Whistle Down the Wind, anyone?). The lyrics are a bit simplistic in places--Ben Elton, the brilliant playwright who wrote Popcorn, wrote them and his lack of experience as a lyricist shows. But the show, about a group of young people in northern Ireland during the height of the late-60s/early 70s Troubles and their love for "The Beautiful Game" (football), has a strong and powerful heart. Don't know if the original cast is still there, but they were excellent, especially Josie Walker as Mary. The titular opening number, in particular, has terrific choreography and life, and I think it's where Elton's lyrics are strongest. The plot doesn't take the easy way out--it's funny and romantic and strangely lighthearted despite the gathering storm clouds during much of the first act, but then pieces start to fall into place in a very tragic way, and the show has you by the gut. I was very impressed. Oh, and if you do go and they have a cast CD out, could I send money with you to buy one? They hadn't released them yet when I was there, but were promising to do so soon.

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