Jul 1st, 2013, 05:52 PM
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 01:41 AM
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why are you shouting????
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 02:12 AM
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I haven't been to any others but I am in love with the Saturday markets over here in Uzes. And I found the prices great . .taste testing was given for free and most were happy with my poor attempt of French and happy to speak there english
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 02:30 AM
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The market in Aix is both very large and high quality.
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 03:29 AM
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Get the Michelin Green Guide to Provence and it will list them all. And also, don't shout. We can hear.
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 04:23 AM
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Which part of Provence will you be staying in? I really like the markets in St Remy, Lourmarin and L'Isle sur la Sorgue. Aix is great too, but it is a bigger town, rather than a village, so very busy. Still a beautiful place though.
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 05:12 AM
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I am also interested in visiting a market. Unfortunately, we will only be in Provence for 2 nights, and Saturday would be the best day to visit a market. We will be staying in St Remy. Does anyone know what markets are on Saturdays or Fridays?
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 10:28 AM
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What does textiles mean? Do you want tablecloths or raw bolts of cloth or what?

I think to some extent, I wouldn't worry about which one has the best cheese, the people who make cheese and sell it go to various markets, not just one. Some are just bigger than others, it seems to me, although some are kind of known for a particular thing (like Isle sur la Sorgue for antiques).

Here's a list of all Provencal markets by day

some other good compilations

I think the larger markets are in the larger towns/cities and then you have more stuff, generally. Aix and St Remy have big markets, so does Uzes and Apt. Bedoin has a nice market which cheese and fabrics, etc., on Mondays. info
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 10:53 AM
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Gordes was my favorite, happy travels!
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 02:34 PM
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Thank you for the help. We are big market shoppers here in the US and I have made it a point of visiting markets on other trips, including Athens. I'm excited to see some Sunday listings and now will just need to plan my route between St Remy and Valloire (Alps) on Sunday and enjoy lavender and markets! Bliss!
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 04:33 PM
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When we stayed in the Luberon for 2 weeks several years ago, we would see the same vendors at the different markets, as Christina said. Eg, honey vendor in Gordes on Tues., same man, different village on Wed., etc.

The Sat. market in Uzes is wonderful, and the woman we're rent the house from again in Oct. says that her favorite is Villeneuve-les-Avignon, just across the river from Avignon, on Sat. also.
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 04:53 PM
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Bookmarking for future trip. Thanks to all.
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Jul 2nd, 2013, 04:57 PM
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too many I have never visited but liked Apt, Carpentras, uzes,
St Remy, For Brocantes, I liked Ilse-sur-la-sorge and Villeneuve-Les-Avignon where I stayed once for over two weeks
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Jul 3rd, 2013, 04:03 AM
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Christina's point is important. As with Green Markets in Boston or New York, the same vendors show up again and again at street markets in France and Italy. Missing someone in one town doesn't mean they are gone forever. You just find out where the market is next day.

Depending on the time of year, what you see in the market may or may not be local. What you buy on the stall may come from Tunisia or Israel or Bulgaria as often as being grown locally. Markets feature local items, but they also substitute for supermarkets for many who want one-stop shopping, at least for fruit, vegetables, and meat. But because the distribution chain is fairly short, the quality of what you buy is likely to be fairly high. Think Whole Foods and Whole Foods prices, only in Euros.
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Jul 3rd, 2013, 05:29 AM
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As Ackislander and Christina said the same vendors go from market to market. However don't wait to buy non-food thinking you will see them at the next market even if you had seen them there the previous week. Also the market may not be selling local fruits and vegetable but by law they are required to post where it comes from. I love the French markets! Have fun.
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Aug 30th, 2013, 08:36 PM
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Aug 30th, 2013, 08:52 PM
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While many vendors do move from market to market, there are many that do not. We were in The Luberon for 5 weeks at the beginning of this year. We did a lot of our grocery shopping at the markets and there were some that were only in one place. In particular was a wonderful butcher that had not only uncooked products but had a wonderful assortment of rotisseried meat and poultry and was only in Lourmarin. We went each week to stock up for the upcoming week. Duck,rabbit, pork, chickens, ribs, etc Mmmmm.
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