Terror on the Amalfi Drive?

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Terror on the Amalfi Drive?

My husband and I are going the Amalfi Coast in May and planned to rent a car, but have heard so much about the treacherous roads, tour buses careening towards you around hairpin turns, and stories of people feeling terrified the whole time they were on the Amalfi Drive. <BR> <BR>We're very independent travelers and always rent a car wherever we are, but... <BR> <BR>Just how scary is it?
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the turnip
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It's obviously do-able but in my humble opinion the driver won't get to see all that much. The bus ride was was much more relaxing. If you're really set on using the car perhaps one could drive one direction and the switch places for the way back?
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WE drove it until Positano, and it was fine, and beautiful/ When there is traffic it is okay because the traffic lets u go slower. <BR>Just take the curves slowly, and enjoy. We are New Yorkers, and are used to city driving, so we expected the worst. My husband even had me drive on the main highway. However, driving in <BR>ROme is another story- don't. Any question, email
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I've said it before, but I'll say it again. We drove it expecting the worst, and although some of the turns are indeed incredibly sharp, we thought it was no big deal. There are major guard rails (or rather walls) on virtually every curve or cliff-hanging spot. On the other hand we once drove the coast highway from Mendocino to San Francisco. Now that was frightening! There were no guard rails at even the most dangerous cliffs. I found the Amalfi highway much better. One day we took the boat from Positano to Amalfi, the weather changed, and we had to take a bus back. Standing on that bus (packed with those of us who pushed our way on leaving dozens of others stranded behind) we careened around curves in pouring rain with the bus seemingly swinging out over the cliffs. That was really scarey! I say take the car, stop along the way, enjoy the scenery, and just be prepared to take your time. I would never want to have to depend upon public transportation in that area again after our experience of not being able to get on the busses for hours.
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I drove along the Amalfi Coast last May and plan on doing it again this May. I live in San Francisco and the drive along the Mendocino coast is nowhere as stressful as the Amalfi Coast. The drive can be stressful and my best advice is to take it slow, listen for oncoming buses (they sometimes honk before taking a hairpin turn), and don't let a crazy Italian driver intimidate you, let them pass you when possible (the road is very narrow). I also felt most comfortable when I had a car driving in front of me. The advice about switching drivers is a great idea. Also be careful where you park! I'd highly recommend using a lot. I noticed many cars being towed in Ravello. Safe travels!
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Jim Tardio
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I recommend driving it yourself. It's not that big of a deal. As someone else pointed out, there's a lot of traffic so it doesn't go that fast. Plus, you'll be able to stop at your leisure at all the roadside italian ice stands! Check out my website for some pix of this area and the rest of Italy: <BR> <BR>www.jimtardio.com/italy.html
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Giselle, <BR> <BR>I recommend driving it yourself. I loved it. The road is narrow but there is a guard rail - and there are certainly more treacherous roads in Italy. Particularly in May, the traffic should not be a problem and the freedom that having your own car gives you, is worth it. <BR> <BR>I think that the suggestion of switching places is a good one - wish I had thought of it when I was there! But, as the driver, I saw plenty... <BR> <BR>Have a great trip - buon viaggio... <BR> <BR>Dona
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We live in Colorado and it is no worse than high mountains roads. If you are comfortable with curvy roads, you'll be fine. Drive early in the day to avoid traffic. It's a little more tricky within the towns, like Positano. But, I agree with the above poster, Rome is worse, and Naples is crazy.

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