Temperatures in Italy now- 70's???

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Temperatures in Italy now- 70's???

In eager anticipation of my trip to Italy in two weeks I have been regularly checking the weather in my local paper. Most days it says high in upper 70's F. or low 80's and lows around 60 F. These are not the temperatures I had been warned about for Rome in the summer. I double checked with Weather.com just now and at 2:00 pm local time the temp in Rome is 77.
To a Miami girl like me 77 is practically sweater weather!
It's not just today but this has been the case for several weeks- as I said, I've been checking daily. So is Rome going to be hot or not?
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Yep, that's it!

At 14 local time -according to Televideo- the temperature was 28C at Roma Urbe, and 25C (ie 77F) at Roma Fiumicino. The thermometer in my house, with all the windows open- indicate that inside temperature is a very pleasurable 26C.
I can also confirm that yes so far highs had been around 28-32C and lows around 18-20C

Note that this ain't no strange things at all, though!
In July (notoriously the hottest month of the summer here) and August the highs in Rome are indeed typically about 28-32C and the lows around 18-22C.
Once a summer (maybe twice, and maybe none, as so far this year) it can happen a sort of heat wave, with temperatures -and most importantly humidity- gradually increasing during four of five days, reaching maybe higs of 35-37C and lows around 24-25C, but that's it.
The highest recorded temp in the last 21 years was 37C after all ...

I am really amazed at the perception of Rome as being HOT, REALLY SOOO HOT, when in reality summer here is milder than in most of the US (and MUCH more milder than in a very sizeable part of them), but I usually know better than trying to challenge a deeply dug in prejudice, especially in my second language...

I cannot help but wondering how much of this perception is related to the fixation with shorts: wandering around sites under a merciless sun for hours while maximing yours skin exposure is a perfect recipe for utter discomfort ...

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Whenever people inquire about weather conditions, I often suggest that it can be "relative" --- right now, it's about 100 degrees outside (I'm in Dallas) and those temps sound mighty nice to me. The issue around heat in Rome is two-fold; it can get quite humid during July/August. And since you're a Miami gal, that doesn't sound like much of a problem. And secondly, air conditioning is not "standard" equipment as it is in my city. So that certainly has an impact on how people handle the heat in Rome. Plus I suspect that since they are more judicious in the energy use, they don't crank the A/C up (or down, according to your perspective).

Taking all this into consideration, Rome will be warm enough (leave the sweaters at home) but may not be as tropical as your current location.
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Very, very few Americans consider 26 degrees Celsius - - indoors - - "pleasurable" on a summer day (though we might like it in February).

To a considerable extent, I think this is one of those kind of "globalization" issues that the anarchists in Genoa are protesting about.

Not that I side with the anarchists.

And not necessarily proud of the 71 degrees F - - that my thermostat, for the air conditioning - - is set on, here in Columbus, Ohio today, either.

We (Americans) produce things that the world wants to buy. They produce things (including petroleum and other consumable sources of energy) that we want to buy. To some, it looks like we are on the lucky (and arrogant) end of this stick. Others are not particularly envious of one style of living over another.

Best wishes,

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Annabelle, what you're seeing is quite normal. The brouhaha about "Rome in the summer" always makes me laugh. Average high temp in Rome is 73 F, (28 C), just one half degree above Chicago's average high.

In either place there are, from time to time, much hotter days, of course. But Rome is not some kind of oven.

And, as you'd expect, temps generally a bit cooler to the north, warmer to the south ... on the average. The south of Italy, in fact, can get pretty warm in summer.

You may find www.twenj.com/romeaugust.htm useful, as well as reassuring.

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If I could type I'd be dangerous!

Avg. high in Rome, of course, is 83 F, correctly reported as 28 C above.
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Surely there's a reason, besides mental illness for Rex', totally off the subject remarks. Is it too much to responses to people's questions rather than going on sef-gratifying babbles?

Rex brags in his trip's web page about how many answers he's provided here. Do you count quality or quantity? Do you count rants like these? Do you count only correct answers and answers on topic, or all responses, whether inane or otherwise?
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Spoke on the phone with my parents when they were in Rome last week. Mom commented that it seemed as hot as home. Now home is Arizona - and on the day in question it was 105 here. I believe that the humidity makes it seem a lot hotter there than it actually is (being from Arizona I don't know much about humidity). I was in Italy in 99 and I remember it being quite warm even though we were there in June. I think that you will not be cold!

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Thank you, non sequitur, for your kind and encouraging remarks. Presumably, you have the only extra-sensory perception that allows you to see babble in my rather ON topic remarks.

Do YOU have the thermostat set on 79 degrees F (26 C) this summer, in YOUR house? apartment? trailer? room?
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Returned from Rome on July 5,01. It was very hot while we were there...upper 80's easily. Bring all spaghetti strap tops! You will not need a sweater for evening. Hope you have a great holiday.
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Sorry, I was in Rome two weeks ago, and it was too HOT!! Above 30 C. I don't know how much it is in F, but I live in Brazil, and I'm used to high temperatures. The worse thing about the weather in Rome is that is humid, and the thermic sensation is worse, it feels hotter than the actual temperature.
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Was in Venice and Florence over the past week -- humid in Venice, warm in Florence.

It all depends -- in the sun, it can be scorching, even though it's "cool" in the shade. And sitting outside to eat can be quite warm, as the sun beats down on the awning.

Between walking, the museums, etc., you will feel the heat.

If you go with spaghetti straps, don't forget a scarf for your shoulders for the church!
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We were there June 22-June 26.

It was 80-90 degrees every day. Just remember that you will be outside all day long so even 75 degrees will seem hot after walking around for many hours.

We were still able to sit outside and there was a breeze most of the time.
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We were in Rome, July 10 - 12, and the temperature was 82 degrees. We stayed in the center of Rome, near the Spanish steps. There wasn't any breeze, and with all the concrete around you, the heat factor feels more like high 90s vs low 80s. It was very hot!!

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Thanks everyone for responding regarding the heat. I think I've got it - Even in the low 80's it will feel very hot, but no hotter than many US cities. After all, it's SUMMER. I think the difference will be that when at home we don't walk around looking at the sights. We go from our airconditioned homes to our airconditioned cars to our airconditioned offices. I did visit Washington DC when it was 98 degrees and same for Charleston SC. I enjoyed both but thought next time I'll return during the fall or spring. But I'm going to Rome in August and that's the way it is. Ciao everyone.

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