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Stephen Mar 15th, 1999 05:54 PM

Tell me more about Lucca?
Hi, I just got a most helpful response to a posting about day trips from Florence. Can anyone give more hints about Lucca. All responses confidential :) .

Denise Mar 16th, 1999 02:52 AM

Hi Stephen, <BR> <BR>I was in Lucca for a very short visit last October, and it was a wonderful town. It is famed for its perfect walls, its Piazzza Anfiteatro. Once you get inside the walls, you leave the hussle and bussle outside. WE had the best few hours wandering around, without a lot of tourists, just locals strolling,, and found the most wonderful lady in a coffee shop who helped us find our way, all in Italian which we don't speak. Just a wonderful spot, and lovely people. . Find out more about it on Denise <BR>

Jef Mar 16th, 1999 03:44 AM

<BR>Hi, <BR> <BR>If you come by car, leave it on one <BR>of the different parking lots <BR>just outside the wall of Lucca. <BR>Everything in Lucca is at easy walking distance; <BR>THE PLACE TO HAVE A MEAL : Trattoria da Giulio <BR>Via delle Conce (tel. 0583 55948) <BR>1 l of olive oil and 1.5 l of red wine <BR>(or 0.75 of white wine) are put standard on your table (you only <BR>pay what has been evaported during your meal) <BR>Don't forget to taste their desserts ! <BR> <BR>ciao, <BR> <BR>Jef <BR>

Marija Mar 16th, 1999 05:45 AM

We spent several days in Lucca last September. I agree with the previous posters that it's a charming town. However, I probably wouldn't devote a day trip from Florence to Lucca, unless I had lots of time. Lucca's just not as memorable as Sienna, San Gimignano and other Tuscan towns.

Sally Mar 16th, 1999 09:43 AM

We drove to Lucca from our base at San Gimignano for a day trip. It was not a very pretty drive there- very industrial on the way, to our surprise. We really didn't enjoy it as much as the other places in Tuscany. Of course it was rainy and most of the places we wanted to see there were closed, churches, etc. <BR>It was a Monday so I don't know why they were closed, but it was frustrating.The wall around the city is lovely with the trees on top. <BR> Volterra was more interesting to us with spectacular scenery and a Roman ruin.The Val D'Orcia is a lovely drive,too, and our favorite place not too far from Tuscany is Orvieto.

Joanna Mar 16th, 1999 05:16 PM

I stayed for 3 nights at Lucca in October 96 and loved it. The walk around the city walls is a great orientation to the town and the day I did it there was a Renaissance festival on. Gorgeous clothes and music! The town is great just to wander about in and while it may not be a tourist orientated as Pisa or Siena, it is very relaxing not to have to hurry about to see all the "must see" historical sites. There is a very good museum there (though strange opening hours), several interesting churches and lots of interesting shops (one in particular selling gorgeous copies of Etruscan jewellery). Food was great too. I found Lucca a breath of fresh air in between a week in Florence and Siena. By the way, Pisa is about 1/2 hour from there by train if you don't wish to overnight at Pisa. Buon viaggio!

Juan Mar 17th, 1999 12:28 AM

We stayed with friends for 5 days in Lucca a few years ago. Yes, the walk on top of the town wall with all the trees is nice. Not much else to do however. A few churches to see but nothing outstanding. Do leave your car outside the walls. Like above poster said it's far from the most interesting town in that area of Italy. <BR>

Barbara Mar 18th, 1999 04:41 PM

<BR>I had to write to you again, Stephen -- I can't believe some of these folks were in Lucca. Nothing to do?????? The walls make a 2 1/2 mile ring around the city. You can walk (getting on or off at various points) or rent an bicycle by the hour and ride around it, looking down on the town. Some of the best shopping I've seen in Italy is in Lucca. Unlike stores in other small towns, stores here are large enough to allow American-style browsing instead of having all the merchandise behind a counter. The best are along the famous Via Fillunga, a long and festive street that ends at the picturesque Piazza Anfiteatro. This seems to be where the evening passeggiata takes place as well. In addition, Lucca is the birthplace of Puccini. You can tour his small home in town, filled with fascinating memorabilia, or take a short drive to the country to Terra del Lago, his lakeside residence. Lucca has beautiful parks and churches, fine restaurants and wonderful cafes. Have coffee and an exquisite pastry at Caffe Di Simo, where Puccini used to hang out with his cronies. Also the public gardens are beautiful. The joy of being in Lucca is just being. If you are the kind of person who needs DisneyWorld, then I guess you wouldn't like it. But if you want to experience Italian town life without the souvenir stands and hype and rip-off restaurants like in Pisa, Lucca is for you. Can recommend great restaurants if you e-mail me. Buon Viaggio! <BR> <BR>

Stephen Mar 18th, 1999 05:17 PM

Thanks Barbara. Mail is on the way!

Marc Mar 19th, 1999 12:45 AM

<BR>If I life to be 200 I will never understand people (seems to me 98% women) who think a great time on a vacation in a foreign country is SHOPPING. What????? Someone has a screw loose is all I can think. I don't get this love of shopping even in malls in the USA and I am totally bewildered by women who travel 5,000 miles to spend their days in stores doing MORE shopping. When will you ever have enough STUFF? And do you really feel so much better after aquiring it all and luggging it all home and filling your house with it?

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