Tell me about your trip with Tauck Tour


Sep 26th, 1998, 06:06 PM
Mary Alice
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Tell me about your trip with Tauck Tour

Please give me your impressions of this tour group. My husband and I have studied their brochures-things look and sound wonderful. But, I worry time might be very scheduled. Am I right? Did you feel rushed at various times? I hate to think someone else is controlling my vacation. Is it worth going with a group?
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Sep 27th, 1998, 06:32 AM
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We just returned from our fourth Tauck Tour, this one to Switzerland. We have loved all of them and with this one, especially, feel we have gotten more than our money's worth. The total quality of Tauck's tours, hotels, guide and the fact we can order anything off the menu and eat with anyone we wish at any time, keeps us coming back for more. On the Switzerland trip we were on a bus, couple of trains, boat, several cog trains and were busy every moment with one whole day free and several free half days. Personally, I like to be kept very busy and get in as much as possible. The tour guide is always available to guide you into things you may want to see on your own and the group tours always include so much we would not have done on our own. The hotels are usually five star in a marvelous location. I just think, for the money, you really get top quality.
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Sep 27th, 1998, 12:14 PM
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My parents have gone on two Tauck Tours in the U.S. and they are very much "first class". The only criticism they had was too much time eating. For instance, they stop for a big lunch most days where you can order whatever you want and as much as you want. Then, a few hours later there is dinner. My parents who are active and in their 60s would have preferred to spend the time sight seeing. But, they were satisfied enough to keep using the company.
Good luck and I'm sure you'll enjoy!
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Sep 27th, 1998, 02:28 PM
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Like the posters above said, the days are full, busy, but not rushed. And if you have had enough and it is a day when you are not changing hotels, then you can drop out for part or all of the day. We did that one morning, and then caught up with them at a predesignated spot. It was great. Other people did it too - just took a day off that didn't esp. appeal to them. It is just a top operation. If you have a free evening and want theater tickets, they help you. If they have tickets to something you don't want to see/hear and there are alternatives, they'll help you. They'll try to help you with almost any reasonable request.
And while I would agree that there was often too much lunch (we're light mid-day eaters), it was always good and I say better good food that you can pick and choose than bad food, or not enough food! And you could eat quickly and lightly and get up and go for a walk - no one cared.
They simply run a first class operation.
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