Taxi or Limo from Airport to Paris

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Taxi or Limo from Airport to Paris

Can someone tell me if it's better to take a taxi from Charles de Gaulle Airport or a limo to Paris. Also do taxis in Paris take credit cards.

Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
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Taxis are readily available; not all will take credit cards (after a long flight, I don't think I'd want to search one out - I just want to get into town); they usually take no more than 3 passengers. A limo means no waiting, somebody to help get your bags to the car, fits as many as you've indicated, price is pre-arranged, they take credit cards (pretty much; again, you make the arrangements ahead and know what to expect), and you can request an English-speaking driver. We used AAmerican Limosines for a trip to Giverny and Versailles; everything was just as ordered.
From the airport, I take the RER (I'm cheap)
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Scott McDonald
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I've been to Paris several times(last two years ago) and find that the train or the Air France bus from Charles de Gaulle are simple to find, fast and inexpensive. Just follow the signs in the airport to the train(RER? SNCF?...there are two kinds and I don't remember which, but the signs are very clear...TO's about 45 minutes to Gare du Nord with a few stops on the way) and get off at...say...Gare du Nord and then take a taxi to wherever you're going downtown. You'll save $35(US)and it's just as fast...probably faster than a taxi.

Everybody on the train is dragging their bags, so you won't be alone.

The Air France bus is also easy to find at the Airport and will take you right to L'Opera where you can catch a cab or take the Metro to wherever you're going.

A taxi will be around $50(US)to get downtown from Charles de Gaulle....depending on traffic and where you're going "downtown"(it's a big place). I think the Air France bus is about $12(US), and it doesn't stop 'til you get to L'Opera.

There's a nice little hotel near L'Opera...within bag-dragging distance of the Air France bus stop....about three's called Hotel Massena.

Hoping you have a good trip.

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K.C. -

Ditto, take the RER. Fast and cheap.
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Consider the Shuttle (do a search for them, the subject is always coming up, they also have a web site). I would not haul luggage on a train after a long flight. It's not a fun way to start a trip if you have more than a small bag. The shuttle takes credit cards too. Personally I think a taxi is the best answer if you have luggage and jet lag, it may cost more but it can start the trip of on a nicer note as opposed to trying to get a couple pieces of luggage up or down long flights of stairs. It probably depends on your age tho, if you are young and travel light it's OK I guess, but it doesn't sound like a fun way to start a trip.
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Unless you're skimping for every last franc, taxis are the way to go in my book. I've gone to the 7th and 8th for as little as $35 for 2 with multiple bags. Very quick, no hassles. Timing is key, though. Rates will be higher during traffic, of course. I'm not willing to make transfers from bus or train to taxi, or to lug bags around to save $10 per person. But if I only had one easily carried bag, I might reconsider.
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As a frequent traveller to Paris, I have never considered using a limo. The taxis are so readily available that I can't imagine why one would do otherwise, except to take the RER as others have said. The RER is some cheaper, but you'll be hauling your bags from train to train depending on the part of the city you're going to.
As to the taxi, there are clear directions in the Aerogare that lead you to the queue for taxis. If you don't speak French that's no problem if you have the address. That's really all he needs.
I'm always going from CdG to Gare de Lyon, which runs 240FF. Center of town would be more like 300FF. I never tried to use a credit card so I can't answer that, but there are ATMs here and there in CdG. Typically, I draw out 500-800FF on arrival from my own checking account, usually my U.S. checking account, but I don't carry much cash since every place takes plastic and there is usually an ATM on every block. VISA and AMEX are very common all over. Discover doesn't exist as far as I know, and Mastercard is somewhere in between.
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On a recent trip to Paris, we made reservations on the web for the Airport Shuttle, a fairly new service. The vans look like those we see at US airports only they are in better shape. Their web site is We had reservations for a specific time, but our plane was late. When we called from the airport (CDG), they were there in 15 minutes in spite of busy holiday traffic. The charge for two or more adults is 89ff each; one adult is 120ff; children 3-12 are 45ff; there is no charge for luggage. On our return, they arrived at our hotel promptly. The drivers were friendly and competent. They accept VISA, Master Card, US dollars, or French francs. When you arrive at the airport, you call a toll-free number; they tell you what exit to go to for the pickup. This was our first trip to Paris and we were very pleased with the service.
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Correction to Previous Message: The web site for the Airport Shuttle is:
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A second to Bob's recommendation for Airport Shuttle. I used them last spring when my family of four was in Paris. I had booked them and given them my credit card via their toll-free phone number in advance (1.888.426.2705). (I just noticed that they also have a new web address -- -- but haven't used that address myself.) They were on time and helpful when they met us -- even waited while I ran back to (miraculously) retrieve the tote bag I had left at the baggage claim carousel. We were the last drop (of three) from the airport, but we enjoyed the ride. They arrived on time for our departure and the driver was only a little surly, mostly because it was pouring rain and he slid in merde du chien when he stepped out of the van.

I truly believe that for a family/group, this is an ideal arrangement. When my husband and I went sans enfants, we took the AirFrance bus, and may try the limo service next time -- I've also heard good things about them.

Have a great trip!

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