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Katia Jun 22nd, 2000 02:35 PM

Taxi from Milan to Como Region???
We will be flying into Linate airport and need to get to Cernobbio. We do not want to deal with a train. Is it possible to get a taxi to take us? If so, how much does it cost? My hotel offered to send a car for 330.000LIT ($165)!!!! We are not renting a car because we are meeting friends who will have already arrived and they are picking up the rental car that will be used for the holiday. Any suggestions?

Santa Chiara Jun 22nd, 2000 02:42 PM

And you do not want to deal with a train because. . . ?

Katia Jun 22nd, 2000 02:52 PM

We do not want to deal with a train because we will have a lot of luggage as we will be in Italy for 2 and half weeks. Also, we just prefer to travel by taxi.

Holly Jun 22nd, 2000 03:10 PM

Then if I were you, I'd jump on that car deal from the hotel! A taxi driver in Italy is going to have a field day coming up with a rate for 2 Americans taking a cab to Como when there's plenty of reasonable public transportation from Milan!

vosaki Jun 22nd, 2000 03:28 PM

Wow, you must be staying at the Villa de Este to be contemplating such an excentric and costly thing.

Don Jun 22nd, 2000 03:32 PM

Rent a car and leave it in Como-you should be able to do that at for under $100-much cheaper than a taxi fare!!! By the way-it is a 45+ minute heavy traffic drive!!!

Kay Jun 22nd, 2000 04:34 PM

We will be flying into Malpensa and want to go directly to Como. Is the bus service a good idea?

Cheryl Z. Jun 22nd, 2000 06:46 PM

<BR>Katia, my husband and I just came home from that area and a wonderful two week trip (info posted on here). Even if you each have two bags, you should be able to manage on the train. 2 and a half weeks is not that long to have to bring alot of clothing. I packed light and STILL didn't use some of the things I brought! The trains are great and will be much cheaper than the taxi. Or as Don says, a car rental for a day will be cheaper than a taxi. If you do insist on taking the taxi, then do as Holly suggests and take the hotel's deal. <BR>Kay, I'm not sure about the bus service. Perhaps someone else knows????

Shahram Jun 22nd, 2000 08:03 PM

Katia, <BR>You've gotten some real good advice here and my suggestion is that you take some of them and rethink a few aspects of your trip. I just got back from Italy two weeks ago. A taxi should be your absolute last resort (unless you've really got money to throw away). Second, as Cheryl also noted, rethink what you're taking with you. If you think you have too many bags for a train, then I figure that you have more than two pieces per person! I stayed in Italy for a month and took just one bag (airline carry-on size)! There is a useful rule in packing: Take only what you absolutely need, and then pack only half of that. First class train tickets for two to the Como region will cost you less than half the rental car, will be stress free, and you'll get to enjoy the scenery. There are many more suggestions, but I think I'll stop here. Have a great time!

elvira Jun 22nd, 2000 09:10 PM

Kay, the bus service from Malpensa to Como is more efficient than the train. From Malpensa (which is north of Milan) you'd have to take a bus SOUTH to the train station, then take the train NORTH to Como, sort of backtracking. The bus takes about 25 mins. Here's a site with some info <BR>

Kay Jun 23rd, 2000 10:04 AM

Elvira thanks for the tip on the bus. That seemed like the way to go but our group was trying to figure out the best way. You helped us make a decision. The idea about packing half of what you really need is a good rule of thumb. I'm going to use it!

Paulo Jun 23rd, 2000 10:54 AM

If nothing has changed, the SPT bus leaves Terminal 1 at 9:25am, 11:00am, 12:15pm, 4:25pm, and 7:25pm and Terminal 2 4 minutes later. On Sundays and holydays the 11:00am, 4:25pm and 7:25pm buses don't run. The trip to Como takes one hour. The 12:15pm bus continues from Como to Cernobbio, Argegno, Tremezzo and Menaggio. <BR> <BR>Paulo <BR>

Katia Jun 24th, 2000 05:15 AM

Holly, why do you automatically assume that we are American and cannot speak Italian? We are just trying to find out what the fair rate for a taxi trip from Milan to Como would be. We could be Italians from the south of Italy who are not familiar with the Lake Como region. Why do Americnas always assume that everyone else is American? We happen to be British and do speak Italian. You'll find that Europeans often speak more than one language. And yes, we are staying at the Villa d'Este.

vosaki Jun 24th, 2000 05:51 AM

There is something strange about this thread. Someone staying at the Villa d'Este should be sophisticated enough not be to surprised at a USD165 cost for what will take a cab a half a day to accomplish. Considering the cost of the hotel, what is USD165 more?

Katia Jun 24th, 2000 10:05 AM

Vosaki, the point of my question was to find out if $165 was a fair price. My understanding is also that it will not take half a day to get there but only about an hour. Even if I can afford to stay at the Villa d'Este, it doesn't mean I want to get ripped off. Based on everyone's responses, I think that taking the hotel car is the best decision for us. Also, what do you suppose sophistication has to do with knowing the whether a price is fair or not, especially in a foreign country?

vosaki Jun 24th, 2000 10:13 AM

Remember the cab must deadhead back. He will not have a fare. So he will have to double the time and distance. <BR>But anyway, have a great time.

Holly Jun 24th, 2000 01:44 PM

Katia: I don't want to belabor this, but I will respond to your question. I assumed you were American because (1) your English and grammar were impeccable, and (2) you quoted the fare in lira and then in US dollars. I did not suggest that you couldn't speak Italian.

Joann Jun 24th, 2000 08:50 PM

Katia: <BR> <BR>If you want to be comfortable and are not economizing, take the cab!

Paulo Jun 26th, 2000 07:51 AM

Katia, <BR>from Linate to Cernobbio it's about 75km, meaning a 150km taxi round trip (the taxi driver has to assume he won't have any passenger on the way back). I estimate that if you'd deal directly on arrival, you'd be able to bargain a deal down to about Lit 230,000/250,000. You'd therefore pay a "surcharge" of about $40/50 to have somebody waiting for you on arrival instead of having to start dealing around. Everything considered, I think it's a fair deal for your peace of mind. <BR> <BR>Paulo <BR>

John Jun 26th, 2000 07:52 AM

Katia, <BR> <BR>The car from the airport to Villa d'Este is your best bet. I have attempted both train and car before and it is much easier (and just about as economical if you factor in your health and sanity) to have the hotel driver be waiting at the airport. A bus or train would require yet another transfer to a cab from Como to Cernobbio (about $15). Plus, once you arrive at Malpensa, you will never have to worry about your luggage after clearing customs since the driver will take care of it. It makes for a lot less stress and you will be able to enjoy the villa from the moment you arrive in milan. One hint...ask for rooms in the original building!

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