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Subway from Charles de Gaulle to St. Germaine, Subway from Spanish Steps to Roma Da Vinci Airport?

Subway from Charles de Gaulle to St. Germaine, Subway from Spanish Steps to Roma Da Vinci Airport?

Dec 14th, 1998, 11:05 AM
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Subway from Charles de Gaulle to St. Germaine, Subway from Spanish Steps to Roma Da Vinci Airport?

Traveling this time with all the kids, and two taxi cabs to and from airports will cost a fortune. Has anyone taken the subway from CDG airport to the left bank, St. Germaine area (near the St. Michel metro), or from Via Del Corso near the Spanish steps to Rome's Da Vinci airport?

Or do you know if there are vans? Thanks All.
Dec 14th, 1998, 11:26 AM
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Joanne: We used the Metro (subway) for the first time from the airport on our last trip and it was easy!

At the CDG terminal, exit at gate #28 (unless at Air France terminal) and step on the bus outside marked "RER-B", it's free and will take you to the station which is close by. At the station, purchase your tickets for RER-B and get on the Metro marked "Orly", which is the "end" destination. You can get off at St. Michel-Notre Dame which is the St. Germaine area. It will take maybe 30 minutes.

If you know the exact location of your hotel, I or someone else might be able to direct you.

This will be much cheaper than a taxi, which would be $40.00 (US) plus additional passengers' cost.

Can't help with Rome, sorry.

Have a good trip!
Dec 14th, 1998, 11:31 AM
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Well, I've taken the metro (subway) a
lot in Paris but I personally have not
taken that route because I don't care
to use the metro when I am tired, jet-
lagged and have luggage and must
get from a stop to a hotel. However,
what is your question on Paris? It
can certainly be done and that is a
fairly easy route so would be better than
many others because the RER line that
you get on at CDG goes directly to the
St-Michel stop without you needing to
ever transfer. If you are within walking
distance of your hotel from there, then
I'd say this sounds very feasible and
not too bad as long as you don't have
a lot of luggage. You don't say how
many kids you have, however, but I'm
speculating you have 2 adults and 3+
kids or you shouldn't need two cabs.
If that's so, you should be aware that
a single fare from CDG one-way is about $8,
I think (not sure about kids) so all of
you taking the metro isn't so cheap,
either. A van is probably a good idea,
and yes there are a few services -- all you have
to do is search Fodors WEB site, they've
got info on it right here in the section
in their Mini-Guide to Paris under the
transportation, etc. info. One firm is
called Paris Airport Shuttle and you can
find their WEB site by using a search
engine, I forget it. There's another
co. also but I can't remember its name.
Dec 14th, 1998, 11:51 AM
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Joanne, I also took the RER (to and from Paris) like Lee did and I'll do the same next May. Yes, very easy! It's one reason I'm choosing the 6th arr: so that I'm close to the St. Michel RER stop.

For Rome, I took the train from the airport (there are plenty of signs to guide you to the "station") straight to the Termini station in Rome. From there you can take a taxi to your hotel. The train ride lasted about 30 minutes and was inexpensive.

Have a great time!
Dec 14th, 1998, 12:14 PM
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Dec 14th, 1998, 12:26 PM
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Joanne, We use American to get to Paris, and they use Orly, but as from CDG we find the RER is the best way to get to Paris, The RER, is sort of a suburban rail line that stops at some Metro stations. Go to http://metro.ratp.fr:10001/bin/selec...h/france/paris for a map of the Metro, including the RER. In Rome, take the Metro from the Spanish Steps (entrance just to the left as you face the Steps) to Roma Termini. From there you can take the train directly to Fiumicino. Go to www.itwg.com/trains/tr_mfu.htm for a schedule. Word of caution, be alert for pick-pockets and scams in Rome. Also, lots of stair climbing involved in both cities Metro's.
Dec 16th, 1998, 01:12 AM
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The previous posters are right. I would only add 2 things :
- If you fly into Paris with Air France, Continental or Delta (or Air Canada), you'll arrive at Terminal 2, where the RER station is located. Which means you won't have to take a shuttle, and you can bring your luggage on the trolley to the station itself.

- You can manage to stuff the whole family into one single cab : for that, take the normal line, and wait for a "monospace" cab (French word for van). About one out of 4 or 5 cabs is of that kind (it can be of any of the European car brands).

But I agree with one of the previous posts : anyway, you spend so much money on such a trip, taking the RER is not always worth the hassle, if you consider that you have saved 30$ altogether...
Dec 16th, 1998, 04:55 AM
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Hi Vincent, I flew in to CDG on Air France and took a bus to the RER. You state, "If you fly into Paris with Air France ...you'll arrive at Terminal 2, where the RER station is located. Which means you won't have to take a shuttle ...

I must have missed the signs. Could you please provide more information on getting to the RER without having to take the bus?
Dec 16th, 1998, 05:01 AM
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You should have no problem taking the metro from the Spanish Steps to Rome's main station (Termini). From the Termini trains leave frequently (at least every hour) to Da Vinci Airport. The journey takes almost an hour. The only problem we encountered is that the train did not start running until about 6:00 AM, so if you have an early flight to catch, you may have to find another option.
Dec 17th, 1998, 01:10 AM
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Hi Monica. This built-in RER station is fairly new (maybe a year or so), and it is right the signing is not very clear. You might have to follow the signs to the TGV station, which is also in the Terminal, and next to the RER station.
Dec 18th, 1998, 12:27 PM
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Hi Joanne,
I haven't been there, or done this, but I'm going to. Take a look at this address on the Web: www.paris-anglo.com/clients/ashuttle.html. It was recommended to me on this forum and I made reservations yesterday for a pick up and delivery, coming and going. It cost 89 FF per person based on two members. You've got kids. It also says "Reduced rates for groups and families!" This shuttle takes you right to your hotel and you aren't dragging luggage through the Metro with (how many kids?). Again, I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to.
Dec 18th, 1998, 02:17 PM
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Hi Vincent, thanks for the information! I'll keep a good lookout when I get to Paris in May! I was last there in October 1997, so maybe it opened after that time.

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