Strikes in Italy??! Oh no!

Old May 9th, 2002, 01:24 PM
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Strikes in Italy??! Oh no!

Info here on various strikes throughout Italy -- my main concern is the train I'm supposed to take on May 19th, Rome to Chiusi, to start my bike trip in Tuscany! How much of an impact do these strikes usually have on the schedules? Should I start looking into bus schedules?

I've traveled around Italy by train before, but never by bus -- do they run pretty frequently, are they organized, etc?
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Diane, I have been trying to find out the same type of thing. So far no one seems to be able to say anything, but if I find out anything useful I will post it for you.

I know that the bus system is recommended over the train for certain trips in Tuscany so it sounds reliable. If I were you, I would start looking into the bus!
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I had no idea of a strike. I'll bein Italy from May 24th through June 8th. Any info here would help.
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Carol, MK, and anyone else worried about the Italy strikes... I did a search on this site earlier, "strikes in Italy" some more info. One had a link to a website with the info on the strikes, said the info was from the Italian Ministry of Transport website - but I couldn't find anything.

Best of luck to us all! Happy trails!
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You can't turn around in Italy without someone striking. It's a way of life there, just like in France. Not much you can do about it. Just sit back and relax.
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too bad europe doesn't take a tip from Florida. Florida prevents all public employers from stiking.
Old May 10th, 2002, 06:47 AM
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Jimbo! In Europe such a prevention would be violation of human rights.
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here's the link to the transportation site ( The strikes are listed in the table on the bottom to your left. Click on the title for a detailed explaination. The train strike is the big one, it's for 24 hours, May 18-19. It seems like it will mess up your current plans. The others are 4 hour blocks involving local transportation and air traffic controllers.
Old May 10th, 2002, 07:38 AM
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Diane & Carol:

I've had limited experience with using Italy's intercity bus service. Taken the SITA bus from Sorrento to Positano. Unfortunately, there is not a single national bus service --- no Italian version of Greyhound. Bus services are regional. In addition to SITA, I've seen Lazzi buses that run through the Tuscany area. I'm not sure if either of these companies travel from Rome. Here are several websites that should help in your search:

The 'bus station' site has a lengthy list of several companies:

As for Lazzi, here's two URL's that should help:
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Have you contacted your tour group that's arranging the bike trip? Strikes are nothing new in Italy, and so they should be able to provide suggestions on alternative modes of transportation for you to get to Chiusi.
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Thanks for the suggestion, AZ... when I first e-mailed them, they only seemed to know about the local strike for Friday... just e-mailed them the direct link to the Italian Ministry of Transportation stating that yes, there IS a national train strike Sunday! They seemed to think there would be no problem with trains -- I'm just looking for other opinions.
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I have heard that even though there could be strikes trains will still run. Even still I am nervous. I am not going with a group and have made hotel reservations. I need to travel by train Saturday May 18. Do you think I should try and rent a car?
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xx: I've been all over the internet trying to get more info -- not easy!

Where are you traveling by train on the 18th? BTW, this strike is supposedly from 9 pm Sat til 9 pm Sunday -- it seems like if you're traveling Sat. during the day, you might be OK, but don't quote me on that!

I'm supposed to be going from Rome to Chiusi-Chianciano Terme on Sunday -- seems like buses DO run there, but can't tell if they definitely run on Sundays.

Good luck! Please post here if you get any more info!
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We've been booked on trains when a strike was scheduled. We checked with the ticket window and they told us to sit and wait and sure enough a train pulled up (run by supervisors I assume) and off we went to our destination--not at the scheduled time. So a strike doesn't necessarily paralyze travel.
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Thanks for the advice, Marilyn... just curious, how late did your train pull out?
Yes, I know, I need to "relax, and go with the flow" -- but I'm also due to start a bike tour that day, and am trying to do everything possible to get there! (would go the day before, BUT 1. it's our only full day in Rome, and 2. we already have a hotel booked.)
So I'm doing my best to get to Chiusi on Sunday -- strike day!
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