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po_dourado Oct 18th, 2013 05:55 PM

Stoppover in Cesky Krumov between Budapest and Prague
I'll be leaving Budapest on my way to Prague, and, since its a long journey i thought about stopping in Cesky, have some time and then make my way to Prague.

I've been searching for some ways to make this possible, but the only option that i found was
- rent a shuttle in Budapest, but, from what i read, it can take 6 hours til Cesky!

- leave Cesky by the end of the day on a Student Agency Bus on my way to Prague.

Well, here are my questions:
1. Do you guys think this is a good option? I'm not planning to sleep in Cesky, since i wanna enjoy my saturday night in Prague.
2. If so, Im also concerned about my luggage. Is there a locker in the city/bus station that i can leave my stuff and pick it when i leave town?
3. If my idea is no reasonable for some reason, is there a faster way to jump from budapest to prague? the fastest i found was a 7 hour train, and i'm not considering taking a night bus, since i wanna enjoy the night in budapest.

Thanks in advance, pple =))

centraleurope Oct 18th, 2013 08:54 PM

As a day trip, this is not an option.

If you want to break the trip, spend some time in Bratislava ( when I go budapest to Prague, I take the train thru Bratislava.... But I never feel compelled to get off!

Man_in_seat_61 Oct 20th, 2013 01:06 AM

You can buy a ticket from Budapest to Prague by direct air-conditioned EuroCity train from just €19 at the Hungarian Railways website

You collect tickets from the little blue internet collection machines at Budapest Keleti station, just by entering the 10-digit booking reference.

Now, these cheap fares are specific-train-only, no stopovers.

Cesky Krumlov is not on the way - it's a pretty major deviation on some slow local trains.

You could of course go Budapest-Bratislava for €17.50 or so, booked at or at the station, stopover in Bratislava, then book Bratislava to Prague from €15 at Slovakian Railways - that would break the journey up, whilst remaining on the relatively fast mainline route.

po_dourado Oct 20th, 2013 12:30 PM

Whoa, sounds like Bradislava is a good option for a stopover!
I had just kicked it off as an option a day trip from Vienna, but, as i can see on the map, i will remeain on my route.
thanks for your suggestions, ill keep my search =))

centraleurope Oct 20th, 2013 09:35 PM

For more on Bratislava, I have info at:

Fancyh Oct 27th, 2013 09:12 AM

We are coming to Budapest in July. Is it best to visit Cesky as our optional tour. or Salzburg? We will have been on a river cruise and are spending extra days in Budapest. Thanks

centraleurope Oct 27th, 2013 10:41 AM

Hi Fancyh... I am not sure how this works - do you mean you get to choose between these 2 cities as part of your tour package?

I would likely pick Salzburg. I do not think you can go wrong with either. Where else do you stop?

Fancyh Oct 27th, 2013 07:06 PM

Thanks for your info. Yes we have a choice of either Cesky or Salzburg. This river cruise begins in Prague, stops in Vienna, and ends in Budapest. I have read info on all of these areas and all have guides to take us places. In Budapest I thought we would see places on our own and maybe do a tour with a guide for a place outside of Budapest--name begins with an S and is an artist area. Does that ring a bell? This will be our first river cruise and hubby is not so keen on being on such a cruise. It is called AMA Waterways. I wonder if we should book a tour while in the U.S or wait until we get to our hotel. Thanks

centraleurope Oct 27th, 2013 08:52 PM

Hey fancy.. Ok, I just wanted to see the variety of towns. I think ck or Salzburg will fill in a niche. For me, I would pick Salzburg.

The town near Budapest is szentendre. (Szent Endre... Saint Andrew , i believe). It is a small Serbian village very close to the city. In these parts, you see that, a Slovak village in Serbia, a Hungarian village in Romania, etc. it is quite charming and very touristy. Notice the church, which is Serbian orthodox. It is a very easy half day trip.

I happen to live in Budapest. My favorite small town is Vac, one of the lesser known Danube bend towns.
You can actually sees szentendre and vac in a loop if you get the logistics nailed.

I have blogged about many of the places you are going at :

Just a tip, in Hungarian, "sz" is the simple English "s".. an "s" is the "sh" sound. And the "c" is a "tz"

So these towns are sentendre and vatz to us.

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