staying at Zurich Park Hyatt

Feb 27th, 2005, 02:52 PM
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staying at Zurich Park Hyatt

Will be at Zurich Park Hyatt next weekend. Planned on purchasing the Zurich card, is this the best way to see Zurich with just 2 full days? Does anyone know how far the Hyatt is from where the train station lets us off? This is our first time in Zurich, and will post our thoughts on the Hyatt. We are new members of this forum, too...have already learned valuable information. Thank you for any answers to the above question.
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Feb 28th, 2005, 05:21 AM
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I live in Zurich. The Park Hyatt is a bit off the beaten track from the tourist areas, but Zurich is very small so it is relative. It is in more of a business district. You have a few options to get there:

1. Take a taxi from the airport. If you have a lot luggage, and as you have not been to Zurich before, this would certainly be the easiest, but most expensive. My guess is about $65 for the 15-minute ride.

2. Take a train to the main train station (Hautbanhof) and then a taxi. From there, ride is about 5-7 minutes, and fare should be about $20 maybe a bit less or more.

3. Take a train from the airport to the Zurich Enge station (one of the 4 other train stations in Zurich, the train will stop at Zurich Hautbanhof, but then continue on to Enge). You can walk to the hotel from the Zurich Enge station in about 5-7 minutes. When you get off the train, you have to take a pedestrian underpass under the tracks to get to the main exit. As you walk out of the exit, you will see a small parking lot in front of you, follow the sidewalk around to the left, and you will see a yellow-cross walk (there is a McDonalds about 10 feet beyond the crosswalk). Cross the street, and head down the street intersecting with the cross walk (Gothardstrasse) for one block, turn left and walk down Tunnelstrasse/Mannestrasse about half a block to the light, turn right and go across the street and the car underpass, turn right again on Tunnelstrasse/ Mannestrasse and walk about 10 feet to the intersection with Dreikoningstrasse. Head down Dreikonignstrasse for 3 blocks until you come to Stockerstrasse, turn right and walk down Stockestrasse, the entrance to the Hyatt is on the right about 30 feet in on Stockerstrasse.

4. I would normally give instructions for taking the #13 tram from the main train station to the Stockerstrasse stop near the hotel, but there is a lot of tram track work going on in the neighbourhood of your hotel, and as of yesterday, the tram stop you want was closed, and I donít know if the work will be done by this weekend.. You might call the hotel and ask if they know when the stop will be re-opened, and they can give you instructions as well.

With regard to the Zurich card, I guess it depends on what you want to do. Most of the charming parts of the old town are accessible only on foot, so a card for the trams will not be of much use. You can walk very easily to the lake and to both sides of the old town on the river from your hotel. I think it gives you discounts for entry at museums, so if that is something you are interested in, then the card may be a good idea. The ferries are running on a very limited schedule in the winter, and as it is absolutely freezing here, I donít think you will want to spend any time on the ferries so that aspect of the Zurich card may not be that attractive. I am not sure if it covers the train to and from the airport, if it does and then also has free transport on trams, then it may be a good deal. However, if you plan on just walking around the old town, I would not bother. The train from the airport to the Zurich main station costs CHF5.40. Individual tram journeys cost CHF3.60 or CHF2.40 for 4 stops or less. From your hotel, to get to most places you want to go, you only need to go 4 stops (i.e., the Renweg stop for the left bank of the old town is 3 strops, the main train station is 4 stops, the Kunstalle Museum is 4 stops). You can also buy a ďtagerskarteĒ for the trams which is good for 24 hours. It costs CHF7.20 or thereabouts. You buy then from ticket machines at any tram stop (push the green button that says tagerskarte), there are also manned stations where you can buy them.

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Feb 28th, 2005, 06:05 AM
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There are many hotels on or near the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. This is THE street for shopping, strolling! You can also walk to the lake along the Bahnhofstrasse.

We stay at either the Seidenhof Hotel or the Glockenhof Hotel. They are not Hyatts, but they are both nice hotels and a block off the Bahnhofstrasse. Just curious why you chose Park Hyatt?

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Mar 1st, 2005, 01:30 AM
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Wdm, my post was wrong on the entrance to the Hyatt: the entrance to the Hyatt is on Beethovenstrasse, not Stockerstrasse. The Hyatt takes up the block between Stockerstrasse and Beethovenstrasse, but the entrance is on Beethovenstrase, one block beyond Stockerstrasse. When coming from Zurich Enge train station, you go for four blocks on Dreikoningstrasse, not 3, and turn right on Beethovenstrasse.

Sorry for any confusion, I just drove by the Hyatt last night and realized my mistake.

Also, the Stockerstrasse tram stop seems to be open again. I still think it is easier to take the train from the airport to the Zurich Enge train station (less hassle with luggage and finding the tram), but if you want directions for taking the tram from the main train station, let me know.
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Mar 2nd, 2005, 05:43 PM
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First, Cicerone, thank you so much for your responses. I'm sure they will be most helpful.

We chose the Park Hyatt since Hyatt is one of the 3 hotel programs my husband always tries to patronize. He has been a "Diamond" level member since its inception. We have never been disappointed with Hyatt in our travels, and with being a Diamond member many extras such as upgrades, breakfasts, amenities, health club use, etc., are gratis. BTW, our favorite Hyatt is the Kuaui Resort Hyatt.
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Mar 2nd, 2005, 10:30 PM
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I just found this thread since I had posted a similar question today. Cicerone is definitely a great Zurich insider. I am also staying there for 3 nights at the end of this month.

I am hoping to obtain more info from CICERONE about the immediate area surrounding the hotel as far as cafes, restaurants & convenient shops. I hope we don't have to go all the way to the Rennweg area for basic comfort. I am also trying to find out if the Tonhalle on the next block has something going at the end of March.

I am a big fan of Park Hyatts as well, however, there have been complaints about Zurich Park Hyatt for poor service and undertrained employees not meeting the Hyatt standard. We can only hope that they have improved since their opening last October.

Thanks again WDM & CICERONE for your postings!
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Mar 2nd, 2005, 11:03 PM
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Just reread your initial posting wdm! Could you return to this thread after your Zurich stay next weekend? I would appreciate learning more about the immediate area. I've always stayed in the Rennweg area (before there was a Zurich Hyatt!) and wonder whether it's worth the change.

BTW you & your husband may want to try my favorite winebar/restaurant called Cantinetta Antinori (owned by the Antinori wine family) and Bindelli italian restaurant/wine importer (oldtown).
Enjoy your stay in Zurich!
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Mar 9th, 2005, 06:13 PM
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Well, both my husband and I fell in love with Zurich...its beauty was everything we had hoped for and more. What a clean, small city. The people were extremely friendly, and as usual, we both felt like such idiots in only being able to speak English.

Our first night we asked the hotel staff if it was safe to walk a 1 mile radius of the hotel. Both people we asked looked incredulous we would even have to ask. We can now understand why. Although one always has to be careful, the Financial District and area by the Opera House felt very safe. We took a bus tour on Saturday, which lasted 3 hours, and I would recommend that to anyone on a limited schedule.

As for the Park Hyatt. We have stayed at probably 75% of the Hyatts in the U.S., then ones in Germany, Paris, London, Spain and Rome. Our favorite is the Kuaui Hyatt in the Hawaiian Islands. However, we were most impressed with the Park Hyatt, and we found their service was impeccable. At one point we called room service to pick up a tray and they were at our door within 2 minutes. It is a new Hyatt which opened Sept. 2004. We had an upgraded Deluxe King room...the bathroom was sumptious, even by U.S. standards. Truly, it took us 2 days to learn all the bells and whistles of our "computerized" room. The furnishings were ultra modern, still had a warm feel. The best part of the room was the very comfortable bed, as we wanted it to be. The morning breakfast served in the Parlor was to die for...I can't rave enough about it. Dinners we had out, the Hyatt's dinner menu did not enthuse us.

We are planning a return trip with our son this summer.
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Mar 10th, 2005, 01:02 AM
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The immediate vicinity of the Park Hyatt is a business and residential area, there is not a whole lot there in terms of restaurants or shops, or at least ones which I think are worth a trip. There is very little shopping in the vicinity that would interest the tourist, but try Bleicherweg a few blocks north of the Hyatt, which is on a tram line and has some shops.

The Hyatt has a very good restaurant, the Parkhuus. On the lake, about 2 blocks south from the Hyatt, is the Intermezzo Cafe, which is pretty good. It is part of the Kongresshaus complex and is next door to the Tonehalle. You have a lake view, a bit obscured by the road, but no outside seating until the weather warms up. Further southwest along the lake is the Seerose restaurant, probably a 15 minute walk from your hotel. It is a basically a bar but has pretty good food, it is better in the summer when you can sit outdoors, but if you get a very clear day it would be good for lunch to get some views of the Alps in the distance. The Bar au Lac hotel is a few blocks to the east of the Hyatt, they have two good formal restaurants, Rive Gauche on the river with lake views is quite nice. Also to the east, the Paradaplatz tram stop is a few blocks away, and there you will find a Movenpick (a European chain restaurant like a TGIF Fridays) and a Sprungli chocolate shop which has a large restaurant upstairs, good for breakfast or lunch. I also think the Cantinetta Antoinori is quite good, and it is just off Paradaplatz and so is not a bad walk from your hotel. The Munsterhof is behind Pardaplatz, and there are other old town areas leading off of Pardaplatz. The Rengweg area is not a far walk beyond this. To the west about 4-5 blocks is the Enge train station which has a Chinese restaurant, a McDonalds, a good bakery called Jung for gipfili (croissants) and sandwiches, and another Sprungli chocolate shop which also has breakfast breads and sandwiches, but no restaurant. There is a Kisok store there as well, which is like a 7-11. There is a pharmacy in the Enge train station also. Most shops in Enge are open on Sunday.

DAX, I donítí know your exact dates so donítí want to list all the Tonehalle events, but if you go to and click on ďEvents and FairsĒ at the top and then ďList of EventsĒ on the left, you can see events by date. The Opera House is also running programs, and the theatre there is very lovely. You might try as well.

General Guisan-Quai
Tel: 01- 206 36 36

Cantinetta Antoinori
Augustinergasdsde 25
Tel: 01-211-7210

Seestrasse. 493, 8038
Tel: 01- 481 6383

(Zurich is in the process of changing over its area code, so some of the 01 may now be replaced by 44 or 43. You will get a recording if the area code is changed.)

Overall, the Rengweg/old town areas are more charming and offer more in terms of shops and restaurants than the Park Hyatt. On the other hand the Park Hyatt is the first new hotel in Zurich in like 10 years and is certainly lovely, so you have to consider that as well. It the summer months, it might be better as it is close to the lake, has air conditioning and is in a quieter neighbourhood than the old town, which can make for a big difference in getting a good nice sleep (Come to my unairconditioned flat in the old town some Saturday night in July and donít expect to get to sleep until about 2 am when the bars close. . . .charm has a price)

wdm, I hope you enjoyed the beautiful snowfalls while you were here. What a great winter we are having, I was in Davos over the weekend, and have never skied in so much powder!

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Mar 10th, 2005, 03:55 PM
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WDM, how did you get on the bus tour, was it in English?

Can you please tell me more as I will be in Zurich and have 1 and a half day to plan.

It must be good to start with a bus tour, but I speak English only, like you, please help
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Mar 10th, 2005, 11:39 PM
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Thanks wdm for your wonderful hotel review. We are travelling from one Park Hyatt to another on this trip, so I'm glad to hear how excellent it is. Your excitement displaces all the bad rumors I've heard.

Thanks Cicerone for your detailed info. Cantinetta & Bindella are my favorite Italian ristoranti in Zurich. I shall try Intermezzo(italian?) & Seerose. I've been to the other places you recommended.

There's nothing going in the Tonhalle when we're there. We understand Hochdeutsch but not Schwytzerduetsch, do you recommend going to a playhouse? Zurich used to have a place for musical shows, but I can't find it in the internet now.

We are planning to watch soccer (Swiss vs Cypriots) on March 30 at the Hardtum stadium. Can you help me understand why the lowest category seats are upfront instead of way back? Should I consider them as a good deal or should I avoid them? I imagine the lower seats are probably freezing cold in the evening. What about public transportation to the Hardtum? I only dare to ask so many questions because I know you have all the answers. Thanks again.
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Mar 11th, 2005, 01:56 AM
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DAX, thanks for the compliment, but I definitely donít know everything.

1. Virtually all plays are performed in high German, not Swiss German, so you should be fine. (Same with movies, they are subtitled or dubbed in high German.) The best known is probably the Schauspielhaus, up near the Kunsthaus museum. Take a look at

Another good one to try is the Theater am Hechtplatz, which is a small theatre on the right bank of the old town not far from the Grossmunster, walkable from the Hyatt in about 10-15 minutes. Lots of good restaurants in the neighbourhood. Take a look at

There is also an English-language theatre, run by a group of amateur ex-pats, but the plays are generally extremely well done. Mainly comedies, given that the name of the group is the Zurich Comedy club. Take a look at

I havenít seen ads for any musicals running this month, so canít help there. Did you try the Zurich Tourism website?

2. Hardturm Stadium. You can get there via the #4 tram, get off at the Hardturm stop. From the Hyatt, the best way to get there is to walk about 3 blocks north on Beethovenstrasse up to Bleicherweg and get the #13 tram in the direction of the Hautbanhof. Take the #13 to the Banhofquai tram stop (5 stops, the stop you want is the SECOND stop for the Hautbanhof, i.e. donít get off at the stop called Banhofstrasse/Hautbanhof). At Banhofquai, switch to the #4 tram, going in the same direction as you were just travelling, i.e. wait on the same side of the platform from which you exited the #13, and a #4 will come along.) Take the #4 for maybe 10 stops to the Hardturm stop; check the map as I canít recall exactly. Door to door this could take 30-45 minutes. Canít help with the seating question, I have not been inside, I am not really a sports fan or a fan of the huge concerts held there.
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