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May 8th, 2015, 02:21 PM
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Stay Poland/Private Drivers

I know this question must have been asked before but I couldn't find anything recent (looked back three years). I did ask this question myself in 11' but didn't end up going to Poland; I don't know if responses are still relevant .., apologies for what may be a re-post...please point me in right direction if other thread exists.

Does anyone have a good private driver/tour guide from a base of Krakow?

Stay Poland appears to offer this service - does anyone have any comments on this company? Has anyone used them, be it for this or other services?

Greatly appreciate your time and consideration.
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May 11th, 2015, 04:00 AM
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You can book such service by Poland Just Now website but actually from a base of Warsaw.
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Jul 2nd, 2015, 12:25 PM
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Dear Carotta

I have been a few times in Poland and I used private driver for transportation. I booked the combined Auschwitz and Salt mine tour as you could do them both on the same day as we were only there for 4 days in February, so it fitted perfectly into our trip. We were picked up at 9:30am by our driver/tour guide Damien. I cannot say enough nice things about this man, he was brilliant, really friendly, perfect English, helpful and very knowledgeable. Damien took my girlfriend and I in his car to Auschwitz first, were he had already arranged our tickets and English tour guide, this allowed us to bypass the crowds of people outside trying to work out how to purchase a ticket. He took us straight the front of the queue, straight to our English tour guide, and gave us a meeting point after the tour. After the tour he greeted us with a fresh lunch (sandwich and drink) which was not advertised as part of the trip so it was a great bonus. He then took us to the salt mines, we had a 1hr 30 minute wait before the start of the salt mine tour so Damien had called ahead and booked us a table in front of the fire (best seats in the house) at the restaurant over the road from the mines, so we could relax and eat in the warm whist we waited for the tour to start. Again Damien had already organised our tickets for the mine and delivered us straight to our English tour guide and gave us a meeting point again, which made us feel really safe and assured. After the tour he took us straight back to our hotel at around 6-7pm. Even though Auschwitz was harrowing to see this tour operator helped facilitate a fantastic service whereby British tourists could feel comfortable and safe on this trip. It was also good to go to the salt mines after Auschwitz as it allowed your mind to think about something else after the sickness that you had just witnessed at Auschwitz. Note: we paid for the trip when we got back to the hotel, no money was asked for upfront, another sign of a trustworthy reliable tour operator.

If you would like to contact with Damian this is his email:
/[email protected]/
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